Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Dark Horse, DC Comics, Image, Marvel, Vertigo

Now this is what I call a quality week. It will be an expensive one but it will also be so worth it. Here’s what I’ll be buying on Wednesday:

Batman Beyond #4
Empowered Vol 6
Hack Slash: My First Maniac #4
Joe The Barbarian #7
Marvel Universe vs The Punisher #4 (Jonathan Maberry, Goran Parlov)
Morning Glories #2
Mystery Society #3
Spider-Man Fantastic Four #3 (Christos Gage, Mario Alberti)
The Unwritten #17
Thunderbolts #148 (Jeff Parker)
X-Factor #209 (Peter David)

So much goodness. It will be a fight for what ends up on the very top of my reading pile.

What will you be getting this week?


Special thanks goes out to Insideman for supplying the shipping list for the blog this week.

  1. Mike F says:

    I’m not getting anything this week.

    I’ll most likely do some searching at some old stores downtown for some Battle Angel books, or hopefully back issues, seeing that I never really finished collecting the series so long ago…

  2. Deckel2 says:

    No more thunderbolts Jose?
    Or is it just because it’s a Sh(it)adow Land Tie in?

  3. Heck says:

    Imah have to get my hands on that Morining Glories trade, when it comes out.

  4. tomstewdevine says:

    Zatanna #5
    Hellblazer #271
    Joe The Barbarian #7 – I have been waiting patiently
    Unwritten #17 – Amazing
    Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #3 – Phoenix Force Gun!
    Marvel Universe vs Punisher #4
    New Mutants #17 – CYPHER!!!
    Thunderbolts #148
    Boys Highland Laddie #2
    Hack Slash My First Maniac #4
    Morning Glories #2 – Nick Spencer will blow up very soon.
    Time Bomb #2

    I feel a good week ahead, with Joe, Astonishing, Morning Glories at the top of the stack.

  5. Deemar says:

    Too early for me to finalize my buys although…I’ll be reading

    ROT&RUIN by Jonathan Maberry writer of DOOMWAR and BlackPanther!


  6. Heck says:

    Didn’t they already do a “Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe”?

  7. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    ZATANNA #5


  8. Bello says:

    hey what’s up guy’s list of books is light for me this week. I actually cancelled half the books that were on my pull. I spent way too much money on both comics and alcohol so I’m broke as hell.
    THis week I’m getting:
    Joe the Barbarian 7
    Marvel Universe vs the Punisher 4

    Great week and what makes it better is that this week I’ll be getting Agents of Atlas volume 2 in the mail this week. I read the first arc it was great and I’m on issue 5 of volume 1…holy crap the mini-series is so good if anyone here hasn’t read please check it out it’s so good.

  9. Insideman says:

    Berserk VOL 34
    Bram Strokers Death Ship
    Deadpool Merc With A Mouth Head Trip HC
    Empowered Vol 6
    I Am Legion Deluxe Hardcover
    Incorruptible Vol 2
    Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Vol 11
    Lockjaw & Pet Avengers Unleashed HC
    Love and Rockets New Stories Vol 3
    Oz Marvelous Land Of Oz HC
    Siege Mighty Avengers HC
    Spawn Origins Vol 7
    Spider-Man Gauntlet Vol 2 Rhino & Mysterio
    Spider-Man Gauntlet Vol 5 Lizard HC
    Star Wars Dark Empire Trilogy
    Supergirl Death And The Family
    Superman Mon El Vol 2 HC

  10. Birds of Prey 5
    Amazing Spider-Man 643
    Deadpool 27
    Marvel Universe VS The Punisher 4
    Thunderbolts 148
    Hack Slash My First Maniac 4

  11. phil says:

    Hey Nin J, am I mistaken about MorningGlories? At 1st blush I thought it was gonna be like The Freshmen. Now it seems more like Eerie Indiana in a classroom/ Am I close?

  12. IronMuskrat says:

    Exiled to Norman, Oklahoma for the next month for training. I don’t even know were to start looking for comics down here. Looks like it could be really boring for me down here for the next three weeks. =/


    • Insideman says:

      IM, How about several stores that should be LESS THAN 5 MILES from your location?



      Using the 73019 Area Code in NORMAN, OK

      749 JENKINS
      NORMAN, OK
      (405) 292-4263
      1 miles*

      ATOMIK POP #1
      918 W. MAIN
      NORMAN, OK
      (405) 329-9695
      2 miles*

      614 N PORTER
      NORMAN, OK
      (405) 360-6866
      2 miles*

      ATOMIK POP #2
      7884 S WESTERN

      (405) 635-0848
      14 miles*

      4435 SE 29TH ST
      DEL CITY, OK
      (405) 677-2559
      16 miles*

      (405) 603-7151
      24 miles*

      You can put in a different Zip Code at the Comic Shop Locator web site to refine your search!

