Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Dark Horse, Marvel, Vertigo

Sorry these posts are running late and because they are I am going to make this one short and sweet. Here’s what I’ll be buying tomorrow:

American Vampire #6
Daredevil #510 (Andy Diggle, Better than Shadowland)
Daytripper #10
Gantz Vol. 12

Wow…that’s it, huh? Works for me. What are you getting this week?


  1. TheMSpot says:

    Batman and Robin #14

    and maybe

    Invaders NOW! #1
    Batman #703
    Punisher MAX Hot: Hot Rods of Death #1

  2. IronMuskrat says:

    This could be my last week for comics for awhile. Being exiled to Oklahoma for a few weeks and I don’t even know if they sell comics book down there =)Could be a very boring month for me..

    American Vampire #6- lets see what direction this book takes after King has left, thinking it will still be pretty damn good.

    Daytripper #10- The last issue for this amazing series.


  3. I picked up Underground and Unwritten Vol 1. I just finished Underground 🙂

    Batman and Robin 14
    Daytripper 10 (how will it end?)
    Amazing Spider-Man 641 & 642 (two? really?)
    Thanos Imperative 4

  4. Bello says:

    Hey what’s up guys?
    This week I’ll be getting:
    American Vampire 6
    Batman and Robin 14
    Daytripper 10

    Light week for me, but I do have a few trades I haven’t read yet. Guys at my comic shop recommended the Hawkworld mini-series I read the first issue it wasn’t bad but I wasn’t extremely impressed.

  5. vegedge says:

    it would be cool if we also mentioned which books we are dropping each week. this is my last chance i am giving daredevil.

    i am getting

    batman 703
    batman and robin
    american vampire

  6. invincible iron man 30 (the big confrontation issue)
    justice league generation lost 9 (maxwell lord you basterd!)

    also getting the second vol of invincible i got the first one last week and loved it so much have to get second trade this week kirkman, walker i love you both (in the most non gay way possible)

  7. SmokeyClocks says:

    American Vampire #6

    Daredevil #510

    that is all

  8. tomstewdevine says:

    Big week as always:

    Batman and Robin
    JL gen lost
    Booster Gold
    American Vampire
    Daytripper 10
    Invincible Iron-man
    Thanos Imperitive
    Thor the mighty avenger
    BPRD Hell on Earth: New World
    Sixth Gun

    Most looking forward to JL, Daytripper, and Thor the Mighty avenger.

  9. Stamps says:

    Batgirl #14
    Batman #703
    Batman and Robin #14
    Green Lantern #57
    Red Robin #16
    Invincible Iron Man #30

    I’m quickly losing interest in Red Robin. I’m really, REALLY close to dropping it. The fact that I am contemplating dropping a bat-family book shows just how far they’ve lost me in the last few months. Just a case of a boring story mixed with visually unappealing art.

  10. Pobra says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #642 (giving this arc a chance)
    Batman #703
    Batman and Robin #14 (can’t wait to read this, last issue was great, waaayyy back when it came out)
    Daredevil #510
    Invincible Iron Man #30 (this arc kinda sucks… i find myself less and less interested in this book with each passing month.)

    I guess i should probably pick up the American Vampire trade when it comes out, eh? Already planning on getting the Daytripper trade.

  11. megamanx4ever says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #642 (nice to read a spidey story that doesent have to do with O.M.I.T.)
    Green Lantern #57
    Spawn #199

  12. Bboyce109 says:

    Batman #703
    Batman and Robin #14
    Green Lantern #57
    Justice League Generation Lost #9
    Red Robin #16

    Amazing Spider-Man #642
    Daredevil #510 (Shadowland)
    Invincible Iron Man #30
    New Avengers #4
    Thanos Imperative #4
    Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 #2

  13. kurumais says:

    Batgirl maybe my favorite book right now
    Batman Fabian nicieza
    Red robin
    Invisible iron man
    Thanos imperative
    Thor the mighty avenger
    Weird war tales
    Invaders now
    The mighty crusaders

    im practically stamps with all these batbooks

  14. Here’s what I’m getting this week:

    – Invincible Iron Man#30 (I have this horrible feeling that this book is going to lose me sometime soon 😦 PLEASE MATT FRACTION DON’T LET ME DOWN!!!)

    – A back issue of CHEW that I don’t have. I’m addicted to this series now and the month wait is TORTURING ME!

  15. TheGateJester says:

    Sup Guys. I’ll be getting these books this week

    Batman and Robin #14
    Green Lantern #57
    Justice League Generation Lost #9
    American Vampire #6
    Daytripper #10
    Daredevil #510
    Invincible Iron Man #30
    Sixth Gun #4

    And Stumptown 4 if I can find it

  16. Insideman says:

    Conan Newspaper Strips HC
    Creepy Achives Vol 7 HC
    Cuba My Revolution HC (Vertigo)
    Dark Shadows Complete Series Vol 1 HC
    Dr Horrible
    Invincible Iron Man Vol 5 Resilient Book 1 HC
    Justice League Of America Team History HC
    Red Robin Collision
    Siege Dark Avengers HC
    Spider-Man Fever
    Supernatural Beginnings End
    X-9 Secret Agent Corrigan HC
    Zombies Vs Robots Aventure HC

    Bleach Vol 32
    Gantz Vol 12
    Ghost Talkers Daydream Vol 4
    Negima Neo Vol 6

  17. Johnny Cockburn says:

    doom patrol
    green lantern
    generation lost
    thanos imperative.

    will def buy the Daytripper trade as well.
    btw, whats up with Gantz? it’s still ongoing?? i notice a couple of people said they were getting vol 12.

  18. zcorp79 says:

    Batman #703
    Batman and Robin #14
    Green Lantern #57

    ASM #641
    ASM #642
    Invincible Iron Man #30
    Daredevil #510
    Thor #614

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