CCW Open Thread

Posted: September 15, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. The Amazing Mike says:

    Whats going on everyone?

  2. cballsack says:

    I thought this story was interesting on Bleeding Cool — a Bollywood adaptation of the Archie comic. It’s just so random and strange enough that I feel compelled to check it out.

  3. Deemar says:

    Anyone seen RE 3-D?

    Seems fitting

  4. Heck says:

    Mad Men is addicting. I’ve been watching it since I got out of work. The story is just decent, but the sets and acting is fantastic. Scotch sippinn’ and cigar chompinn’ never looked so good.

  5. Deemar says:

    My day off and instead of being productive I’m here.

  6. NoahTahl: This just in; Just moment before these adversaries are to enter the sqared circle, it has been leaked that referee Deemar already wants to deduct 3 points from Elliot Serrano for having the audacity to have this event entitled “the Elliot Con” When asked for comment… refDeemar said “I won’t have this event sullied by having one of the participants make this event about himself”
    Fortunately promoter, Insideman put an end to this controversy by stating”No worries everybody, this event won’t be tarnished by the hubris of one individual undermining this historic occourence
    (later its found out that Jose waived off the idea of his partner having points deducted, believing that his victory was assured..he was quoted as saying ” If my rather voluminous co-host thinks that I’m gonna allow allow him any moral victories by having him say – well if I didn’t have those points taken away he woulda won- he’s sadly and dare I say stupidly mistaken

    Noah: There you hve it folks, cotoversy averted. Now lets listen to announcer Pobra introduce the colleagues / opponents

  7. phil says:

    A brief backstory about how the verbal brawl for it all at Terror at TwitterDome works

    1) the 2 entrants enter the ring of woe…prepared with there barbs,slams, put downs and just genuine verbal nastiness, in turn a very expensive and classified piece of equipmeent takes these insults being spewed out and translates them to physical actions

  8. Deemar says:

    I gotta walk away from this paper, maybe that will help. Watch a movie for inspiration.

  9. Heck says:

    Anyone ever see this show? I really enjoyed it when it was on.

  10. phil says:

    The Announcement:


    !st In the tope corner, weighing in at a surprisingly light 235lbs given that he was seen slurping a mega sized mega cup of 7-11 ultimo cherry slush…Elliot- I’m gonna kill the guy that started that E b.s. Serrano.

    And in the what can only be called the whatever is darker than black corner weighing in at a svelt 182 and 1/2lbs Jose -insert vile nickname here- Melendez

    (ref Deemar gathers the 2 combatants) Listen guys, you know what I want; clean exchanges and when I say break, you break. Now I know that I’m not gonna get that cuz you guys just ain’t cut like that. So instead what I’ll say is this; If either of you guys get to excessive with the word play, I won’t hesitate havuing points taken away from either of your @$$e$

    Alright guys, go to your neutral corners and when the bell rings…let the insults fly!

  11. Deemar says:

    Shit! Ok I’m bout to take a power nap, morning jog and I’m out.

    Holla Foos!

  12. phil says:


    Round1 Ding!

    Jose: Booze + twitter + E = lovely, lovely carnage
    Nasa translator: And Jose comes out with a blindingly quick flurry, unfortunately for him, E was counting on his over confidence and predictability to start this event off, so he was able to shrug off Jose’s intial barrage of mocking

    E: That’s what you’re starting with? What’s next, yo mamma jokes?
    Nasa translator: Oh, classic deflecting mockery, with a bit of well placed belittling…equal to a couple of snapping jabs to the head, mere glancing blows, however

    Jose: Ya know its to bad that you don’t still have that shaved head that showss the tatoo saying “insert writing talent here”
    ST; Oooo, that was brutal. Going straight to where the manlives….Essentially thats 5body blows that would’ve floored a normal man but because of E’s extra insulation or wiki padding if you will, he remains standing. Stunned, but standing

    Jose: And what about…(ref Deemar pauses the fight briefly, to check on E’s vitals, believing him to be out of sorts)

    Ref Deemar: E how many fingers am I holding up
    E: I’m fine, lemmme back in there
    Jose: Yeah let him back in, I’m just getting warmed
    Ref Deemar: Get back to your corner, Jose! And E, despite what I said about your buttocks being sublime, you are most definitely not fine, but you seem to check out, tho You can continue.

