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Posted: September 1, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. Friendly reminder:

    NEW RULE: Please DO NOT post more than ONE video in a row on Open Threads. If you post 2 or more videos IN A ROW they will all be removed as well as any comments dealing with those videos. Having too many vid comments on Open Threads causes the thread page to load very slowly and I am kinda getting tired of threads becoming almost useless after a couple of days. Thanks.

  2. Heck says:

    Heyyyyy yooooo.

  3. MicahSkin says:

    Who is THAT B***H in bed with my future husband?!

  4. Heck says:

    I can’t stop replaying this.

  5. phil says:

    2 comicbook stores I went to this weekend and no DoomWar 5 or 6 and no MorningGlories and I totally forgot to pick up my 1st manga. When it rains………….. Thank providence for Guarding the Globe

  6. Stamps says:

    Walking Dead has already been renewed. Not only have they been given the green light but it’s going up to 13 episodes (the first one is going to be 6) for season 2.

    They are also planning to put the Michonne character in the next season. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Mike F says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading Scarlet 2. The preview online was good, and I now believe Bendis was just playing with us.

    Also, Appleseed. Yes Appleseed today ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It was this or freddiew’s Rocket Jump. I already decided not to post merenque dog.

    • Insideman says:

      My favorite thing on that vid was the logo at the end. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I would like to see the video game companies come out with a game simpy called NUKE– where you attempt to make sure certain other unstable nations don’t get the bomb.

      When they do, a full blown nuclear conflagration starts.

      No one ever wins the game. No one.

      Yet, multiplayer would be awesome.

  8. Mike F says:

    Thoughts on Scarlet #2.

    Good stuff. Really. Nice to know Bendis at least can write good on one comic.

    Its really shaping up to be a favorite for me.

  9. MicahSkin says:

    Because Jose hasn’t wanted to kill me in a few days…

  10. kurumais says:

    from iwatchstuff

    – NBC has ordered an expensive pilot Battlestar Galactica producer Ronald D. Moore that’s being described as, “an adult Harry Potter set in a world ruled not by science but by magic.” Given that it’s NBC, that probably means “Harry Potter in a modern workplace” or “Harry Potter & Order.” Or Merlin 2.

    • Deemar says:

      Aside from the comedies NBC is dead to me.

      Damn you Tim Kring!

      • Bello says:

        Totally agree with you NBC has no other shows other than comedies. Thursday nights and Chuck are the only reason to watch NBC. I’m pissed that Parks and Recreation got moved to midseason over that outsourced show that show looks fucking terrible. Also I hope this is the last season of the Office without Steve Carrell the show will be awful…even worse than last season.

  11. cballsack says:

    So there’ll two Batmans (Batmen?) now? Is everything at DC turning into a Corps book?

    • Deemar says:

      Yep, after Geoff Johns broke the formula with GL DC was been running with this gameplan ever since.

      We got two JSA books! Why do we need 2?

  12. Dre says:

    Anyone have any Shadowland #3 spoilers?

  13. Bello says:

    Hey what’s up guys the guys at the comic shop recommended I buy The life and times of Martha Washington in the Twenty First Century I ended up picking it up. Anybody on here read it?

    • Deemar says:

      Yes! Bello buy it!

      It’s one of Frank Miller’s most over looked works. (wonder why?)

      If you like strong female characters and post apocalyptic stuff, this one is for you.

      It’s Miller before he lost his damn mind.

      • Bello says:

        awesome I actually did end up picking it up it’s heavy as hell I look forward to reading it. I skimmed through the art looks amazing it looks very similar to Watchmen’s art. I assume it’s the same artist

    • tomstewdevine says:

      It’s a classic. Nice choice on buying it.

  14. Pobra says:

    since apparently no one watches stuff i post on mellow monday anymore (angry face), i guess i’ll RE- post this here… another great song no one payed attention to (angry face, with hint of resentment).

  15. Pobra says:

    hey Jose, is it cool if i break the ‘one youtube post’ rule and post another song?
    been really loving it lately, i think you might appreciate it.

  16. TheGateJester says:

    I choose this vid

  17. Pobra says:

    i know i’ve already posted a youtube vid, but this one is for Deemar.
    Cus he so wacky! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. TheMSpot says:

    I still can’t believe that Scarlet is a Bendis book. Are you sure that Hickman is not writing this?

  19. TheMSpot says:

    Did anyone else read Freedom Fighters #1?

  20. SmokeyClocks says:

    what did everyone think of taskmaster?

