Posted: August 31, 2010 in CCW Review, CCW TV, Geek Culture, Reviews, video
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  1. Comics_Addict says:

    Nice to see the Dynamic Duo back in form.

  2. Deemar says:

    Excellent review, the Chew change of pace is welcome and yes Guillory has influenced me. 😉

    Oh and Elliot that t-shirt is cool as hell!

  3. great segment another winning formula from jose and the fat guy.

  4. Comics_Addict says:

    And I would love to add to those illustrious nicknames Fatman & Bobin, you know since Jose’s head seems to go up and doing during most of the videos. 🙂

  5. kurumais says:

    the last real video? hey cbd i think you got dissed fella
    thats cold

  6. Stamps says:

    Chew is probably my favorite comic book right now, and has been pretty much from the start. If could only buy one book a month, I would pick Chew to be my one book. And with my blind love for Batman that’s saying something. lol

    Also, as a Dallas Cowboys and Kentuckian I really enjoyed hearing the name of both Jerry Jones and Colonel Sanders thrown around in the same sentence. 🙂

  7. GeekToMe says:

    I hate the thumbnail that YT picked for the vid. I look high.

    And fat.


  8. TheGateJester says:

    Hey since there is no new thread I thought I would post this here.
    Fans of Dr. Who and or Star wars will love this
    There is about 6 hrs. left.

  9. phil says:

    Ya nnow… neatly bearded one and always inhales a beverage dude are really pretty good at this review stuff.

  10. IronMuskrat says:

    Another great review from Kevin Matchstick and the Destroyer of Big Gulps =)

    I kind of liked ‘Guarding the Globe’ perhaps it was the fact that it was so much better than Kirkman’s terrible Science Dog #1(I am still in stunned disbelieve that Krikman could write something so bad). Elliott was right, it was a pretty typical bringing the band together type story, but within the context of the current situation in the Invincible universe, the formation of a new ‘Guardians’ made perfect sense and so was the reason for having Brit go out to bring a whole new group of heroes together.

    Chew #13 was great, I love that Mr. Layman is mixing things up with his storytelling, but he did come close to a ‘Hickman’ level of reader Obfuscation in the last book. not saying a complex story is a bad thing, but you know me, I am always looking out for the new reader =)


  11. Chew has always been a must-read for me whenever I’d get it. Because of that fact I’m going to start buying it regularly to support John and Rob! I love books that allow me to get out of my confort zone and books that expand my horizons and Chew is one of those books.

  12. Pobra says:

    Angry Joe Comb-Over and Chubby Chuckles! 🙂
    sorry, that was just mean 😦

  13. Insideman says:

    That’s just a part on his hair, Pobra. 😉

    Wait til you get a little older– you’ll find out what a REAL COMB-OVER is… In fact, we all will. 🙂

    • Pobra says:

      i know, iknow. Just wasn’t sure how else to describe Jose’s distinctive hair style. It’s one of his defining features. 🙂

  14. TheMSpot says:

    Great review guys
    Loved the solid 5 minutes of ranting about You Tube commenter’s.

  15. Johnny Cockburn says:

    nice review. we need more marvel cosmic love though!!

  16. Bello says:

    Hey everybody I just found this awesome deal at
    They are currently selling a bunch of Marvel Essentials (Hulk, Ironman, Captain America, etc.) for $5 a piece. Typically there $20 a piece. Saw this awesome deal and I figured I’d fill all of you in.
    here’s the link

  17. TheRichestManinTown says:

    Speaking of Local Comic Shops, mine just went out of business and they gave me Young Liars Volume One because American Virgin Volume Two never showed up. I also got Halo Jones, Top 10, Vinyl Underground, and New Frontier Volume Two for fifty bucks all together. Kind of disappointed there wasn’t any Paul Pope stuff, but then again if there was Paul Pope stuff Dave’s Comics would still be in business.

  18. Brett says:

    the start of this video was hilarious.

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