    E; You know, those who can write, do. Those who can’t write…bitch about those that can!
    NT: Whoooa Desperation move Having been taunted by Jose’s venemous barbs, E retorts with not so much an insult but a reflexive showing in the face “man did you really have to go there” statement/question To E’s dismay.. he just let go of a couple of tepid rights and a weak left
    Jose: Surprisingly says nothing, says nothing, savoring his ccw partners wobbliness from his prior verbal assault

    Ding End round one.

  13. phil says:

    Terror At Twitter Dome: Between the rounds: Jose’s corner

    IronMuskrat: What the Hell was that? You showboating? My God, this should have been over in the 1st minute. Now you’re giving this guy false hope, and I don’t want this guy getting real hope
    Jose: I know what I’m doing
    I.M.: Do you? DO YOU?? I want you to do what we were talking about. Now quit toying with this guy, so I can go home and write my reviews for your blog
    Jose: Don’t worry I’ve got VariantGirl pinch hitting for you, while you’re doing this
    I.M. VariantGirl! VARIANT GIRL!!! What in Sam Hill are you doing? She’s good, really good. Alright, don’t panic..everything will be fine. You’ll see.
    Jose: Thanks buddy
    I.M.: Not you. I was consoling myself Geez, Now go out there and show me, but more importantly him…what you’re capable of.

  14. phil says:


    Round2 Ding

    E: Aw crap I’m outta booze, I’m not as funny when I’m not boozed up
    N.T.: Tactical Error! Tactical Error… E’s left himself open for a whole host of verbal assaults that could finish him. Will Jose be able to take advantage?

    Jose: Sorry to break it to you, but you were never funny And drunk, you’re even less so, no wonder you couldn’t see the greatness of my slams
    N.T. Ouch. not able to capitalize
    RefDeemar: (momentarily stops fight… look Jose, lameness aside, I told you both about that whole putting folks down to build yourself up deal is not gonna fly in my ring, not Deemar’s ring. Go back to slammin’

    E: Seriously dude, you need to go back to the yo mama jokes, because you’re sucking the life outta this exchange
    N.T.: Man-o-man, going back to the well so soon. Shame is that comment did not do so well for him the 1st time E went there. As a result Jose could just look smug and have that being to an overhand right and two jabs to the middle of his face

    Ding End Round 2

  15. phil says:

    Terror At TwitterDome: Betwen The Rounds…E’s Corner

    Ed2962: Okay E, let’s be for real here No one expected for you to last the 1st round, much less…win the war in words, but Jose’s corner has to be stunned that this is going into a 3rd round. If you have anything left in the tank, Elliot, you just might get lucky with a knock out. I think its already known that you’re not gonna win this fight by rounds or by points, you need to knock him out, E. Knock him OUT!

  16. phil says:



  17. kurumais says:

    didnt somebody have a black panther man without fear rant they were going to share?
    i just read the news it makes absolutely no freakin sense take about wanting to be a fly on the wall during editorial meetings i would LOVE to hear the behind the scenes conversation , justifications and thought processes on this one. see this when i really wish we had more investigatory journalism to comic book coverage.

  18. Mike F says:

    I’m curious to finish MAXIMUM CARNAGE, but everyone says its awful. It really doesn’t seem bad… what happens that makes the story not worth finishing?

    • Deemar says:

      Completely forgot the plot to that comic.

      Any new beats Mikey

      • Mike F says:

        Yeah, I wrote a song called earlier with some friends, and finished another song.

