Manic Monday

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Manic Monday, Mellow Monday, Music
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  1. Edward2962 says:

    I had a semi-crush on this band back in the day

  2. phil says:

    since it’s the ladies that go thru the labor

    she played bass for Sting when Sting wasn’t playing bass himself

    another bassist turned singer

    Anybody up on these ladies

  3. Pobra says:

    ahh, the 90’s…

  4. Pobra says:

    and just for good measure…

  5. cballsack says:

    My new favorite band.

  6. megamanx4ever says:

    So on mellow mondays can you post any music here?

  7. Deemar says:

    Yep Mega Do it Do it

  8. megamanx4ever says:

    Why the hell is the posting not working?

  9. Deemar says:

    All this good music, I need to refresh my personal catalog

  10. Johnny Cockburn says:

    jose, how come you like so many chick bands? do you want to secks their voices?
    just curious.

    ps: how do i link a tune up in here. is it the website box?

  11. SmokeyClocks says:

    love me some manic with my Mondays

  12. Mike F says:

    Good lyrics…

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