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I know everybody has noticed the serious lack of new posts around here lately. There are some very good reasons why.

Please allow me to explain:

Here’s the 1st PIECE of BIG NEWS:

This will be my last regular post here on the CCW Blog. I have enjoyed my time here immensely and have learned quite a lot from Elliott as to how this whole blogging thing works. I have also made a LOT of new friends here. The fact the you guys continue to comment here even in my absence means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate it.

One of the reasons this will be my last regular post here: I have been wanting to EXPAND THE SCOPE of the topics I write about. I also have a driving urge to create something COMPLETELY NEW from the ground up.

Here’s the 2nd PIECE of BIG NEWS:

As of tonight, you can find me over at my NEW BLOG. It’s a cool place that I will be co-running with someone you will all know. Every single one of my regular posts (Mellow Monday, Who’s Getting What, Capsule Reviews, Just Because, etc., etc.) will be up on the new blog– along with some BRAND NEW ones.

Please come on over to Inveterate Media Junkies at

Here’s the 3rd PIECE of BIG NEWS:

Besides starting this New Blog, I will also be recording a NEW WEEKLY PODCAST to complement it! Yes, you read that correctly. A WEEKLY PODCAST. This is something that I know a lot of you have been asking for and it is here, for better or worse!

Here’s the 4th PIECE of BIG NEWS:

On top of the WEEKLY PODCAST, we will also be holding a LIVE, INTERACTIVE BLOGCAST at least once a month!

We will be having all kinds of Contests, Giveaways and Special Guests on both the Inveterate Media Junkies Blog and the PODCAST.

The first contest will be announced on the blog in the next couple of days. Here’s a hint: If you are a fan of American Vampire and/or Scott Snyder you will be very interested in our upcoming prizes.

Here’s the 5th PIECE of BIG NEWS:

We all know what the big question is…”What about the videos?” CCW*TV videos are NOT going anywhere! Elliott and I will continue to record videos when time allows and schedules permit. In fact, we taped an HOURS WORTH of new stuff today.

Of course all of this comes with Elliott’s blessing. The CCW Nation will never know how much his friendship means to me. Elliott is a class act through and through. I truly believe things will only get better from here!

Think about it! The regular columns and posts you like. Lots of NEW STUFF. A HUGE INCREASE in the amount of commentary available and even more chances to interact with me, your other friends on the Blogs and some all new people too!

IT’S THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT TO THE 10TH POWER. So come on over, the water’s fine. After all, I am just one bookmark away, right?

For those wondering what will become of the CCW blog: Elliott is working on a few things and as soon as he/we work out all the details there will be another cool announcement.

I really hope that the regular CCW viewers here will give MY NEW BLOG a chance. I am very excited for the promise the future brings and I hope you will be too.

All are welcome there. I really hope to see you all in the comment boards:

We will be calling it IMJ for short. Get it? After all, I am (still) Jose.

All the Best,


CCW Open Thread

Posted: October 20, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: October 18, 2010 in DC Comics, Image, Marvel

Looks like some decent comics are coming out this week and it’s about fucking time. Though Shadowland has been absolutely shitastic Daredevil has not been and I find that very odd since the same writer is doing both. The big book for me this week is Morning Glories #3 and if you didn’t already know that you really haven’t been paying attention. Anyway, here’s what I am buying on Wednesday:

Batman Beyond #5
Daredevil #511
Guarding the Globe #2
Morning Glories #3
Power Girl #17
X-Factor #210

This week sees the end of me buying 53 issues in a row of Green Lantern Corps. I love that book to death but DC has decided to put an ex-Top Cow house style hack on art chores and that is just too much for me to handle since I hate that fucking art style. Goodbye Green Lantern Corps, you were a good friend all these years. Maybe I’ll pick you up again when there is a fill in artist. I will miss you.

So, what are you all buying this week?