        • phil says:

          I really dug Midnite (1st imprssion) and Tequla
          So Mike, are u the lead singer as well?
          It also sounds like u renamed one of the theme songs
          Speaking of themes, are u doing anymore?
          If so, I’m hoping for Stamps VariantGIRL AND insideman

          • Mike F says:

            Yeah I’m Lead Vocals on Tequila along with my friend.
            The theme that got renamed, I just uploaded it as a test for my own separate account, still a CCW theme.

            yeah I’m still working on INSIDEMAN’s THEME and STAMPS and CBALLSACK’s as well.

            The Midnite song I worked hard on. Hoping to get another version or two…

  19. TheMSpot says:

    Great cliff hangers from Batman Beyond #4, all I have to say about that is WTF, and from Joe The Barbarian #7, I’m glad I didn’t trade wait this book. That’s unusual for me being it’s a Vertigo book.

  20. kurumais says:

    i tried very hard to like buffy the comic i LOVED buffy and angel the tv series but the comic just seems like mediocre fanfiction. even the lastest issue by creator joss whedon angel pulling a superman , spike in a bug blimp its just so over the top and wacky i cant “line it up” with the tv shows i loved. this is the third time ive tried to get into it and the third time ive dropped it i just cant understand what joss is doing

  21. Insideman says:


  22. Venom829 says:

    Just saw Superman/Batman Apoclaypse. What an EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So lame, derivative, and the animation was HORRYFING! I wish I could get back that 80 minutes of my life I wasted 😦

    • prying eyes says:

      well the comic was god awfull. its was hideous. that guy drew supergirl like a fucking porn star. and so they thought, hell this will translate well to a film.

      dc has had some great and some awful animated stuff.

      i wanna see a good flash, a good JSA.
      alan moores swampthing would be awesome!

      sandman would work really well.

      and sandman mystery theater would be my main choice for a dc tv series. gritty and noir superhero show about the sandman wesely dobbs. that could sell well

      • I just noticed that this open thread needs more anime. God people, don’t you know that this is what the open threads are all about? I am disappoint.


        • prying eyes says:

          guese i cant post here. because jose will just make lame comments about something i complained about.

          you are trolling your own forum now.

          • Thanks for pointing that out and cutting me down to size. I’m such a terrible person but you are right, this is my forum.

            The fact that your very first comment on here came off as somebody whining and telling me what I should be doing with my blog left quite an impression on me.

            Pro Tip: In the future don’t assume that telling people what their blog should be about is going to win you any points with them.


            • Insideman says:

              I’m gonna have to take Jose’s point and run with it a little.

              You come on someone’s blog– something they work hard on for FREE, something they have made for idiots like us to hang out on– and you don’t say “Hey Cool Blog” or at least something that ADDS to one of the existing conversations (instead of criticizing it)… As your FIRST POST?

              You were ATTRACTED to the blog– right? Enough to post? But the first thing out of your keyboard is whiny screed that actually denigrates and complains about what was going on that particular moment on the blog?

              If you didn’t like what you saw– why not just move on and come back later? WATCH awhile and see what happens NEXT?

              I read the blog for 2 weeks before posting here. Before that, I watched their vids for almost 3 months before coming to read the blog.

              What’s crazy– is the conversation can turn on a dime here… Someone mentions one thing and it is off in a completely different direction… sometimes for a few posts or sometimes for almost a day… But it ALWAYS comes back to comics.

              So to post that crap as your opening remark was one of 3 things (none of which make you look good): 1) You didn’t care about the other people posting and their passion for stuff they liked and were discussing, 2) You simply weren’t interested in AT LEAST TRYING to make a decent 1st impression and interact with people here, 3)You were so careless and stupid in your observations– you thought this place was nothing but SNARK.

              Well, it’s not buddy.

              I think it is extremely telling that you’re first post was negative and now your next one (at least the next one I’ve seen) is responding to negativity about a video someone’s just watched… Negative, negative, negative.

              Isn’t there some self-hate group you could join?

