CCW Weekend Open Thread

Posted: September 18, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. tomstewdevine says:

    I don’t get what’s so special about Power girl……..oh wait now I remember.

  2. Mike F says:

    I’m so sick of hearing people talk about “SUPERMAN VS GOKU”

    Jesus, I may be a nerd but shit like that just makes me shake my head in shame…

    …Supes Ftw.

  3. IronMuskrat says:

    My future… keeping this thing running… Kill me now =)

  4. megamanx4ever says:

    This is why I love Mega Man X, awesome boss fights, cool stages, and of course kick ass music!

  5. Heck says:

    Just finished watching Riddley Scott’s Robin Hood again. Disapointed. I felt like someone had just finished watching Braveheart and sat down to write Robin Hood. Did not feel like the character at all.

    I do like the scenery though. It’s worth another viewing for THAT.

    • Insideman says:

      Uh Heck…You know it’s not really gonna get better the more times you watch it, right?

      Unless you get high.

      I thought Superman IV was pretty good but I was higher than a kite when I watched it.

      Later, I was very ashamed.

      • Heck says:

        I know, I just had such high hopes for a new Sherwood tale. I love me the Costner, 90’s one. Riddley Scott has kinda lost it.

        Superman IV had a cool premise, if it was fleshed out more. I wanted their to be consequences for his disarming of the world.

  6. MyComicLife says:

    Hey guys, i have been surfing through the web and it seems there is a lot of debate on “comic events”, and the decreasing sales of comics especially for the month of August.
    Here are some links.

    there are some links in the above page that you might wana check out as well.
    Then there is this one by our two favorite guys in Marvel

    i would really like to hear what the CCW nation feels about this.

  7. Round 3…Ding

    E:One joke, seriously one original thought
    translater:Ah yes, a belittling mocking tone(normally a great offense, but here…a little 2 transparent) nonetheless it equals two shots to the ribs, which Jose braces for, though it catches Jose’s attention as he retorts;
    Jose: I hate to break it to you… SPORT,but I’ve used nothing but originality. It’s not my fault if I don’t have to fall back on 10 yr old played out jokes…like “you”
    translator: yes, the turn his own words against him technique, a sound counter move that has Jose unleash several flurries with a fury so intense that u can barely see his hands, nonetheless E was expecting that salvo therefore most of the blows were glancing ones at best

    ding end rd.3

    Between The Rounds: Jose’s Corner

    IronMuskrat: So are you still “playing” with him, or has he gotten insise your head? Seriously look at him, he’s a battered mess, yet he.s answering the bell each time Now you’ve got him beat on rounds and on points, but this about pride Geez man, how could you let this go to a 4th round?
    Jose: The weeble just won’t fall down and he keeps coming back for more…le sigh
    I.M. C’mon Jose, we both know that this was over before it started, put him outta his mysery
    Jose: That’s it I throw in the towel, do you see what it is I have to work with…..?
    I.M.: (slaps Jose at the back of his head) Jiminy friggin’ cricket…what’s that, defeatist talk? Look you’ve might have given up on yourself, but while I’m in your corner I’ll be darned if I let you give up on yourself. So cowboy up and put Ol’ Yeller down. Got me?
    Jose: Got you! Actually that was quite inspiring, I.M. Of course you know if you ever slap me upside the head again I will stomp a mudhole in you and walkit dry. You got me?
    I.M. Gotcha…I know you’re back when you start quoting Steve Austin. Lets finish this.

  8. Pobra says:

    hey, what’s up guys and gals.
    anyone remember this movie? great film, great music.

  9. kurumais says:

    for all the 20th century boys fans i have the first dvd not bad i have the other 2 in my netflix que

    • Mike F says:

      I really couldn’t dig it… Japanese movies can be either really epic or really cheesy and this one was WAY cheesy, but the production for the set, and all that was great. And the song was great in the movie as well 🙂

  10. phil says:

    Terror At The Twitterdome….E’s Corner

    Ed2962: you got him scared now, E. He’s sweatin’ bullets. He can’t figure out how you’re still on your feet. I saw him mouth the words; “you’re a weeble” any idea what he meant by that?
    E: uhhh none
    Ed2962: Well it doen’t matter. You hang in there a bit longer, he’s bound to say something that’ll cost him the fight.
    E; I don’t wanna win that way. I’ll beat him fair and square.
    Ed2962: Hahahahahahahaha (cough, cough) hahahahahah. Good one E. Its always good to keep your sense about you even at their bleakest. Now you go out there and be like the li’l engine that could. We believe in you E. We all do
    Ed2962’s thoughts; (He’s A Dead Man Walking)

