CCW Open Thread

Posted: September 8, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. Deemar says:

    Children’s Hospital rulez!

  2. Heck says:

    So this kid came into my shop the other day and rented some Justice League episodes. I asked him his favorite superhero and he said “Batman, because he hurts people”. Regardless of the fact that Batman isn’t really a killer, it struck me as sad that little kids are more interested in a hero being violent and bloody then being an actual hero. Just my two cents.

    • Deemar says:

      Hey kids are becoming lil’ douche bags.

      • on the plus side he’s watching batman and not reading kick-ass

        i watched justice league when i was younger and loved batman too but a lot of the time batman’s a douche too in more recent contineity (bruce not dick) and by all acounts is more insane than any of the people he’s ever fought.

        still there isn’t a hero who would risk more or has been compasionate for their fellow man. he’s a better hero than kick-ass anyway

      • vegedge says:

        when i was a kid i told everyone i wanted to grow up and be the penguin. and my goal was to kill batman.

        every other kid wanted to be a fireman or teacher, i wanted to be danny devito penguin..

        i think all kids have always had odd priorities

      • Insideman says:

        Kids have been becoming LITTLE DOUCHE BAGS for a long time.

        I went to a private school (long story) that had grades K – 12 in it. A little 2nd Grade boy came out of the cafeteria and for no reason flipped me the bird.

        I was a Senior. I said amused, “Hey Kid. You might want to find out what that means before you keep doing that to people or your parents see you.”

        And he said– I shit you not, “I know what it means. It means Fuck You. So FUCK YOU.”

        I paused and said, “Well then… By all means, carry on with my apologies.” 🙂

    • MaximusRift says:

      Isn’t that what being peddled around by the big 2 these days…

  3. TheMSpot says:

    Why doesn’t Millar work for DC? Or, why doesn’t DC want Millar to work for them?

  4. I told you guys, if you post MORE THAN ONE video in a row I will be pulling them off of here. I have already had to remove 2 today. You ARE NOT limited to only on vid per thread BUT I don’t want the same person posting one vid and then another and then another all within a span of 5 minutes. Make sense?


  5. Bello says:

    Anyone on here read Hawkworld the mini-series. A guy at the comic shop I go to recommended it. The first issue didn’t wow me I’m not particularly excited on reading the other issues, but I’m hoping someone on here enjoyed it too.

  6. megamanx4ever says:

    Jose are you planning on doing a review of Action Comics 890-892 in the future.

  7. phil says:

    I had intended to put up something a bit different on the blog for today, given the upheaval in E’s situation I felt that perhaps would be inapprpriate. So in lieu of what I had initially planned to put up, I’ll put this up instead.

    And E this may seem an odd choice of song to put up given your circumstance, but I feel that even thru the darkest times…a little light should shine thru.

    I wish I could offer more than a vid to fully exspress…well you know. So I’ll let Charlie and Mike do it for me

    Last I heard things were on the upswing, I hope that continues to be true
    Godspeed to you and your Pops’!

  8. Edward2962 says:

    My best wishes to Elliot and his family and hope for his Dad to have a speedy recovery. Hang in there Elliot!

  9. megamanx4ever says:

    Jose did you ever see Macross DYRL?

  10. Insideman says:

    Jose… Check your inbox. You’ll be glad u did.

  11. Deemar says:

    Lordy I think I ate something bad, my stomach feels like the violent sea churning.

  12. kurumais says:

    i getting very nervous about the cap movie
    they are putting the invaders in it i hope it just a cameo
    i just want a good cap movie

  13. kurumais says:

    i dont love batman’s new threads seen here courtesy of andy kubert

  14. Locusmortis says:

    japanese culture time!

  15. prying eyes says:

    where do we talk about comics on here?

    the open threads are all anime. i wish we had a special section after each wednesday for fan comic reviews, or just general discussion of the new titles released that week.

  16. Deemar says:

    I just don’t understand you anime/manga guys

    maybe it’s a cultural thing

  17. generaldark says:

    dont know bout you guys but i think GL is back to being a great book.

  18. Venom829 says:

    Me watching the premiere of Nikita 2nite. Anyone else?

  19. TheMSpot says:

    In the American comic book industry other than superheroes what does the CCW nation think is the next popular genre in the medium?

    • Yaoi.

      Seriously though, that is a very good question. Have to think about that one.


    • kurumais says:

      when it comes to comics i come for the superheroes i know there are good books of every other genre but i can get mysteries, sci fi, fatansy, horror, crime/cop and every other thing you can think of in other mediums tv movie books etc but if i want super hero adventures i pretty much have to go to comics apart from wildcard book series and the now popular super hero movie genre which are pretty far apart
      so im not the guy to ask

    • TheMSpot says:

      Even though it’s not one of my favorite genres I would say horror.

    • Deemar says:

      I see stuff like Fear agent ya’know the genre Mash-up guys like Remender is doing, even Umbrella Academy and Cassanova.