          • Deemar says:

            You need a Sarcasm App

      • Venom829 says:

        Kind of sad it had to be such poor animation since the artist of that arc Micheal Turner is dead now and they coulndn’t even do their a-game for it.

      • kurumais says:

        i just read batgirl 14 and kept thinking threw the whole book why does supergirl have a half shirt? but i must say while i was never ever a fan of mike turner i thought his batman was pretty good

  23. Insideman says:

    Random Rants! HUGE new Blog Post at the Swear All You Like Blog– covering everything from BLACK PANTHER, MAN WITHOUT FEAR to Alan Moore detractors to the luscious actress ROSE BYRNE!

    Please stop by some time!

  24. kurumais says:

    i just finished watch ponyo i dont think it possible for miyazaki to make movie i wont enjoy
    i just love the fairy tale feel of his stuff this is a lot more kiddie then some of his stuff but
    still worth watching if you are in a quite nostalgic mood i saw on netflix so it was in english but disney always does a good job with the dubbed voice acting on miyazaki’s films i usually have no problem with watching them in either language but i still want to see it in nihonjin.

    going to go watch howl’s moving castle for the thosandth time

  25. Insideman says:

    Jose, you want to check your INBOX right now! (As soon as you can!)

  26. megamanx4ever says:

    Jose a possible reccomendation for both you and Insideman?

  27. megamanx4ever says:

    one of my all time faveorite movies.

  28. kurumais says:

    i thought this was quite funny and he has much of the same taste in tv gals as i do

  29. SmokeyClocks says:

    saw this recently and thought some of you might enjoy it

  30. kurumais says:

    here is a bad review of firefly i know its old but i thought firefly was damn close to a masterpiece and at times the dialog Shakespearean i remember the ny daily news giving it a really bad review at the time and calling it too cerebral
    this kind of thin fascinates me

  31. kurumais says:

    has anyone seen this? any good? thanks

  32. megamanx4ever says:

    I agree with this guy 100%

    • Insideman says:

      Uh Oh! Not that guy! Uh Oh!

      • megamanx4ever says:

        what are your thoughts on Variants Insideman?

      • Insideman says:

        Oh, here he goes ripping variant covers again.

        Did this asshole really bring up MLK in a discussion about comic book variants? Did he just compare people who collect variants to radical extremists and call them fundamentalist radicals?

        WHAT THE FUCK?

        Does this jerk off EVEN KNOW WHAT THESE WORDS MEAN?

        Millions have died over these labels and the MEANING of these words and what they represent.

        Millions have been affected by the humanist teachings and eloquent speeches of MLK… And millions more have been detrimentally affected by those who wrongly denounce MLK and his important words… And seek to abolish equality and freedom.

        And he uses these words in conjunction in a shitty little vid post about FUCKING FUNNY BOOKS?

        This dipshit is getting far too full of himself. Ask him and he’ll tell you he convinced comic companies to release $1 sample issues of comics. He says he did– when he had discussions with people at DC.

        Maybe he did… But other than him– who really cares? In the end, these $1 books all go back to being $3.99 for the other issues… And $1 try-out comics only sell MORE books to the SAME customers.

        It’s not like $1 books bring NEW customers in… And if they do, 99% of those same NEW PEOPLE will RUN SCREAMING from the shops when they realize the books then jump to $4 each after their $1 try-outs.

        No offense megamanx4ever. I agree with you about the variants. They should stop. But this shit-head and his coarse use of inflammatory statements is BEYOND the pale. Makes me wish computers and You Tube were never invented.

        • Insideman says:

          Again megamanx4ever… This is NOT directed at you. I understand the point. I don’t think variants are necessary or help the industry either but this video is BEYOND bad.

    • Sorry Megaman. I don’t want those videos anywhere near this blog.


  33. Deemar says:

    I’m so ready for that Tomasi/Gleason Batman&Robin, in fact I think it’ll be better than Morrison’s run.

    Oh and I’m done with Frank Quitely, wtf is that guy’s problem with lateness? He can’t keep pace or is he on drugs or have family issues?