  11. Stamps says:

    Anybody else excited for HBO’s new show Boardwalk Empire? I’m diggin’ all the previews. I hope that they knock it out of the park with this one

  12. Bello says:

    Just got Agents of Atlas the complete series today in the mail can’t wait to read it. It’s funny on the top of each issue is the Dark Reign logo it’s going to be weird as hell reading a Dark Reign book so long after it’s over, but from what I remember it’ll def be worth it.

  13. phil says:

    round…4 ding

    (The 2 combatants stare each other down with an almost feral intensity Who will lash out 1st, who will blink, who will remain unsoiled? Let the answers be shown)

    Jose: Seriously, I’m waiting 4 u 2 throw ajoke out that involves the ReagleBegal
    E: Truck nuts…
    Jose: Shouldn’t u be in bed Grand Pa?
    E: (mumbles something about old TV shows)
    Jose: Stay tuned 4 a CCW after school special where e has no witty retorts for bullies so he just wets his bed & writes comics
    translator: Well this may be the beginning of the end,ppl Jose has delivered the equal of several vicious right hooks 2 E’s temple, an uppercut that lands flush, E lands 2 jabs square on Jose’s 4head, but because of the adrenaline coarsing thru Jose’s veins he barely feels them. In turn Jose countes w/ punishing body blows that even w/ E’s voluminous he has a hard time asorbing.
    Various Audience members: {somebody stop this, its a massacre} {will somebody plz throw in the towel, I mean 4 God’s sake} {let ’em keep goin, I want my money’s worth}
    Jose: And one more thing, the hi-lite of your so-called E-con was Greg’s Land & Horn watching porn and trading tracing tips …U 2 can be an artist was the panel, and the lo-lite was E’s How I Broke Into Comics or How I love Playing My Rusty Trombone?
    Translator: there’s not even a need 2 describe the carnage. Basically E’s essentially a punching bag, but God bless him, he’s still on his feet.
    NoahTahl: Ref Deemar catches the towel that Ed2962 has been wanting 2 throw in since round one. It’s over everyone, finally we can all exhale. I’ll be back with the two colleagues / adversaries when we return.

  14. Pobra says:

    damn this song is great 🙂

  15. tomstewdevine says:

    I just started Superman Batman Apocalypse, I will let you guys know how it goes. I does have Kevin Conroy and Tim Daly so at least the voice acting should be good.

    • I’ve been impressed with DC’s animated movies overall. Be sure to let us know what you thought of it. What did you guys think of Under the Red Hood?

      • Edward2962 says:

        I just saw it recently. It was good. It was alot better than I thought it would be.

      • tomstewdevine says:

        Very disappointed, I thought Under the Red Hood was good (I did have some issues with it, like the CGI inserted vehicles, and some of the voice acting), this movie not so much. Very Generic plot, I should have seen this since it’s based on the comic by Loeb.

        Under the Red Hood’s ending was one of the best in any comic book movie, live action or not. I’m supprised WB and DC let it have such a grim tone and ending.

        • kurumais says:

          i just saw it last week great action all 3 batboys looked good
          fell apart at times
          black mask came across as a complete and utter moron didnt by him running all of gotham for a second
          gcpd were useless and pointless in their one scene

          jason’s at the end about forgiveness and the joker was excellent
          you could definitely tell jason todd is winnick’s pet character

          but not bad

  16. Jose I have a question for you: I’m interested in reading Morning Glories but at my LCS they were charging $30 for a first printing of issue#1!!! Is Morning Glories selling like that elsewhere?

  17. megamanx4ever says:

    What do you get when you ask the Metal Gear Solid creative team to make a Mech Game? One of the best mech games ever made!

  18. TheRichestManinTown says:

    Halo: Reach is the most boring game I’ve played in a long time. What do people see in this series? It’s terrible. The entire experience is underwhelming. Story and music is non-existent. Game play is just weak.

