CCW Nation’s Comic Picks of the Week

Posted: October 2, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Nation's Comic of the Week

You all know what this post is about, right? Just talk about your favorite comic releases of the week in the comment section below. Please do not give out any spoilers though. That would just be rude.

Since it was a crappy ship week feel free to talk about last week’s books as well.


  1. kurumais says:

    for the past few years or so jeff parker has been writing the standard bearer for great super hero comics and it was the agents of atlas. an exciting, fun, smart and heroic book that took some of the craziest and comic booky ideas like old school robots, talking dragons, and gorilla men not only made them seem entertaining but actually reasonable inside the context of the marvel universe. many of the elements of the this book could have fallen very very flat, but instead became strengths. this week he brought this amazing comic to a close the same way he wrote the series with fun, smarts and class. while im very sad to see my favorite book end im glad the creative had a chance to end it on their terms.
    atlas number 5 is my pick of the week

  2. hackslash2020 says:

    I read X-Men Second Coming HC. I still gotta read my weekly dose of floppies.
    Gotta say about the X-Men book: The story/battle was intense.
    Especially because a lot of characters die or lose limps.
    One character in particular, that I have been following since Giant Size X-Men 1 (1975) dies and I dont even care. Its not that I dont have a heart. I think its a flaw in storytelling.
    What bugged me the most storywise was that Beast and Storm found out about the “killing” X-Force lead by Wolvie and Cyclops. They rant for pages about how morally wrong that is. Its like watching an episode of Bob Saget and the Olsen Twins or the Cosbys.
    Artwise, there where like 5, 6 artists doing a decent job. (not amazing). Greg Land stood out(in a bad way). His slick style suits the book, but its the facial expressions of the characters that draws me out of the story.

  3. tomstewdevine says:

    Atlas is my pick of the week, Parker was able to fit a whole lot into one last issue. As soon as I opened up the two page spread of just words I was happy to see Parker do different things with storytelling, and it worked great.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      And for last week, Fables was definitely the best book. Rose is back and she’s not taking shit from anybody, something that has been a long time coming. Totenkinder is ready to dominate some darkness and has never looked better, I’m so interested in how this battle will play out. Every time a new Fables comes out it reminds me that Buckingham is one of the best in the business, his people (and animals) just look iconic and expertly handled. This issue has me very excited to see what’s to come in issue #99, and then in the 100 page issue #100.

  4. Pobra says:

    Chew #14
    best issue of Chew in a while, imo. This is just fun comics. end of review. 😉

  5. Bello says:

    I had to say it’s a tie between Atlas 5 and Action Comics 893. Both books were very smart and as bad as it is to see Atlas end it ended brillantly the characters have really grown through Parkers writing something nice to see in comics and we rarely get to see that especially in a marvel book good job Parker.

    • James Collinge says:

      I can’t imagine that this will be the end of Atlas. In the way that Elliott mentioned in the videoblogs that people were going to look back upon Rucka and Williams run on Batwoman as under appreciated, I could imagine those same Comic Historians trying to work out why nobody paid any attention to the Atlas books. Here’s to the inevitable reboot of Atlas (which will also probably see cancellation, hopefully Atlas won’t become the new Doom Patrol in this regard).

  6. megamanx4ever says:

    A tie this week between Savage Dragon 164 and Action Comics 893, both of these books remind me why I love reading comics in the first place.

  7. tomstewdevine says:

    Did anybody have a couple of pages in there atlas book look like it was really pixel-e. It almost looked like it was scanned with a shitty scanner, it kind of took me out of the story, but that was the issues only downside. I was just wondering if it was like that in all the books.

  8. Mike F says:

    I can’t remember what I liked. I think everything I bought was fucking shit.

    PAUL CORNELL, JMS, JT KRUL, all disappointed me man.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      I didn’t make it my pick of the week but I thought Action Comics was a ridiculous amount of fun. When you have rooms full of brains readily available for Grodd to feast on; When you can make jokes about a spoon and it works; When you have your main character flirting with robots; You have your self a damn fun comic. But to each there own, it definitely isn’t for everybody but I sure liked it.

  9. generaldark says:

    morning glories so far is epic. i LOVE it so far

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