  21. Insideman says:

    I just gave Tim Seeley UBER UPS for the way he is handling his career:

  22. Mike F says:

    Every since the recent passing of the legend Satoshi Kon, I’ve been rewatching all his movies in honor. Reminding myself why I love his work and anime in general. Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, soon Paprika, all my favorites…

    Then I saw Tokyo Godfaters trailer. I realized, damn, how’d I miss this movie?

    Anyone see this one? It flew over my radar completely…

    • How did you miss that? It even played in the theaters here.

      I think you’ll like it Mike.


      • Mike F says:

        Believe me, I’m regretting every moment I didn’t see it after watching the trailer.

        Honestly man, in 2003, nothing really astonishing came out for me (that I can remember.) But from seeing the trailer man, a bit of a winter time, “fable” ish vibe, I am hooked. Planning to rent it this week and show my girlfriend. English dub seemed decent, I HATE anime in English Dub, but English being her 2nd language, subtitles are hard for her to follow.

        Damn, I’m getting excited to see it. A Satoshi Kon movie I never saw man…

  23. TheMSpot says:

    Grant Morrison’s Batman Inc.

  24. Just finished Scarlet#2 and am still in shock and awe that Bendis wrote it. Scarlet is the best thing he’s written in 3-4 years IMO (outside of the FCBD Avengers issue). Is this a mini-series or an ongoing? When I finished #2, I thought, “I hope this is an ongoing, ’cause I’m loving this book surprisingly!”

  25. Mike F says:

    Anyone hear about this?

    Jesus, I hate to bring serious matters here, but I have no place to vent about how much it pisses me off to see shit like this.

    • Deemar says:

      That is fucked Mikey, vent away homey.

    • Mike F says:

      IDK, hopefully Bendis will have SCARLET hunt this bitch down. I really hope they find her and put her in jail for life.

    • I knew about this days ago. I didn’t say ANYTHING to anyone because I knew it would upset them. This is just sick, vile shit. It takes a lot to jar me these days but it only took me a few seconds of seeing this video to do so.


    • Insideman says:

      Yeah, well I could’ve lived without ever knowing it.

      I mean, I’m glad Mike posted about it here and I’m glad he’s found a place to vent. I am not upset with him.

      But it’s this kind of cruel inhumane shit to animals that makes me want to kill the humans involved.

      Several years ago, I was in my car waiting for a guy with his golden retriever to cross the street. After waiting almost a minute, I naturally assumed he was just standing on the corner. So I started to turn.

      For some unknown reason he jumped in front of me. I slammed on the brakes. And he started pounding on my hood. I jumped out of my car and looked him dead in the eyes and told him that I would never have gone into the intersection if I thought he was going to go into the street.

      But I also added that I wouldn’t have gone forward because I would NEVER have run over his DOG. I made it quite clear I would’ve happily run over him a MILLION times. He quietly moved along.

      I am serious when I tell you I would have ZERO PROBLEM choking the life out of that bitch and going “Wheeee!” as she turned purple and gasped for air. I treat people how I find them. Disrespect for ANY life is disrespect for ALL life.

      There’s a special room in HELL waiting for that witch.

    • Stamps says:

      I think that she needs serious psychological help.

    • Mike F says:

      I couldn’t even vent. Honestly, the things that went on inside me, the angry at her laughing while she threw them, I just would of lost it. I literally broke down inside…

    • Pobra says:

      i can’t stand shit like this… she should be fucking hung for that. I don’t understand people like her.
      I once watched a guy poke a squirrel with a stick that he had trapped in a cage, needless to say i felt like clubbing him in the head with a bat, instead i just walked away. In retrospect, i really should have done something to stop him, but i was young and he was an older kid. But it still pisses me off to think about it.

  26. Deemar says:


    Cruelty to animals is a sign of a deranged mind.

  27. Mike F says:

    I really hope Morrison goes to New York Comic Con this year. JMS is going, so that’s cool, plus Nagato’s voice actor is going as well…

  28. tomstewdevine says:

    Darwyn seems like he isn’t afraid to share his opinions.

      • Deemar says:


        Cooke doesn’t self censor that’s for sure and I’m inclined to agree with half of what he says.

        I guess he and Frank Miller and Greg Rucka won’t be working together anytime soon.


        • Insideman says:

          The way Comic Pros are jumping to his defense is hilarious… Like he said something homophobic. I didn’t take it that way. I just took it that he was disgusted with comics playing up to 45 year old male perverted fantasies.

          I also get that he doesn’t realize that this Batwoman IS a NEW character. (She’s new right?)