      More genre bending/mash-up books

      • TheMSpot says:

        Yeah, I see that a lot as well. I think that is why Planetary was one of my favorite series.

        • Deemar says:

          It’s the Prime example of the “mash up”

          We shouldn’t be looking at a specific ‘Genre’ to replace or overshadow capes&cowls, not gonna happen anytime soon.

          It’s Stuff like Hickman’s Nightly News,SHIELD,Pax Romana, Planetary as Spotty said.

          Think of it like this, Superheroes are in themselves a “Hybrid” genre. Only that it centers on costumed protagonists, but has every other element of fiction within.

          The next “Genre” I use loosely is exactly the same sans capes, a mash-up.

      • Ya, I think I am going to go with what D said. That is a definite trend and a good one at that.


    • Heck says:

      Next to superhero? Hmm, I’ll go out on a limb and say fantasy/adventure. BUT I’m much more into drama and there is a growing market towards that. Which is grand.

    • phil says:

      @ the M-spot

      I think its those para military usually post apocalyptic war games for X boxes etc.

      I think what it should be is the destruction of muppets on a global scale

      Kermit: in the former USSR in a school that disects amphbians, even ones made out of felt
      Miss Piggy: Canada, where she can covert from American bacon to Canadian ham
      What came 1st… the chicken or the egg? Who cares? Take that nameless hen and put her in a skillet with crisco and call it a day As for the eggs she’s always laying on……..
      french tost anyone
      BigBird: USA…gets a pardon. He hosted SNL back in the day

      Anyway…yeah, the para military thing

  20. Venom829 says:

    Nikita was pretty enjoyable. I might just wanna write up about it on my blog. I’ll wait after next week to see if the show can carry good storytelling throuoght, and not just one episode.

  21. Deemar says:

    PimpSlapStick! = Deemar that’s me

  22. Because this series reduces the tension a bit between me and Deemar.

  23. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Well after having about the shittiest week of my life, I really want to spend this weekend drinking heavily…..damn age limit for alcohol

  24. TheMSpot says:

    I just got done watching FreshInk online and she claims that she did not read Chew at first because she thought, and I quote, “it was another zombie book.” Now, I don’t know where to start, but I’m just glad she called herself a idiot.

    • I don’t care for Ms. Butler’s reviews anymore. Haven’t cared for a while now. Ever since she proclaimed how much she loved Old Man Logan. Her reviews and critiques are just awful now to me.


      • TheMSpot says:

        Yeah, that Old Man Logan was disturbing to me as well. There have been only like two books that she’s reviewed that I picked up, and any others I was already picking up anyway.

        • That whole “just another zombie book” thing is just fucking ignorant. Doesn’t she get paid to know that shit? If you don’t know what you are talking about chances are good that it would be better if you just shouldn’t say anything. The fact that she admitted to thinking it was a zombie book is just fucking dumb.


          • TheMSpot says:

            Well she did admit to being a idiot, doing a incredibly disservice to her viewers, and that Chew is original and funny. But, it’s unforgivable that it took a large amount of viewer responses to get her to review it.

          • TheMSpot says:

            I still think that her and G4 are Marvels bitch. Not only because they are the first to announce Marvels next big event, but also because they are airing those Marvel anime shows that are being produced by Jeph Loeb.

            • megamanx4ever says:

              I honestly think X-play is far worse than Fresh Ink Online (I like Fresh Ink Online but I know a lot of people dont) because at least with Fresh Ink she likes and reccomends some pretty awesome books like Planetary, Walking Dead, and Invincible among others but X-play will give a piece of fucking shit like Halo ODST a 5 out of 5 but will give a good or decent game like Metroid Other M a 2 out of 5 and plus 70% of their reviews are jokes that arent funny and the other 30% is the review which doesent give me a good reason why I should Skip or Buy a game.

            • Deemar says:

              Right..they are.

              Makes ya wonder what’s really going down, scratch my back I scratch yours

              • megamanx4ever says:

                Its probably all money based where Microsoft will shell out a shit load of cash so money whore websites like IGN, Gamespot, and of course X-play will give their games high rateings.

                • Deemar says:

                  Should be a law against that.

                  Morgan Web is the hots, like a young Sugourney Weaver

                  • megamanx4ever says:

                    I dont have proof of whether this is true or not (which it probably is true) but if you check out “Profesional Review sites” for Halo ODST it has 5 out of 5’s and 9 and 10 out of 10 review scores, but if you check out Amazon (which is a great place for checking out user reviews on any product)
                    you will see the average review scores for Halo ODST are 3 out of 5 review scores.

                    • As soon as a media outlet receives income from an advertiser it basically becomes an extension of the companies and dependent on the success of their markets… Its SELF-censorship. There is no need for the companies to control or instruct the media from time to time. They know what the goal is. Its people like this that pick up the soap in the shower. These people have no soul or balls. That’s why the CCW is so important!

                    • megamanx4ever says:


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