    • megamanx4ever says:

      Yeah I dont know why people still like Halo because when I played Halo 3 I thought it was okay, but everyone was like: OMG BEST FPS GAME EVAH, EVEN THOUGH I HAVENT PLAYED ANY OTHER SHOOTERS! and people still say Halo is one of the best games ever made which annoys the hell out of me constantly.

      • TheRichestManinTown says:

        What is worse is Halo fanboys have the nerve to say Call of Duty is ruining FPS but if anything MW2 was the best console shooter ever made. They get everything so right it makes Halo unplayable.

  19. Thank god this fucking piece of shit week is over.

    FYI. No new CCW videos for the second week in a row thanks to Elliott. I am seriously looking into moving on from CCW so I don’t have to put up with this bullshit anymore. Have fun hanging out on a blog that has no new posts because he is to busy with his own self important shit to give you anything new.


  20. phil says:

    Terror at Twitterdome: the afterparty
    Where all the ccw all-stars hang out 2 talk about the nights’ events
    As usual, NoahTahl is your roaming reporter and inteviewer

    NoahTahl: I’m here with ref Deemar. Hey Deemar, you’re looking pretty snazzy 2nite..
    Deemar: Heh…Every night, day too 4 that matter
    NoahTall: Well there’s some ppl looking 2 get u excommunicated from full contact insulting altogether. Your thoughts?
    Deemar: F them foos. When I’m in the ring, that’s my ring. There4 my rules, capice?
    NoahTahl: Yeah but…
    Deemar: But, my @$$. Look foo….if u don’t have any better questions…
    NoahTahl: What about when even the fans were calling 4 u 2 stop this……travesty
    Deemar Ok foo u startin’ 2 wear on my nerves. Like I said “my ring” They’re just lucky we didn’t go with UFC rules like I wanted. Sure…I woulda had 2 do my funnies somewhere else, but u know, sometimes u gotta sacrifice, break a few eggs…ya got me?
    NoahTahl:uhhh, not really, Oh hey look who’s walking past its the promoter, Insideman

    Insideman: Hey howzit goin buddy. U gotta event u want me 2 promote?
    NoahTakl: haha,,no not at this time,sir. Anyway I was wondering…how did u think things went 2nite.
    Insideman: I gotta say that it didn’t live up 2 expectations. At least not from a promoterss P.O.V. Four rounds? Four? C’mon time is money and Jose knows damn well that he could have propped E up 4 the distance. Had he done so….CHA….CHING. The longer it goes the longer the affiliates are shedding out the the cashola and everybody’s happy or at least I am.

    NoahTahl: As a spectator, did u find this historic exchange satisfying?
    Micah: Hardly!! Of any two guys that I would want to see heavy perspiration from, Micheline Manjr. and angry Spock weren’t the two. I kept trying 2 picture Twin Goldbergs but I would open my eyes and reality would set back in

    NoahTahl: Ah VariantGirl, I see u’ve come out of seclusion 4 the festivities
    VariantGirl: Yeah…I didn’t want 2 see anything bad happen 2 either of my boys and 2 tell the truth I don’t know what the Hell the ref was thinking 4 letting this contest go on 4 long as it did
    (A scream from across the room shouts “I had the itus”)….sounded like Deemar

    NoahTahl: Ah Mr. Melendez, u don’t look the worse 4 wear….all things conside….
    Jose: Did u see my oppponent? The only thing hurtin’ on me is my pride. The fact that I let it go as long as I did, somewhere in the deepest recesses of my mind I musta really not wanted 2 hurt the weeble as badly as I thought I did
    NoahTahl: You know, I heard u mention weeble before, what is that, exactly?
    Jose: Here, lemme show u

  21. philbyday says:

    Terror at the Twitterdome concludes

    Noah Tahl: I’m here with both Edward2962 and IronMuskrat; the corner men respectively of Elliot Serrano and Jose Melendez. Gentlemen what was that night like 4 the both of u?
    IronMuskrat: Well 4 me noah…it was really taxing. Jose could have demolished E any time that he wanted 2, but he wanted 2 punish him and while I don’t mind the fiendishness of that mindset, u’re allowing your opponent the oppurtunity the time 2 get lucky on ya.
    NoahTahl: And Ed what of u?
    Ed2962: Well I think I.M. might be stretching things a little; as I see it. E showed resovoirs of steadfastness and heart that I think even his opponent would have 2 concur Althogh…yeah, I knew E wasn’t gonna win. I mean c’mon!
    NoahTahl: Now 4 the man that wanted 2 call this event after himself Elliot how r u?
    Elliot: Much like Mr. Serrano, I’m nursin’ one Hellacious hangover
    NoahTahl: Now E as I look at u…your eyes r glassy, u can barely stand erect and the straw that u’ve been slurping on has missed your mouth 3 times in the last 10 minutes
    E: What? I can still go on 4 another 8 rounds ( 30 seconds after comment, E collapses into a pool of his own drool, but not b4 he utters these crazy words “I wanna rematch

