CCW 3.91: Our Trade Paperback Picks of the Summer!

Posted: September 3, 2010 in CCW TV, Reviews, video
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  1. IronMuskrat says:

    Great review guys.. a lot of good stuff there, but I really do need to find a good place to get discounted trades online. My LCS doesn’t give much in the way on discounts on trade paperbacks. I know people have mentioned before places where they get good deals on trades, but my mind is too cluttered with personal problems right now to draw them out.


  2. i’m more of a trade person so i’m getting the second trade of chew soon got the first one brand new dirt cheap and i love jose when elliot pisses him off i need a button like that think’ll go looking for next wave and marvel you fuckers!!!

  3. Deemar says:

    Wassup Foos!

    Filming in Savannah and st. Mary GA,

    I hate actors!

  4. Bobcat says:

    Hey guys i just wanted to say that i love these types of videos you guys should do them atleast for times a year you like for every season lol. This was actully how i discovered you guys and i’ve been watching ever since. I may not comment much but i o watch every video. E.& J. was that a shout-out to me?? The guy the that wanted to get his girl into comics so he bought Blankets for? LoL i hope it was. Anyways great video guys.

  5. Edward2962 says:

    YES! Great clip! I especially love the appreciation of NextWave! That series was a great send up yet at the same time celebration of bronze age/silver age marvel. And who but Ellis would mix Ditko’s Mindless Ones with West Side Story? I gotta admit my fav cover is the one mocking Civil War. I also love that NextWave didn’t have a tv show BUT they DID have a garage rock theme song!

    check it out

  6. My favorite comics I’ve read so far this year:

    – Blankets. Shame on every single one of you who have not read this book. Easily the BEST indy book I’ve EVER READ. Every page was gorgeous to behold and the story is wonderful.

    – Scott Pilgrim volumes 1-6. I’ve been praising this book for the past few weeks and I don’t plan on stopping the praise anytime soon. Scott really reminds me of myself in some ways. That whole scene in vol. 1 where he’s stalking Ramona at the party reminded me of when I’d see a pretty girl at school and then I’d try to find them and talk to them. Great book.

    – Pride of Baghdad. If you have a heart, this book will tear it out.

    – Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. For reasons explained in the video. Devil Dinosaur FTW!

    – Battle Chasers. Beautiful art and a great adventure story. Need I say more?

    – AKA Goldfish. My favorite Bendis indie so far. Great characters, spot-on dialogue, and an engaging story.

    – Superman: Red Son. Best Superman story EVER.

    – Underground. Again, for reasons explained in the video.

    I like these kinds of videos! Keep doing them!

    • Iqy says:

      I’ve just ordered blankets, can’t wait to read after hearing the huge amounts of praise for it.

      Also IMO grant morrison’s all star superman is the best supes story out there, but that’s probally because i’m a morrison nut.

    • Insideman says:

      CBD, You know I really like you straight forward blunt qualities (else I wouldn’t have given you a shout out on my blog)… And I know it is just a phrase– but no one should be “shamed” into reading any comic. You’ll sell more Blankets by touting it as the BEST BOOK EVER… Leaving the shame outta the equation.

      Just a thought. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    A awesome episode!!!

    Please PLEASE do more of these episodes in the future (cough) Before Thanksgiving to get ahead on the Christmas shopping season (cough).

    Among the community what is your favorite tpb/HC/OGN that you would recommend to others to read & why keeping spoilers to a minimum.


    • I would recommend to people who are unfamiliar to comic books or don’t want to read superhero books I’d recommend:

      – Blankets by Craig Thompson

      – Scott Pilgrim by Brian Lee O’Malley

      – Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughn and Niko Henrichon

      Anybody can read those books and follow them. In fact one of my female friends on Facebook has read all volumes of Scott Pilgrim and saw the movie twice.

      • IronMuskrat says:

        I don’t know if I would recommend Pride of Baghdad to new comic book readers, I couldn’t take the responsible for any depression or metal anguish cause by reading it.

        Don’t get me wrong, Pride of Baghdad is a brilliant book, but wow, I had knots in my stomach after reading it and I am a pretty jaded asshole. =)


        • Iqy says:

          I would recomend pride of Baghdad to anyone who doesn’t understand why I love comics, or even in my girlfriend’s case ridicules it. It just a shining example of how powerful this medium is.

          Also random tangent, since I live in the uk, we don’t have many comic book readers and people that I hang out with don’t read comics. When I tell girls that I read comics and they ask why, I always use pride of Baghdad as a great example and I swear to god this led to me to have 3 girlfriends or so, just because of my love for the comic. That’s possibley the main reason why I love this comic.