    • TheMSpot says:

      Yeah, I know what is up with Quitely? For Batman #700 he had to do, what 5 pages? And he couldn’t even do that.

    • kurumais says:

      im ready for tomasi gleason as well morrison is too far out for me and has forgotten to tell us why exactly damian is robin and why dick choose him over tim i think those are very important questions and i thought they would be addressed after a whole year

      frank is part of huge number of contemporary artists who cant handle a monthly book

    • TheMSpot says:

      I’m also looking forward to the Tomasi/Gleason Batman & Robin. At least Morrison is willing to hand over the reigns unlike Bendis.

  34. megamanx4ever says:

    On an unrelated note I must be a bIZARRO Superman fan because im loving the JMS Superman comic and everyone (as far as I can tell) hates the book.

    • Heck says:

      If you don’t mind me asking Megaman, what do ya like about it? Not to call you out, I’m just interested to hear another fan’s thoughts.

      Call me too much of a Superman purist, but I really don’t like it. I don’t think JMS gets Superman’s voice, not yet at least.

      • megamanx4ever says:

        I like the art, and the story, especially the scene in issue 701 when Superman talks to that woman about suicide, I thought it was a very well written and touching scene in that comic.

        • Heck says:

          I did like the scene when he talked the girl down. I thought that was really well done.

          I wasn’t a huge fan of All-Star but I liked this scene too.

  35. megamanx4ever says:

    Time to bust out some 16-bit awesomeness!

  36. kurumais says:

    anyone know any sites or blogs that review super hero/ comic book costumes? ive been googling and ive only found reviews of super hero movie costumes. i think its odd that somebody out there isnt writing about this the comic fanbase is really vocal about everything else. why isn’t this also a topic of discussion?


  37. Deemar says:

    Hey I gotta sleep fellas, I actually passed out at my desk for what? 20mins, need sleep must go to bed.

    Nite Foos! πŸ™‚

  38. Tonight’s Always Sunny in Philly was awesome but not nearly enough Dee for me.


  39. kurumais says:

    i heard what the current creative team on batman beyond did to dick grayson personally id like to tar and feather them to me batman beyond was really a testament to batman and the bat squads utter failure, bruce ends up alone and alienated from the people who shared his cause and his life yay thats cheery yeah i can see why people who like batman would like that to happen??!!!???? the guy give his whole life to protecting gotham and making it better and what does he get nothing. that being said the show wasnt bad and i did like terry but the underlining premise always left a bad taste in my mouth.
    now with reveal of what happened to dick grayson in batman beyond universe that bad taste has become utter nausea. i know misery is part of super hero life style but to me this qualifies as super hero tragedy porn.

    as for the state of the bat books as a response to deemar’s inquiry i love batgirl and since fabain nicieza took over red robin im really enjoying that too batman and robin is still decent but has been better i dont read detective or batman i dropped streets of gotham and gotham city sirens

    i just found this on the weekly comic review blog site “Neither Red Robin nor Batgirl are typical Gotham residents. They are fun and light-hearted and optimistic. If that’s what you want in your Gotham book, then Red Robin should be on your pull-list.” i think that states perfectly why i like them so much and why they will never be popular

    • TheMSpot says:

      All I have to say about Batman Beyond is there is only two more issues. So, we don’t know if who they claim to be is the actual person on the count of the sub plot involving Cadmus Labs.

    • Heck says:

      Sadly, most good men die alone. Bruce is no different. He lived a lonely life, with Alfred and a couple kids in spandex. The dude needs to get laid.

  40. Insideman says:

    Anybody want to follow what AcomicShop has to say about my comment, I just posted basically what I said above DIRECTLY to him here:!&p=117772&posted=1#post117772

    Here’s the text… A little better thought out than my earlier stream of consciousness posting here at CCW:

    Originally Posted by AcomicShop:

    I was being totally over the top and sarcastic with a straight face. I thought I was channeling Glenn Beck with the look in your hearts and cure yourself. To me Beck=Funny, Hitler=Not Funny. Sorry I didn’t pull that off!