          Anyway, that brings me back to the comic pros jumping to his defense.

          #1 I don’t know Darwyn Cooke. He is entitled to his opinion as long as he isn’t spewing hate speech, IMO.

          #2 I don’t know a lot of these people standing up for him. I think it is hilarious when “famous” people– or people of “note”– rush to defend or denounce one another. As if I am supposed to take Gail Simone’s word that Darwyn is a nice guy.

          What’s my yardstick here? I know a lot of people who know Gail but I don;t know Gail personally. Why does she think her vouching for Darwyn is going to affect me one way or the other? And I am not picking on Gail. Same could be said for any of these other clueless souls who jumped to attack or defend Darwyn.

          If I don’t know you personally, how pompous do you need to be to think that YOUR OPINION is going to make me change my impression of the video I just watched? Oh, so-and-so’s a good artist and he says I should think kind thoughts about Darwyn Cooke. Yipeee!

          Well, I am NOT a FUCKING SHEEP. NONE of you “people of note” will affect how I feel EITHER WAY and you should ALL shut your SELF ABSORBED TRAPS. All of you– BOTH pro and con.

          Go sharpen some pencils or change your printer toner, fools.

          • Edward2962 says:

            I think it’s interesting that many of the replies were about weather or not Batwoman was a new character. As opposed to Cooke’s point about the amount of sensationalistic material being shoe horned into comics these days.

          • tomstewdevine says:

            I don’t think Gail or any of these people were trying to make you or anybody else like Darwyn. People twittered the video to these different creators, and they made a comment on there own twitter account. They are not out cruising the internet trying to make sure everybody knows that they think Darwyn is a good guy.

            After Busiek’s letter was leaked you said that you didn’t think Marvel or DC would want him to work for him anymore, do you think the same about Darwyn?

            I think Marvel or DC could care less about this kinda thing, but what do I know.

            • tomstewdevine says:

              and the old batwoman was Kathy Kane, and this one is Kate Kane, so if DC wanted to make sure this was a whole new character, a different name could have helped.

            • Insideman says:

              Tom, Darwyn has already signaled he’s done with superheroes– except peripherally… So that may be a moot point. Darwyn’s New Frontier sold exceptionally well for DC (generating the DVD and an Absolute Edition)… So I could see them possibly welcoming him back in a few years. I don’t think Marvel would give a rat’s ass one way of the other… Since most of the comments were directed toward DC.

              Never underestimate the pettiness in this industry. They really DO care about this stuff. Anybody who has worked in this business extensively knows it is rampant. The good news, EIC’s eventually change and “once pariahs” are often welcomed back with open arms.

              As far as the comments go– I’ve seen comments made by these people on more than Twitter… Comments made by these people on boards after viewing the video– whether anyone asked their opinion or not.

              I know I didn’t write that I thought anyone was “…out cruising the internet trying to make sure everybody knows that they think Darwyn is a good guy.” You might be putting words in my mouth there. ๐Ÿ™‚

              I personally was NOT referring to innocent Twitter reactions from someone Twittering them for a response. These were full blown statements (a hell of a lot more than 140 characters long) that people were releasing as their thoughts on the matter.

              I guess my only question is: If Gail and these other people weren’t trying to make me “like Darwyn” (to again use your description) then why did they jump to his defense?

              I WANT TO MAKE THIS CLEAR: I do NOT think Darwyn needs defending. I totally agree with what he’s saying. It’s what Jose and Elliott have been saying as well. Too much gratuitous this, too much gratuitous that… And I do NOT think he way being homophobic in the least. Darwyn spoke his mind and I give him props for having the balls.

              And besides… His “Richard Stark’s Parker” series or “Parker” for short… KICK ASS. I wouldn’t write any superheroes and deal with all the cross overs and corporate demands if I had that COOL GIG either.

          • “I also get that he doesnโ€™t realize that this Batwoman IS a NEW character. (Sheโ€™s new right?)”

            Actually, according to someone named J. Bone over at 4thLetter (who claims to have known Cooke for ten years), Cooke was actually making reference to the Question, the original who, if you remember, DC had killed off in 52 and replaced with Renee Montoya.

            • Insideman says:

              That really doesn’t make any sense. Because Renee has been gay since the beginning of her inclusion in the DCU.