  13. Stamps says:

    Birds of Prey #5
    Unwritten #17
    Marvel Universe vs Punisher #4
    Morning Glories #2

  14. megamanx4ever says:

    Batman Beyond #4- (lad to see your picking this up Jose :).)
    Brightest Day #10
    Thunderbolts #148 (The best Comic ongoing at Marvel.)

  15. kurumais says:

    September 15th
    Bop 5
    Captain American patriot 1 I have been waiting for someone to do this story for a long time
    Steve Rodgers super soldier 3
    Tbolts 148
    Joe the barbarian 7
    Umbrella academy 1 dollar

    Tales of the dragon guard
    Our fighting forces 1
    Going to read in store ghost rider shadowlan d I like how ghost rider looks in this
    And x 23 1

  16. i got

    batman beyond 4 (loving this series i really want a batman beyond ongoing)
    thunderbolts 147 (the only shadowland tie-in i’m buying)
    mu vs the punisher (sad to see this series go so quick)

    preety average week for me

  17. Deemar says:

    Joe The Barbarian #7
    Amazing Spider-Man #643
    Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #3
    Captain America Patriot #1
    Marvel Universe vs Punisher #4
    Shadowland Power Man #2
    Thunderbolts #148

    (Books I’m thinking of trying out.)
    GI Joe Cobra II #8

    Hopefully I can find the issues
    Morning Glories #1
    Morning Glories #2
    Mystery Society #3

  18. TheGateJester says:

    Sup guys. Wow no DC books for me this week. I’m shocked. (Vertigo titles don’t count)
    Joe The Barbarian #7
    Northlanders #32
    Unwritten #17
    DV8 Gods & Monsters #6
    Marvel Universe vs Punisher #4
    Spider-Man Fantastic Four #3
    Thunderbolts #148
    Morning Glories #2
    Mystery Society #3

    • It’s gotten to the point for me that if there IS a DC book on my list of things to buy any week I am shocked.


      • Deemar says:


        Same except B&R and the occassional GL read.

        What the hell happened at DC? I was buying mostly DC for a hot minute, then the tide just changed and I didn’t realize the difference.

        • The Fall of Geoff Johns happened and he is dragging DC down with him. We warned you. πŸ™‚


          • Deemar says:

            and I drew it!

            It happened so fast, so fast.

            You loving this lull in Johns career ain’t ya?


            • tomstewdevine says:

              DC’s still has a few good ones: B&R, JLI(they call it generation lost), powergirl, booster gold, Jonah Hex, I’m sure I’m missing some but this is what comes to mind.

          • kurumais says:

            johns has too many irons in fire its sapping him but from what i hear he is doing brillant stuff with larfleeze makes want to check green latern

          • Heck says:

            Oh, how the mighty fall. Everything DC is doing is just so average. They’re inflating their characters with flimsy Silver Age concepts that just don’t work in modern day. Just because you have Kryptonians being impaled on 1,000,000 forms of Kryptonite doesn’t make those 1,000,000 forms of K contempoary. It is WORSE.

  19. TheMSpot says:

    Batman Beyond #4
    Joe The Barbarian #7
    Marvel U. vs The Punisher #4
    Spider-Man/The Fantastic Four #3

  20. SmokeyClocks says:

    this week i got
    Bulletproof Coffin #4
    Joe the Barbarian #7
    AMS 643
    True blood #3

  21. ok gonna geek out here jonathan mahberry is now following me on twitter sorry had to tell you guys awesome!!!

  22. MicahSkin says:

    X-Factor!!!! Longshot in Vegas. All that needs to be said. Also some bitch eye action from Layla…

  23. Insideman says:

    My Pull List 9.15.10 just got MAJOR LEAGUE UPDATED– with over 12 NEW BOOKS. Separate MANGA List Coming Too! http://wp.me/pZr1Y-1cs

  24. generaldark says:

    morning glories
    mystery society
    brightest day
    MU vs. punisher
    i decided to trade finish joe the B
    spiderman #643 (i think its the number. im getting it because of mark waid and because i been following/want to know what happens with the baby of osborne)

    • Deemar says:

      Been reading through your blog, good stuff Genny improving at a rapid pace. That last story was pretty mature and layered work.


  25. Insideman says:

    Lotsa NEW MANGA just popped up outta NOWHERE!

    It’s all on the Swear All You Like Blog!

    New Manga Releases – This Week & Next Week!


  26. TheMSpot says:

    When is the next open thread? I have things to bitch about like this whole Black Panther Man Without Fear bullshit.

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