  22. TheMSpot says:

    I wish Marvel would lower their prices, but that is wishful thinking. There is no reason for a one-shot or a throw away 4 issue mini to be 4 dollars a issue. Regardless of how much I like the character, writer, or artist.

  23. Mike F says:

    This is late, but –

    I finally got around to playing FLOWER. I must say, this was utterly beautiful. I’m so impressed that in an age of mindless shooters and countless fighters, stands a game about a journey thru nature. As the player relaxes, they encounter such simplistic delights. To any PS3 Owner, without it, this is a game to consider. To non-PS3 owners, its just another reason to be one. And to those with the game, I’d say its time to play it again.


  24. Deemar says:

    Dead as a door knob up in here!

  25. megamanx4ever says:

    I have succumbed to the dark side of twitter. Add me. 🙂

    • Pobra says:

      i wish i understood what exactly twitter is supposed to be… then i might join, but probably not. i just don’t get it, people post random thoughts about random things and if you like it you follow them or get into heated debates about these random things? whatevs. 🙂

  26. Pobra says:

    So, have mom and dad officially abandoned us? I know they haven’t been getting along too well lately, but i figured one of them would assume custody of us… mom’s always been a bit flighty, but you can usually count on dad to bee hanging around the blog, chatting and putting up new posts… i miss dad. 😦

  27. generaldark says:

    gettin pretty pissed there is nothin new comin from CCW lately 😦

  28. Mr.Wrestling says:

    hey guys, I have a weird request for the CCW nation. Does anyone know where I could find a history textbook online. Im trying to help someone with their American Politics work for college buy I dont have the text book. So i would appreciate it if anyone could help.

    Or if anyone knows anything about the evolution of American Elites throughout history.


  29. TheMSpot says:

    I just saw DC’s solicitations for December both Batman, Inc. and Batman: The Dark Knight are 3.99, fuck that.

  30. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting pretty sick of slow open threads here. WHERE IS EVERYONE?!?

    Did anyone see the number of Bat-books coming out in December? Holy crap… talk about running something into the ground. Although Batman books always sell, so DC has to make a million bat-books right? I suppose I shouldn’t bad-mouth the glut of Batman books since I plan to buy Detective Comics + Batman and Robin once the new creative teams take over, but still… sheesh!

  31. ed2962 says:

    I am totally copying our man Phil, I have a Word press blog now. Hopefully I won’t embaras myself with this one
    And yes, the companies are trying to gouge us.

  32. Edward2962 says:

    These damn computers…anyway, my new blog is at wordpress.
    Lemme know what you think!

  33. kurumais says:

    i am watching THE EVENT its annoying #$^$ out of me with all its slick little non linear story cuts i think it might be too clever for it own good

  34. Deemar says:

    Sup foos!

    Been busy everythings fine I’m here.

    Where the flartKnot is Mellow Mondays?

  35. Deemar says:

    Nice new avy Mega it fits ofcourse

  36. Heck says:

    I wish this song could just play all day long. Since I’m a year older today and what not.

  37. Insideman says:

    Hey everybody.

    Got LOTS of crazy stuff going on at

    Some hilarious new vids that I’ll be adding almost daily… Several found by Mr. Jose Melendez himself.

    One vid about Sailor Moon that might be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    Please come on over and comment!

  38. Pobra says:

    what the fuck, is Jose dead?? or just too busy twitting it up?
    i’ll feel pretty bad if he IS dead.

  39. Mike F says:

    Jose, where you been man? I hope your doing well bro. We all miss you here on the blog!

  40. agent42q says:

    Because CCW hasn’t talked about it yet…
    A take on the whole Zuda/ Wildstorm thing.

  41. kurumais says:

    gugu mbatha raw is breathtaking

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