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Whole lotta stuff coming out this week but it seems that most of it is not for me. I hope all of you Bat-fans out there have some extra money lying around because you are going to need it. Nice of DC to drop all of those books in one week. Kind of a dick move if you ask me. Here will be the few things I will be picking up this Wednesday:

Gantz Vol 13
Hack Slash Annual 2010
Hellblazer: City of Demons #1
MGS Peace Walker Snake Play Arts Kai Action Figure
The Unwritten #18

3 indie comics, a manga trade and an action figure. Maybe Marvel and DC proper should start putting out some decent comics. It would be a plus if they didn’t cost $3.99 too.

What are you getting this week?



Adventure Comics #519
Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #5
Booster Gold #37
Bruce Wayne the Road Home Batgirl #1
Bruce Wayne the Road Home Batman & Robin #1
Bruce Wayne the Road Home Outsiders #1
Bruce Wayne the Road Home Red Robin #1
DC Comics Presents Batman Catwoman #1
DC Comics Presents Brightest Day #1
Doc Savage #7
Green Lantern #58
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #3
House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2
Jonah Hex #60
Justice League Generation Lost #11
Justice Society Of America 80 Page Giant 2010
Knight & Squire #1
Mighty Crusaders #4
Outsiders #33
Superman #703
Titans #28
Untold Tales of Blackest Night #1

John Constantine Hellblazer City of Demons #1
Northlanders #33
Unwritten #18

Victorian Undead Special #1
Welcome to Tranquility One Foot in the Grave #4

Amazing Spider-Man #645
Amazing Spider-Man Presents Black Cat #4
Casanova #4
Daken Dark Wolverine #2
Deadpool Corps #7
I Am An Avenger #2
Incredible Hulks #614
Invaders Now #2
Invincible Iron Man #31
Iron Man by Design #1
Iron Man Titanium #1
New Avengers #5
Orson Scott Cards Ender In Exile #5
Scarlet #2 (2nd Print)
Shadowland #1 (4th Print)
Shadowland #2 (3rd Print)
Shadowland #4
Shadowland Blood On Street #3
Strange Tales II #1
Superior #1
Thanos Imperative #5
Thor #616
Thor Mighty Avenger #5
Tomb of Terror #1
Wolverine #1 (2nd Print)
X-Men #4 
X-Men Forever 2 #9

Airfighters #2
Angel VS Frankenstein II #1
BPRD Hell on Earth New World #3
Edge of Doom #1
Emily the Strange 13th Hour #4
Executive Assistant Iris #6
Farscape Scorpius #6
Fevre Dream #7
Frenemy Of The State #3
GI Joe Origins #20
Green Hornet #8 
Green Hornet Strikes #4
Hack Slash Annual 2010
Image Firsts Madman #1 ($1.00)
James Patterson Witch & Wizard #5
Jurassic Park Redemption #4
Last Phantom #2
Locke & Key Keys to the Kingdom #2
Locke & Key Keys to the Kingdom #2 incentive cover
Magnus Robot Fighter #2
Motel Hell #1
Phoenix without Ashes #3
Pilot Season Forever #1
Pocket God #1
Red Sonja #52
Skullkickers #1 (2nd Print)
Spike #1
Star Trek Khan Ruling in Hell #1
Star Wars Knight Errant Aflame #1 
Sweets #3
Terry Moore’s Echo #25
Tick Edlund Epic #5
Tick Edlund Epic #6
Top Cow Bible Addendum #1
Transformers ON-Going #12
Turok Son of Stone #1
Warlord of Mars #1 

Archie & Friends #148
Comic Book Guy the Comic Book #4
Muppet Sherlock Holmes #2
Sonic Universe #21
Super Hero Squad #10
Super Heroes #7
Tiny Titans Little Archie #1
Toy Story Tales from the Toy Chest #1
Uncle Scrooge #396
World of Archie Double Digest #1

7 Psychopaths
Adventures of Tom Sawyer Campfire
Adventures of Unemployed Man
Amy Devlin Mystery Vol 2 All Saints Day HC
Batman Life After Death HC
Bloom County Complete Library Vol 3 HC
Bryan Hitch Ultimate Comics Studio
Captain America Black Panther Flags our Fathers
Celadore Vol 1 (Zuda)
Conan Vol 9 Free Companions HC
Conan Vol 9 Free Companions SC
Deadpool Corps Vol 1 Pool-Pocalypse Now HC
Deadpool Vol 5 What Happened In Vegas HC
Dick Briefers Frankenstein HC
Dracula HC
Essential Ghost Rider Vol 4
G-Man Vol 2 Caped Crisis
GI Joe Special Missions Vol 2
Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 8
Guerillas Vol 1
Harvey Comics Classics Treasury Vol 2 Hot Stuff
Hellboy Vol 11 Masks And Monsters
Incredible Hulk Vol 2 Fall Of The Hulks
Invisible Man Campfire
Odd is on Our Side
Percy Jackson & Olympians Vol 1 Lightning Thief
Pulp History Devil Dog HC
Pulp History Shadow Knights
Sam & Twitch Writer
Sickness in the Family HC (Vertigo Crime)
Solomon Kane Vol 2 Deaths Black Riders
Thunderbolts Cage HC
Transformers Prime
Ultimate Comics Avengers Next Generation
Vampire Boy
Walking Dead Vol 6 HC
War Machine Classic Vol 1
Wednesday Conspiracy
Wolverine Weapon X Vol 3 Tomorrow Dies Today HC
Wonder Woman Contagion
X-Babies Classic Vol 1
X-Men Second Coming Revelations HC

Case Closed Vol 35
Gantz Vol 13

Being a big fan of both the Supernatural television show and anime in general I was somewhat excited to hear the news a few months ago that a Supernatural anime was being produced. Well, I should say I was somewhat excited and baffled. Why Supernatural? And of all things why make it into an anime? Never once had it occurred to me to marry the horror genre television show with the artistic medium of anime. I am sure it never occurred to many of the show’s fans as well. I would like to know the person responsible for saying. “You know what would make an awesome anime? The TV show Supernatural. And no I am not fucking around. I mean, ya, I realize that I said the same thing about Gilmore Girls a while back but this time I am serious,” because I would seriously love to buy that person a beer or three.

Seeing Dean and Sam Winchester’s anime alter-ego’s in the trailer above at first was a bit of a laugh but as the trailer progressed the more it seemed to work for me. By making the live action show into an animated one it lifts the budget restraint concerns of live action and seems to allow the creator’s imaginations to not be caged. Add in the already strong narrative of the existing show to that and it looks like the anime could only be seen a positive improvement.

From what I have read about Supernatural: The Animation it’s 22 episodes will consist of retold stories from the original show as well as creating all new ones. It is rumored that the actors who portray the Winchester brothers, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, will lend their voices to a few episodes of the anime when it is brought over stateside.

I am looking forward to Supernatural a hell of a lot more than the Iron Man anime. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that seeing Jeph Loeb and Dan Buckley’s names in the opening credits made me throw up a little in my mouth. And just in case you are wondering, that is a common reaction for me. If you have no idea what I am talking about, or have yet to see it, I will post the vid down below.