Just Because

Posted: September 11, 2010 in Just Because
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  1. Edward2962 says:

    That clerk thought Juli was gonna have one of these type parties…

    (i was actually looking for the will you be my mom scene, but this kinda works too)

  2. Mike F says:

    Great Movie!

  3. Locusmortis says:

    The legend of Conky!

  4. Edward2962 says:

    Maybe someone has an opinion about this flick. Despite the trend it help revive, this is actually a kinda downbeat film. The main character feels trapped by his economic situation, his family puts him down, there’s ethnic tension and violence on the streets. Sure, he’s a star on the dance floor but outside of that he’s just another shmoo. Am I wrong or does anyone else have a conflicting view?

    • cballsack says:

      Nope, you’re right on. It’s actually a very underrated movie in that sense. It’s not just some dumb dance flick. It’s got a very “real” feel to it, very authentic and perfectly representative of NYC in the late seventies. Granted, I was still a young boy at that time, but I do remember the vibe.

      • Edward2962 says:

        Yeah, I saw it again a few years ago after having not watched it in maybe 15 years before. I was like “Hey this is pretty depressing!” It’s funny that folks remember the clothes and the music and act as if it’s this uplifting thing but the plot is really the exact oppose. *SPOILER* The end isn’t he wins the dance contest and gets the girl. The end is he wins the contest but thinks it’s only cuz of racism, his friend dies, and the girl thinks he’s a jerk! The “happy” ending is the girl forgives him for trying to force himself on her earlier! It fascinating film to re-examine.

    • Deemar says:

      You guys are thinking too deep about a Travolta flick.

      He wants to dance! he wants to dance his sorrows away, can’t you understand that?

      He’s clearly in the closet.


    • phil says:

      I remember something similar being said about Prince’s 1999. Upbeat tempo, but lyris as inspiring as Dust In The Wind

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