Comics Shipping Wednesday September 29th, 2010

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Comics Shipping


Action #893
Detective Comics #869
First Wave #4
Gotham City Sirens #16
Green Arrow #4
Justice Society of America #43
Star Spangled War Stories #1
Teen Titans #87
Time Masters Vanishing Point #3
Wonder Woman #603

Wetworks Mutations #1

Amazing Spider-Man #644
Atlas #5
Avengers Prime #3
Captain America #610
Captain America Patriot #2
Casanova #3
Franken-Castle #21
Heroic Age One Month To Live #5
Namor First Mutant #2
Powers #6
Secret Warriors #20
Shadowland Daughters of Shadow #1 (2nd Print)
Valkyrie #1
X-Men Curse of Mutants X-Men Vs Vampires #1
X-Men Forever 2 #8
X-Men Legacy #240

5 Days to Die #5
Angel #37
Artifacts #2 
Bullet to the Head #4
Captain Action Season Two #2
Chew #14
Crossed Family Values #4
Darkness Four Horsemen #2
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Dust to Dust #5 
Dragon Age #5
Driver for the Dead #2
Eternal Descent #4
GI Joe Cobra Special #2
GI Joe Hearts and Minds #5 
Gold Digger #121
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Neverland #5
Image Firsts Godland #1
Kevin Smiths Kato #4
Knights of the Dinner Table #166
Last Unicorn #4
Machete #0
Next Gen Warz #1
Okko Cycle of Air #3
Pilot Season the Asset #1
Queen Sonja #10
Robert Jordans Wheel of Time Eye of the World #5
Savage Dragon #164
Sinbad #12
Star Wars Blood Ties Tale of Jango and Boba Fett #2
Star Wars Invasion Rescues #4
Stuff of Legend the Jungle #2
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #64
Terminator 1984 #1
Torchwood #3 
Transformers Sector 7 #1

Batman Brave and the Bold #21
Betty #188
Cars Adventures of Tow Mater #3
Futurama Comics #51
Pals N Gals Double Digest #145
The Incredibles #14
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #711

Abiding Perdition
Absolute Promethea Vol 2 HC
Allen Ginsberg Howl
American Vampire Vol 1 HC
Archie Marries 70 Years in the Making HC
Army of Two Vol 1
Barney Google HC
Carmine Infantino Penciler Provocateur
Daredevil Echo Vision Quest HC
Diana Gabaldon Outlander Vol 1 Exile
Doctor Solar Man Of The Atom Vol 1
Eerie Archives Vol 4 HC
Farscape Scorpius
Flash Chronicles Vol 2
Franklin Richards Son of Genius Ultimate Collection 
Hatter M the Looking Glass Wars Vol 3 HC
Heralds HC
Hope Virus
Iron Man 2 Public Identity
Lobo Highway To Hell
Mad Greatest Artist Sergio Aragones HC
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Amazing Digest
Marvel Avengers Ultimate Character Guide HC
Occult Files Doctor Spektor Archives Vol 1 HC
Punisher Noir
Queen Sonja Vol 1
Resurrection Vol 2
RiP MD Monster Doctor
Sandman Dream Hunters
Showcase Presents Legion of Super Heroes Vol 4
Tomb of Dracula Vol 2
Ultimate Comics Iron Man Armor Wars
Ultimate X-Men Ultimate Collection Vol 4
X-Men Second Coming HC
Yin Yang
Yours Truly Jack The Ripper
Zombie Handbook For the Newly Undead

Black Gate Vol 1
Chibi Vampire Novel Vol 7
Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol 8
Deadman Wonderland Vol 3
Demon Sacred Vol 1-2
Fairy Tail Vol 12
Fate Stay Night Vol 9
Gakun Alice Vol 13
Hetalia Axis Powers Vol 1
In the Walnut Vol 2
Maid Sama Vol 6
Neko Ramen Vol 2
Oh My Goddess RTL Vol 36
Pet Shop Of Horrors Vol 7
Warcraft Shaman

  1. wheres the beef ? and what are your thoughts on nemesis # 3 by millar and mcNiven .

    also if your interested please give my web comic a look see and honestly tell me what you think (if you want to talk about it on you tube then do it , but if you want to talk about this wonderful blog then do so ..)

    hope you like what what you see then comment on my web comic on

    OK the link is here :

    and one more question when are ever going to review or even rant about web comics ? just a thought that’s all .

    love what you guys do on you-tube its great and keep on ranting and raving about what marvel is doing right now to its reader ship (i was thinking about working for marvel but thanks to your reviews I am kinda reconsidering my former career goal even DC comics to a degree ) but for now I am going to stick to web comics and possibly self publishing (via print ) soon . but other than that I love what you guys do and I hope you guys keep on telling it like it is about all comic companies in the industry .

    from Jeffrey brown +Ink
    please comment on my web comic/blog .

  2. thanks for the add , look at it when ever you can , no rush I know you guys are fairly busy with this blog and the you tube and all . plus I am starting to get into your Sunday funnies to . just read your one with Steven segal and I tell ya it was funny as hell ! 🙂

  3. kurumais says:

    have you seen the preview for next gen wars? echi to the max

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