    • Pobra says:

      I would recommend picking up the Essex County trilogy.
      It’s a very personal and heart felt story, with great art. If you enjoy Sweet Tooth or The Nobody, definitely check it out, EC is probably the best of Jeff Lemire.

  8. phil says:

    Nextwave is something that when I start my mostly trades purchasing is something I’m gonna have to pass on. Immonen’s cartoony technique was something I just couldn’t vibe to it.
    Detective/Batwoman…Well y’all know how I feel about J.H., but I will pick it up anyway, because Rucka really turned up the heat on the writing and as for my misgivings go with J.H., I did like his sense of color….which I imagine really pops in an oversize.

    WW,the Hiketea: Something I’ve always intended to get….now maybe, I’ll have a chance
    The Unwritten: I’m gonna have to read the 1st 10 to 15 pages before I make a decision
    Hotwire: While I’ve enjoyed Pugh’s work in the past….from what I’ve seen of HW it looks very cut and pasty, so that’ll be a pass.

    Undergrond: I’m gonna have to look Lieber’s work up
    Chew: Great concept, but would rather see it animated or in live action.

    Keep the trade train rollin’ guys. I’m open to your and my fellow commentors suggestion’s!

    • tomstewdevine says:

      You don’t like J.H. or Immonen or Chew, I didn’t know any of those things Phil, that’s pretty surprising. But hey, I get it, you like what you like.

      • phil says:

        I don’t like J.h., but I do like Imomonen…I just didn’t like that saturday morning cartoon technique he was using on NextWave. As for Chew, I don’t “dislike” it, I just feel like I would like it better in a different medium.

  9. TheMSpot says:

    “Batman is a dick” he he.

    • TheMSpot says:

      It’s a shame will never know where Rucka would of gone after the “Cutter” storyline.

      • TheMSpot says:

        Also, I like these trade episodes because they point me to book that I may not of noticed because they fell through the cracks or no one except CCW would talk about them. First it was Red Son and now this Wonder Women book. I’m not the biggest fan of Superman or Wonder Women, but I’m always up for a good read, and Red Son was. So, there is that.

      • Stamps says:

        It is most definitely a shame Mspot. I would have loved to have seen MANY more Batwoman story lines from Rucka.

  10. kurumais says:

    ok so what series does everyone trade wait on? for me its chew and the goon
    id like to pick up umbrella academy and locke and key trades
    just curious

    • TheMSpot says:

      Goon fan too? The Buzzard mini is a good follow up to the events that occurred in The Return of Labrazio story arc from The Goon series, but I want my Goon ongoing back, and not in just some co-feature. Anyway, Steve Rogers Super-Solider, and I may pick up the First Wave trade. If I do pick up the First Wave trade I’ll read it with The Shadow and not the Bat-Man.

    • Locusmortis says:

      I think I’ll be trade waiting the mammoth Walt Simonson Thor omnibus and the Jack Kirby Captain America omnibus which will probably be out in time for christmas

      • TheMSpot says:

        Yeah, I saw that on Bleeding Cool, the Jack Kirby omnibus that is, and there always room for the king on my shelf. So, I guess I’ll be picking that up as well.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      The only comic I trade wait for is Chew, other than that I only pick up old trades. I like my floppies!

      • GeekToMe says:

        If that’s the case then John Layman was right to ‘chew’ me out (pun intended) the other day when he said we’re encouraging folks to wait for the trades. The reality is that while trades do help folks get caught up with a particular book, sales of the ‘floppies’ justify printing of the trades. John and Rob NEED the floppies to sell. Oh, the irony.


        • Deemar says:

          When you make your Chew cameo I suspect he’s gonna get his payback.

        • Insideman says:

          I didn’t take what you 2 said in that vid that way at all Elliott.

          It seems that every time a review vid or critique goes up praising trades and hcs– some creator thinks that it is encouraging people to “wait for the trade”.

          I just don’t believe that’s always true. I know for a fact that neither you or Elliott said “wait for” any trade of hc in that video.

          I just thought you were saying “These trades are neat.” In many cases, you highlighted material that simply cannot be read any other way.

          I just thought you 2 were attempting to bring more interest to these products and attempting to bring more ca$h to the people that you praised. Jose even went so far as to say that the last two issues of CHEW were SOLD OUT– and then you both mentioned that you were certain there would probably be second prints of the floppies coming (or whatever).

          In some cases, these collections are the ONLY way some people will ever be able to read entire story arcs… Because the books are just that scarce.

