Okay folks, Elliott here with an update on the new episode situation. Jose and I recorded new segments on Sunday I was hoping to get a new episode up by now, but alas, my tech is not cooperating. I just got a new laptop to help make producing the vids a little easier, but now the newer version of Windows Movie Maker isn’t accepting the codex on the video files after I convert them from Quicktime. I DO have Sony Vegas Movie Studio, but that program is a bit more complex than what I’ve been using so the learning curve is a little steep. Anyhoo, I’m trying to get these episodes done by the weekend one way or another. So there you have it.

Carry on, E.

  1. Deemar says:

    Elliot I have complete confidence that you’ll FUBAR this so carry on.


  2. no prob elliot whenever you can it’ll be grand thanks for the update E

  3. James Collinge says:

    My guess as to what really happened is that E and J cloned themselves so that they could double their workload and in the ensuing argument over which pair was the original – both groups killed each other. That’s my take on the situation and I’m sticking to it.

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