              Darwyn said specifically:

              “I want them to stop catering to the perverted needs of forty-five year old men, I want to stop seeing Batman fucking Black Canary, I donโ€™t want to hear Batman swearing, I donโ€™t want to see him feeding a boy rats, I donโ€™t want to see characters getting raped in the ass, I donโ€™t want to see characters who have been straight for sixty years become lesbians overnight because the writerโ€™s too stupid or uncreative to come up with something decent, I want to see new characters for a new time, and when the industry of superhero comics realigns its sights to the young people it was meant for, Iโ€™ll be there with both arms and feet.”

              That’s NOT a a reference to the Question at all. That seems to be directed toward the Batwoman character.

              • Actually, it could also apply to the Question, since the Vic Sage was killed off to be replaced by Renee Montoya–who, by the way, didn’t actually start off as a lesbian either. She actually had a boyfriend named Johnny when she was introduced in the comics (she was originally created for the Batman: Animated Series) who died during the Contagion storyline, and later outed as a lesbian in Gotham Central.

                And lets say he was talking about Batwoman. DC initially marketed her as a “lipstick lesbian”–it was not so much about her value as a character (which her having the lead feature in Detective Comics eventually demonstrated) but all about her sexuality, something which seemed deliberately designed to titillate the “perverted needs of forty-five year old men” Cooke was talking about. Also, on 4th Letter, Darwyn Cooke clarified his comment:

                “My comment about making a character a lesbian has outraged some so I thought the following clarification might help-

                Consider this- After sixty years of being a lesbian, a beloved character is made straight for sales or creative purposes- wouldnโ€™t that be wrong as well?

                I think gay characters are an important and welcome part of any contemporary expression. What I want is to see creators and publishers creating new characters that are gay and lesbian, and spend the decades needed creating and supporting stories about these characters. It strikes me as opportunistic and somewhat wrongheaded to take someone elseโ€™s creation and after decades of established character action make that drastic a change.

                Iโ€™ve always believed that if another creatorโ€™s character canโ€™t bear the spectrum of expression I need to reach, then I donโ€™t use that character. Find another or create a new one.

                If you tie my comment into the context of the other things Iโ€™m saying, Iโ€™m also not sure what the corporate motivation is for such changes. If we look at the reading demographics for superhero comics, this becomes an intriguing topic.”


        • Stamps says:

          Yeah I think that’s a safe bet Deemar. lol

      • I agree for the most part but we need more nipples!

        • I’m saying, cause yesterday I was watching Highschool of the Dead censored version and although an exciting series, I finally got annoyed by those clever nipple coverups every damn 10 seconds.

      • Heck says:

        I agree with the guy. Partly. I don’t think comics should be ONLY a children’s venue, kids nowadays aren’t interested in stuff like that or if they are nothing should be “aimed” towards kids, that’s condescending. When I started reading comics I wanted Spiderman not All Ages Spiderman.

        That said, I do think comic books (mainstream ones at least) need to grow away from that whole “rape and pilage” mentality. I think that’s what turns off a lot of female readers as well. There is no need for Powergirl to look like a Pamela Anderson knockoff. Supergirl (in most incarnations around 16 or 17) shouldn’t have upskirt shots every other panel. Ms. Marvel’s sex life shouldn’t be discussed during a battle with the Hood and a gang of villians. All of this does NOTHING to enrich the story, it just serves to make it a fetish fiction for a perv who can’t get laid.

        • tomstewdevine says:

          I agree that all comics shouldn’t be kid friendly, but I would like to see more, or at least see kids reading the one’s that come out. The thing with kids and comics is that kids are not able to afford multiple books when they cost 3-4 bucks each. So for people to think that comics should all be for kids is impossible, the core age group for people buying comics is like 20-50, so I see why they are aimed at an older audience.

      • good to see there’s people in the industry who feel the same way as we do

  29. TheGateJester says:

    Hey any thoughts on this trailer. Is this real or what?

  30. MicahSkin says:

    Other than the fact it looks like he takes a LOT of dmg compared to other characters, OH F*** YEAH! V JOE! I knew he was gonna be in it when the Deadpool/Doom/Super Skrull vid came out and after a combo it said “Viewtiful”

  31. kurumais says:

    ive been rewatching angel on netflick and i didnt catch this the first time i watched the series but angel treated lorn like CRAP!!! it was really weird seeing how much abuse lorn took. at first it started with lorn being the victim of angel’s tough guy we are going to save the day no matter what lines then it just turned into just say nasty shit to lorn.

    just thought i share that

  32. Insideman says:

    Kurumais– wasn’t Angel’s big thing that he hated ALL demons? He was especially wary of Lorne at first because Lorne could see into his thoughts and mind just by Angel singing. Angel wasn’t convinced that Lorne would use what he saw responsibly and he wasn’t ready to learn the TRUTHS about himself Lorne that had to tell him.