Azrael #13
Batman and Robin #15
Batman Beyond #5
Brightest Day #12
Bruce Wayne the Road Home Catwoman #1
Bruce Wayne the Road Home Commissioner Gordon #1
DC Comics Presents Batman #1
DC Universe Legacies #6
DCU Halloween Special 2010
Green Lantern Corps #53
Justice League of America #50
Legion of Super-Heroes #6
Power Girl #17
Ragman Suit of Souls #1
Spirit #7
Supergirl #57
Superman Batman #77

DMZ #58
Fables #99
Hellblazer #272
Vertigo Resurrected #1

DV8 Gods & Monsters #7
Gen 13 #38
Ides of Blood #3
Ratchet and Clank #2 (of 6)
X-Files 30 Days of Night #4

Carnage #1
Chaos War #2
Daken Dark Wolverine #1 (2nd Print)
Daredevil #510 (2nd Print)
Daredevil #511
Deadpool #28
Halo Fall of Reach Boot Camp #2
Hulk #26
Kick-Ass 2 #1
Loki #1
New Mutants #18
Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Update #4
PunisherMax Tiny Ugly World #1
Shadowland Power Man #3
Steve Rogers Super Soldier #4
Tales of the Dragon Guard Into Veil #2
The Stand Hardcases #4
Thor First Thunder #2
Ultimate Comics New Ultimates #4
X-23 #2
X-Factor #210
X-Men #3 (2nd Print)

Amory Wars Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 #5
Boys Highland Laddie #3
Calling Cthulhu Chronicles #4
Conan the Cimmerian #24
Doctor Solar Man of the Atom #3
Doctor Who #16
Farscape #12
Ghostbusters Holiday Special What in Samhain Just Happened ?
GI Joe A Real American Hero #159
Green Hornet Parallel Lives #4
Green Hornet Year One #6
Guarding the Globe #2
Haunt #10
Image Firsts Mage #1 ($1.00)
James Pattersons Murder of King Tut #5
John Moore Presents Dead Soldier #2
Knights of the Dinner Table #167
Knights of the Dinner Table Black Hands 2010 #1
Last Unicorn #5
Logans Run #4
Morning Glories #1 (4th Print)
Morning Glories #3
Night of the Living Dead #1
Pilot Season 7 Days from Hell #1
Sixth Gun #5
Skullkickers #2
Soulfire Volume Two #8
Stan Lee Soldier Zero #1 
Star Trek Captains Log Jellico #1
Stargate Vala Mal Doran #4
Thousand Arts #1
Transformers Drift #4
True Blood #4
Turf #3
Vincent Price Presents #21
Vincent Price Presents #22
Walking Dead #78
William Shatner Presents Tek War #8
William Shatner Quest for Tomorrow #1

Archie #614
Betty & Veronica Double Digest #185
Darkwing Duck #5 
Donald Duck And Friends #359
Muppet Show #11
Simpsons Comics #171
Tiny Titans #33

Astro City The Dark Age Book 2 Brothers in Arms HC
Darkstalkers Red Earth Vol 1
Dragon Puncher Book 1 HC
Final Crisis Legion of Three Worlds
Girasol Pulp Doubles The Spider Vol 17
Green Hornet Chronicles
Hardy Boys New Case Files Vol 1
Heart Transplant HC
Hellblazer India
Horror the Horror Comics Government Didn’t Want You to Read
Hulk Vol 5 Fall Of The Hulks
Hulk Vol 6 World War Hulks HC
James Bond Book of Bond Girls
James Bond Book of Bond Villains
Johnny Boo Vol 4 Mean Little Boy HC
Justice League America When Worlds Collide
Kevin Smith Green Hornet Vol 1 Sins Of Thy Father
Luthor HC
Marvel Her-oes
Marvel Zombies 5 HC
Megamind Movie Prequel
MMW Mighty Thor Vol 9 HC
Saga of Rex TPB
Spider-Man Grim Hunt Premiere HC
Superman Archives Vol 8
Thor Vs Hercules
Ultimate Comics Avengers Crime & Punishment HC
Victorian Undead
X-Factor Vol 9 Invisible Woman Has Vanished
X-Men Forever Vol 5 Once More Into the Breach
Y-The-Last Man Deluxe Edition Vol 4 HC 

Cardcaptor Sukura DH Omnibus Vol 1
Naoki Urasawa’s 20th Century Boys Vol 11