Deemar’s Sunday Funnies: Bonus Funny (or the one that Deemar wanted me to post instead)

Posted: October 10, 2010 in CCW Nation, Humor
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Click on the cartoon to read this FULL SIZE before Deemar dies in a bizarre gardening accident. An accident that I had nothing to do with. E.

  1. DeemarCCW says:


    Why I never… 🙂

    Hey you got me to thinking about the Belchel test E, so I’m going to be adding more female characters to the Sunday Funnies. (Cherry Berry) is the first among many.

    Master Rice Racist!?

    well maybe a little, although the CCWnation haven’t met Master Rice’s top pupil yet. Now that’s racist!


  2. DeemarCCW says:

    Notice to the CCWNation!

    If I’m not here Monday, please notify the police that Elliot is the prime suspect in my “accident/homocide”


  3. TheMSpot says:

    Holy Shit Folks, another CCW*TV podcast is starting soon!

  4. Heck says:

    Enjoyment! 😀

  5. zorba_of_the_morningstar says:

    How do I share/upload a picture of myself doing a Jose face. The, ‘I’m waiting Eternity for Elliot to suck the life out of the show and just end it 5 minutes ago face’ Disgust and Distain Boiled down to Boredom .

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