    So a lot of Angel’s reactions come from an ingrained prejudice coupled with misplaced aggression.

    Angel, by nature, is a closed guy. Anybody that could reveal his highly guarded inner workings would AUTOMATICALLY be a huge threat to him.

    Of course, toward the end… It could be the writers just took the dynamic for granted (got lazy) and decided that this was the way the characters would always interact. (It been a while since I’ve watched it.)

    What I REFUSE to believe is that we’ve lost somebody as talented as ANDY HALLETT. If they did an Angel reunion tomorrow– he wouldn’t be there… Except in spirit… And that TOTALLY sucks.

    • kurumais says:

      actually angel seemed cool with lorn before he joined team angel officially
      and he was cool with doyle
      maybe you are right

      yeah im with on andy hallett he took what could have been and probably should have been a cheesy, crappy character and made it work rewatching angel lorn was really the most tolerant, patient and compassionate character in the whole show and he got a lot of that from andy his personality, talent, and charisma

  33. Pobra says:

    been a lot of talk about Scarlet #2 on here already, but being that i didn’t get my comics until today, thought i’d throw my 2 cents in.
    Bendis, where have you been hiding?!! And who has been writing all of your superhero stuff? Cus you should fire that hack! THIS is the Bendis i remember, THIS is the reason i keep picking up 1st issues of Bendis books, turns out i’ve been waiting for Scarlet. Not to come off as too hyperbolic, it’s not really a masterpiece or anything (yet), but it is quickly shaping up to be one of my most anticipated books… and it’s a Bendis book! who’d a thunk??
    I even found the back matter less irritating in this issue.
    In short it was a VERY good issue, which only frustrates me further that the same guy who wrote this, apparently also wrote Secret Invasion and all those horrible issues of New Avengers. He’s still got it, so he should deliver on ALL his projects, but it sells, so i guess that’s what the fanbois want…

  34. kurumais says:

    absolutely the weirdest comic culture thing i have ever seen

    yup you read that right

  35. TheMSpot says:

    Between the possible statements by Kurt Busiek and the recent remarks by Cooke. I can’t help but to agree these are the kind problems I have and I’m pretty sure the rest of the CCW nation have with the current state of the comic book industry. It’s nice to know that certain creators are uncomfortable with comics these days. Because of what these creators have said I will continue to support Cooke by buying his Parker books, and I heard that Busiek is going to do a follow up to his Superman: Secret Identity, but this time it’s Batman so I will be picking up that book if and when it’s released.

  36. TheMSpot says:

    Anyway, when does One Month Two Live come out?

  37. Bello says:

    Anyone else excited about Machete?

  38. TheMSpot says:

    I can’t beleive I’m saying this, but what a dill whole.

  39. megamanx4ever says:

    I just finished reading Action Comics 890-891 and I have to say it was pretty damn sweet and I loved Mr. Mind he reminds me a little bit like Deadpool with the whole 4th wall breaking but for some reason he entertained me more than Deadpool in recent issues. Thank you Jose for reccomending this series.

  40. Zorba_of_the_Morningstar says:

    MY New comic shop is very sweet. It is also 30 min away and I don’t have a car, so I’m getting used to buying a few weeks at a time. When you spend 50-65 a time on your books it really makes the value of a book stand out. So 19 books; (8) 2.99 (7) 3.99 , 3.50, $.99, 4.50
    So far. Silver Agent #2 gets the high spot. This was brilliant and Epic.
    Ex Machina was an utter wreck. I didn’t like it and it really sours the series in a way.
    Scarlet, excellent!
    Hellblazer #270. This series, and story are shaping up to be one of Milligan’s best.
    Black Widow #5. I will VERY much miss this creative team. a classic. Liu has caught my eye, Acuna is amazing.
    Atlas #4 Stellar as usual. The 3D man story fits so seamless into Atlas. Parker is Genius.
    T-Bolts One-armed Walker kicking ass was the highlight for me.
    Amazing #640 This issue was the follow up/explanation to BIBlack. It works for me. Rivera charms this story up too. I’m not of the camp to let it lay unanswered. This story bookends a stack of mostly really good Spider-Man comics and tells the “in-Universe” “Massive-fill-in-the-blanks” of a bunch of stupid ideas from the house of Quesadilla.
    Looking forward to (2) issues os Strange Science Fantasy, and Tales Designed to Thrizzle #5

  41. TheMSpot says:

    Was that Our Army at War one shot as good as some are saying it is?

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