          You are 100% correct when you write “The reality is that while trades do help folks get caught up with a particular book, sales of the โ€˜floppiesโ€™ justify printing of the trades.”

          It is a fact that some Trade and Hardcover sales keep certain books on the stands. Without that extra revenue bump the collections bring in– some of these series would definitely be canceled as well.

          So you’re right– it is a double edged sword. But I am also certain that Comic Book publishers take into account ALL the revenue they make from both floppies and collections when making many of their publishing decisions.

          Plus– in this day and age– any review that advocates BUYING my work (instead of downloading it for free) is OK by me. I don’t care which format reviewers may– or may not– be hawking.

          • Insideman says:

            Istead of, “I just donโ€™t believe thatโ€™s always true. I know for a fact that neither you or Elliott said โ€œwait forโ€ any trade of hc in that video.”

            I MEANT:

            I just donโ€™t believe thatโ€™s always true. I know for a fact that neither you or Jose suggested waiting for any trade or hc in that video.

        • Pobra says:

          true, true… guess i’ll rethink switching to trade with Chew.
          That omnivore hardcover looks amazing though, maybe i’ll just buy it anyway.
          That ought to make John happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Well, you can tell John that we could NOT talk about his comic at all. Let’s
          see where his floppy sales will be then. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Pobra says:

      I’m currently picking up Scalped and The Unwritten in trade, I’ll probably start picking up Invincible or Walking Dead in trade soon (i know, iknow, but better late than never, right?).
      I’m also waiting on Daytripper, Joe the Barbarian and Doomwar.

  11. Iqy says:

    These are the comic books that I would recommend:

    -I kill giants by the awesome and underappreciated joe Kelly. I know that Jose doesn’t like Kelly because of the kraven storyline in ASM but I enjoyed the story but the America last son and rhino storyline that he wrote were so amazing because they were poignant and was telling new and unique stories unlike the other writers rehashing good past storylines. Anyway back to IKG, the story is really heartwarming and touching with a huge twist in the middle of the series. As well as being beautifully well writing, the art has a unique manga style/Scottie young feel to it that makes it feel in a different fantasy.

    -Wilson by daniel clowes. This book is something that I never seen before. I enjoyed every single moment of it. The art changes from one page story to story which looks awesome.

    -Too cool to be forgotten is another great book, the idea of the book is that the main character goes to an AA meeting for smoking but goes back in time to relive his high school years. The premise is kinda like a dumb 80’s film but i like those type of films. The book only follows one character which makes it feel like the reader is going through their own high school/ secondary school memories.

    • Insideman says:

      Iqy… I Kill Giants and Wilson… Two greats.

      I just finished reading Charlie Huston’s update of DEATHLOK in HC and I was surprised HOW MUCH I enjoyed it. Had a real Rollerball (old film not new one) Robocop feel to it. Really, really interesting take.

      Would love to see a continuation.

  12. tomstewdevine says:

    These Trade video’s should be at least quarterly, I really do enjoy them.

  13. Deemar says:

    Wonder Woman Hiketeia = TDK

    straight up!

    It’s how WW should be done and pretty much the last time I can remember J.G.Jones killing it with the art.

  14. IronMuskrat says:

    Well, armed with Jose and Elliot’s advice I headed out to my LCS today to pick up a few of the trades they recommended. the fact that my LCS was having a labor Day special, 25% off everything in the store helped.

    Not one Next Wave trade in the whole store…

    Wonder Woman: Hiketeia… Nope…

    Underground.. Nadda…

    Blankets.. ~crickets~

    However, after much scrounging around I did find and buy..

    HotWire: Requiem for the Dead.

    The Unwritten trade.

    and finally I remembered you guys talking highly of the Hack/Slash series, so I went crazy and got the Hack/Slash Omnibus.

    So I will at least have something new to read for the next few days.

    Thanks Guys!


  15. Insideman says:

    Since Wonder Woman The Hiketeia is sold out virtually everywhere. Here is where I found it the cheapest in the US:

    Don’t know these people. Can’t vouch for them but the price is great.

  16. agent42q says:

    Great episode, and all great choices. (Sure I might of picked one or two different but that’s a given.)

    Though I will say to your last comment; my GF has always said the best way to get a girl to read comics is to have her read Nightwing, as no girl can say no to Dick Grayson.”

    Her words not mine.

    Peace out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Deemar says:

    I gotta take a power nap, haven’t slept in 12+ hours.

  18. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Great video guys, I love these kind of videos and it would be great if you were to do more.

    Definitely going to check out the Underground, looks interesting and I love Steve Lieber’s art

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