Mellow Monday

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Mellow Monday, Music
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  1. Mike F says:

    My Monday is already bad.

    I’m so tired right now and yet I can’t sleep. So much on my mind… a bitter contradiction no doubt.

  2. Mike F says:

    Good tunes!

    Lately, I’ve been liking this guy as well…

  3. kurumais says:

    welcomeback mellow mondat

  4. IronMuskrat says:

    Mellow Monday.. A sign my life may be returning to normal..

    Thanks Jose!

  5. ed2962 says:

    Alright,woo! What? Whadda ya mean it’s corny? C’mon, listen to that guitar line. that like Johnny Mars from the Smiths! An the melody could be from My Aim is True from Elvis Costello…

    Ok,’s a bubble gum pop song ,but it’s still great.

  6. Insideman says:

    Nuff Said. Glad to have you back, brother!

  7. Angelo2106 says:

    Had to post this after I watched it

  8. Pobra says:

    hey Jose, good to have you back in good form and to see the blog back to form as well. I think we all really appreciate what you and Elliott do for us here (if you and E are cool with each other again, that is), so thanks, this one’s for you!

  9. Deemar says:

    Mellow Mondays is Biz-Ack!

  10. Pobra says:

    been meaning to post this one for a while, such a great performance, nice shirt too 😉

  11. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    Big News:

    Bob Harras Named DC Editor in Chief.

    No it isnt April 1st & I’m not kidding.


  12. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    Harras is in effect group editor & reports to Lee & Didio.


  13. MicahSkin says:

    My favorite next to Legend 2

  14. kurumais says:

    till in a mellow mood and feeling kind sundays

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