CCW Nation’s Comic Picks of the Week

Posted: September 9, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

You all know what this post is about, right? Just talk about your favorite comic releases of the week in the comment section below. Please do not give out any spoilers though. That would just be rude.


  1. Bello says:

    Here was my pull this week:
    American Vampire 6
    Batman and Robin 14
    Daytripper 10

    Overall it was a good week for comics. The best book this week had to be Batman and Robin. I lost faith in this book after issue 12, but 13 was amazing and this issue was just as good. Morrison really gets the Joker and writes him extremely well.

    American Vampire 6 was also good the art is really great and Snyder is really putting together an interesting world in AV.

    Sad to say that I was dissapointed with the final issue of Daytripper this was such an amazing series, but I felt the last issue wasn’t that great. Overall it’s a great series it’s highly recommended by me and I’m anyone else who’s read it will recommend it as well.

    My order of books from best to not so best:
    Batman and Robin 14
    American Vampire 6
    Daytripper 10

  2. Bello says:

    what was the best for you Jose?

  3. THE BUDDHA OF CYBERIA! (Mike F) says:

    Another mystery solved, by the BUDDHA of CYBERIA!

  4. Mike F says:

    New Batman and Robin seems confusing again. I think Grant is back to the start with his Joker, Black Glove nonsense. But its still better than a lot of others on the shelf….

    • Did you not by Gantz Vol 12, Mike?


      • Mike F says:

        Sold out. Local manga store only buys like 3 at a time. So I might try for borders later this week, I’m just hoping they release a coupon this weekend… It’d be nice to save SOME money these days…

        I’ve been trying to buy the new AKIRA editions. The old Marvel Import ones are too dirty for me to read (-__-) plus I only had a few to begin with. I’m a bit skeptical now tho ever since I bought the Kondasha version of GiTS and it was censored.

        • generaldark says:

          ….how did you think B&R was confusing??

        • Insideman says:

          Borders does have a coupon. Maybe if you HURRY every copy they have won’t be SMEARED with CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS or STAINED with COFFEE.

          WTF is up with a retailer only buying a few of something when he is leaving SALES unfulfilled> Idiots!

  5. tomstewdevine says:

    I haven’t read my books yet, but I’m going to say before I read them that Billy the Kid, or Daytripper will be my pick of the week, but that’s strictly without reading anything.

  6. TheMSpot says:

    Now that I read all the books that I purchased:

    Batman and Robin #14: Things are getting out of control in this book, and I like it.

    Invaders NOW! #1: Cage writing, editor notes, and Union Jack.

    Batman #703: Filler, but Tony Daniel free even the variant I bought.

  7. Sai011 says:

    The books week for me were batman #703, spawn 199, and haunt 9.

  8. Tiger Topher says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #641 (O.M.I.T part 4) was, well, amazing! It was soooooo cool to see Marvel reprint something like 15 pages from One More Day and just add new text to the old pages. I also loved that Marvel only charged us $3.99 for the privilege of reading this modern masterpiece.

    (Please take note of the heavy sarcasm used above)

    • tomstewdevine says:

      Ya, I saw 2 spider-man books. hopefully the other one was better for you.

      • Tiger Topher says:

        ASM #642 was better than ASM #641, but in much the same way that getting stabbed once is better than getting stabbed twice. Suffice to say that I didn’t care for either of the issues.

    • Pobra says:

      So, from what i’m hearing, Pete and MJ now BOTH remember the events of OMD… except now Mephisto had NOTHING to do with it and the mass mind wipe came courtesy of Dr. Strange?? I’m confused… So marvel just retconed the retcon??? But wasn’t Mephisto in the first part of OMIT??? wtf!? Can someone please explain this to me. The guys at the shop were a little sketchy on details, they kept telling me to just buy it. I think they didn’t quite understand it either… fuck you Joe Q.

      • Pobra says:

        oh, sorry if there were spoilers in there, but i haven’t actually read the book. Not like anyone here actually cares about what happens in OMIT anyway. 🙂

        • SmokeyClocks says:

          from my understanding mephisto made it so they never got married but dr strange made it so no one remembered who he was

  9. Iron Man 30: quality book..but needs a good villain
    Amazing Spider-Man 641: Depressing
    Amazing Spider-Man 642: too depressed to read this
    Daytripper 10: My depression turned into crying 😉

    I need something to cheer me up

  10. Insideman says:

    Why does this blog always talk about COMICS? Why don’t you talk about ANIME or MANGA or BUKKAKKE films… You know, stuff people are INTERESTED in?

  11. Pobra says:

    Batman and Robin #14
    Morrison is back to having many of his characters speaking in riddle and rhyme, but overall it was an enjoyable read, with nice art.

  12. When Daredevil ends in December I am completely done with the character. I just started buying the book again after about 10 or more years of not doing so and am not going to buy into this whole Reborn bullshit. Thanks to Marvel for helping save some more money.


  13. kurumais says:

    this week was a tie for me between the thanos imperative 4 and batman 703

    abnett and lanning play for big stakes you definitely feel like it all on the lne and their characters are pushed to the their limits to stop it all from going to hell. i mean if these guys dont figure out how to win bad shit is going to happen to the WHOLE UNIVERSE!!! they keep that tension up through the whole issue. abnett and lanning never let the “wow” or “holy $%^!” moments get in the way of their narrative. lots of wild stuff happens in this issue but the focus remains on how much danger their is and how close the regular universe is to disaster. star lord especially comes across as a guy who is desperately trying to pull out an impossible win against overwhelming odds any way he can. and unlike other big events the past few years it actually feels like a desperate situation not a gimmick to set up a new status quo.

    as for batman 703 a nice one and done story about of all things crimefighting. i dont get to see too many books where the conflict is some criminal committing a robbery and the good guys try to stop and catch the crook. most stories are about villains directly attacking the so called heroes. so i found that very refreshing. i also like fabian’s take on the batboys and alfred. fabian writes like many folks an arrogant brash funny damian but he also adds an element of vulnerability that dick and alfred are keenly aware of. fabian’s characrization gave me a clear picture of exactly why damian is robin. why damian wants to be robin and why dick wanted him as his robin. in this tight single issue story he still has room to show the things alfred and dick are doing to get through to damian, and hopefully turn him away from the dark side. and of course funny damian vs tim jabs.

    honorable mention if you like buffy you will get a kick out of batgirl 14 bryan q miller was definitely channeling BTVS including some really fun willow/buffyesque dialog between batgirl and supergirl

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