    You didn’t succeed.

    You did, however, take a valuable HISTORICAL HERO and belittled him with your extremely childish attempt at “parody”. You did, also, use extremely inflammatory words directly associated with a CURRENT WAR that valuable Men & Women are DYING in every day to describe collectors of COMIC BOOK VARIANTS… In your “parody”… Funny and incisive as a face full of gasoline.

    You wrote you wanted to parody Glenn Beck. How exactly do parody what is essentially ALREADY a parody?

    The first thing I thought when I started viewing, “Oh, here he goes ripping variant covers again. Been there, done that.”

    Then I listened. Did you really bring up MLK in a discussion about comic book variants? Did you just compare people who collect comic variants to radical extremists and call them fundamentalist radicals?


    See, I’m confused. What were you trying to accomplish here?

    Were you attempting to make a VALID POINT about excessive comic book variants and the sometimes crazy collector behavior they engender? If you were, you failed miserably with your “parody” and massive use of inappropriate hot button words.

    If you weren’t trying to make a point about comic book variants- then what were you doing submitting this video to a COMIC BOOK blog? Are you trying out for “Funny or Die” or “The Daily Show”?

    Either way, it wasn’t funny and it wasn’t incisive commentary. Your “over the top” ridiculous comments came off as if you meant them… NO sign of “parody”. Which means that– for many viewers– you also destroyed your attempt to make a LEGITIMATE COMMENTARY about comic book variants.

    However, here is what you did succeed in doing:

    You succeeded in making a video in VERY POOR TASTE that came close to ridiculing Martin Luther King Jr. by associating him with a TRIVIAL SUBJECT. You also succeeded in using SEVERAL inflammatory words and phrases in a very poor, childish context.

    Millions have died over the MEANING of these words and what they represent. Millions have been affected by the humanist teachings and eloquent speeches of MLK… And millions more have been detrimentally affected by those who wrongly denounce MLK and his important words… And seek to abolish equality and freedom.

    Yet you apparently think these same words are ripe to use in a little “parody” video about FUNNY BOOKS.

    Sorry– but you are not half as clever as you think you are.

    If you want to make a parody then learn how to write and perform comedy and go to a comedy channel. See if they’ll hire you. If you want to make a legitimate statement about comic books– or anything to do with them– then be straight about your subject and do it.

    Otherwise, I’m sorry to say– but I think you’re just acting like a clown.

  41. Insideman says:

    Jose… Jose… Are u there? Check your INBOX

  42. kurumais says:

    a little humor for the kaiju fans around here

  43. kurumais says:

    i discovered the weeklycrisis a couple of weeks ago and it has a feature i really like Moments of the Week . its a nice cheap way to kind of keep up with happenings in books i dont buy. plus i hve gone back a year or two in the archive to check out what was going on back then thats fun too

  44. Insideman says:

    DC is going to STOP Shrink Wrapping their Hardcovers!

    It’s a BIGGER DEAL than you might think!

  45. TheMSpot says:

    Catfish is NOT A DOCUMENTARY it’s just another rip off of Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. Sorry, I just had to get that out there.

  46. megamanx4ever says:

    One of the first animes I ever watched.

  47. kurumais says:

    i has a good day at my LCS we started talking about how black panther the new man without fear is a very bizarre move then we moved on to the greatness of christopher priest about how good his black panther, the crew and captain america and the falcon were

    and when i cam home my tickets for new york comic con were waiting for me
    and now in the middle of this weeks books not a bad fanboy day

  48. kurumais says:

    carl from ATHF gives us his NFL stone cold lock of the century of the week!!!!!

  49. Heck says:

    Why has WB not signed Jon Hamm as Superman yet?!? The dude looks like Superman just walked off the page. Plus, he totally has that George Reeve Clark Kent swagger.

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