Who’s Getting What This Week?

Posted: October 11, 2010 in Dark Horse, Image, Vertigo

Whole lotta stuff coming out this week but it seems that most of it is not for me. I hope all of you Bat-fans out there have some extra money lying around because you are going to need it. Nice of DC to drop all of those books in one week. Kind of a dick move if you ask me. Here will be the few things I will be picking up this Wednesday:

Gantz Vol 13
Hack Slash Annual 2010
Hellblazer: City of Demons #1
MGS Peace Walker Snake Play Arts Kai Action Figure
The Unwritten #18

3 indie comics, a manga trade and an action figure. Maybe Marvel and DC proper should start putting out some decent comics. It would be a plus if they didn’t cost $3.99 too.

What are you getting this week?


  1. megamanx4ever says:

    Damn way more comics than from last week. BTW that is a kick ass looking Solid Snake figure, how much is it.

    Adventure Comics #519
    Amazing Spider-Man #645
    Green Lantern #58
    Jonah Hex #60
    Superman #703
    Superior #1

  2. Mike F says:

    IDK about me, I wanna check out Return of Bruce Wayne 5 but I didn’t read the previous ones, So I feel like why bother…

    I wanna go for GANTZ 13 since 10-12 were FUCKING EPIC! Good too because I was beginning to question if GANTZ was gonna change or anything and it did and it got SO EPIC!

    Sadly NYCC got me kinda broke, so I might need to wait a bit…

  3. kurumais says:

    Thanos imperative
    Thor the mighty avenger
    Invinsible iron man
    Batman the road home
    -Red robin
    -Batman and robin
    Tiny titans archie
    Warlord of mars 1
    Marvel super heroes 7
    wow too many books

  4. Mike F says:

    haha! Ughhh can’t even tell its Jubilee -___-

  5. IronMuskrat says:

    Wow, if I was a Batman fan I would be having an orgasm right now, but since I’m not there is nothing really jumping out at me here.

    Hack/Slash Annual 2010
    Daytripper #10 if I can find it.
    DE:TALES Gabriel Bรก and Fรกbio Moon on Jose recommendation if I can find it.


  6. tomstewdevine says:

    Holy DC books BATMAN!

    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #5
    Booster Gold #37
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Batman & Robin #1
    House of Mystery Halloween Annual #2
    Jonah Hex #60
    Justice League Generation Lost #11
    Knight & Squire #1
    John Constantine Hellblazer City of Demons #1
    Unwritten #18
    Strange Tales II #1
    Thanos Imperative #5
    Thor Mighty Avenger #5
    BPRD Hell on Earth New World #3
    Sweets #3

    Such a huge week that I am thinking of trimming strange tails or Knight and Squire off the list, but I don’t want to.

  7. Bboyce109 says:

    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #5
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Batgirl #1
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Batman & Robin #1
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Outsiders #1
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Red Robin #1
    Green Lantern #58
    Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #3
    Justice League Generation Lost #11
    Justice Society Of America 80 Page Giant 2010
    Superman #703
    Untold Tales of Blackest Night #1

    Amazing Spider-Man #645
    I Am An Avenger #2
    Incredible Hulks #614
    Invaders Now #2
    Invincible Iron Man #31
    New Avengers #5
    Shadowland #4
    Superior #1
    Thanos Imperative #5

  8. Deemar says:

    Oh I’m gonna be outta town for a few days, hopefully I’ll have time to post, but if not fuck it.


  9. Heck says:

    Unwritten! Love that book. I guess I gotta wait for Vol. 3… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Superior looks gorgeous, but I can’t stomach Millar anymore. The only books I really enjoyed by him were Ult. 1&2 and American Jesus. In hindsight and after a second read through, American Jesus wasn’t all that good.

    Ultimates still holds up, but my gods, Millar hates the Wasp.

    • Insideman says:

      Heck, buy Superman: Red Son– You’ll love it… It says Millar wrote it but everybody (including Mark) knows Grant Morrison basically did.

      • Mike F says:

        I still believe Mark had a good say in that book. He was a different man in the 90’s. There’s no reason to believe he was a different writer then as well…

      • Heck says:

        I’ve been meaning to check that one out. It’s odd that I haven’t read it, being a big Superman fan. It’s worth the purchase?

        • IronMuskrat says:

          Red Son? Sure, if you only ever get one trade from Millar, this is the one to get. It really is a great book, even if your not a big fan of Superman.


      • i gave red son to a friend of mine who isn’t a comic reader in the slightest and he couldn’t believe how political and good red son was and if you want to get someone a good comic to show comics aren’t for kids definately red son and a superb story

      • Blanchard says:

        Was this the reason Morrison and Millar stopped collaborating?

      • Morlock50 says:

        I read Red Son and thought it was fucking terrible, personally. I still don’t get why everyone says it’s Millar’s best work. I’ll admit it’s probably his least offensive work, and the premise was interesting.

  10. Insideman says:

    This is another huge week in Hardcovers and Graphic Novels. 2 weeks ago it was the end of the month DUMP, last week the first of the month dump and now this. Thank goodness were only having a recession comic book companies!

    7 Psychopaths
    Adventures of Unemployed Man
    Amy Devlin Mystery Vol 2 All Saints Day HC
    Batman Life After Death HC
    Bloom County Complete Library Vol 3 HC
    Captain America Black Panther Flags our Fathers
    Celadore Vol 1 (Zuda)
    Conan Vol 9 Free Companions SC- Save a few Buck$
    Deadpool Corps Vol 1 Pool-Pocalypse Now HC
    Deadpool Vol 5 What Happened In Vegas HC
    Dracula HC
    Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 8
    Guerillas Vol 1
    Hellboy Vol 11 Masks And Monsters
    Odd is on Our Side
    Percy Jackson & Olympians Vol 1 Lightning Thief
    Pulp History Devil Dog HC
    Pulp History Shadow Knights
    Sam & Twitch Writer
    Sickness in the Family HC (Vertigo Crime)
    Solomon Kane Vol 2 Deaths Black Riders
    Thunderbolts Cage HC
    Vampire Boy
    Walking Dead Vol 6 HC
    Wednesday Conspiracy
    Wolverine Weapon X Vol 3 Tomorrow Dies Today HC
    Wonder Woman Contagion
    X-Men Second Coming Revelations HC

    Gantz Vol 13

    Over on my blog, I nicknamed Bryan Hitch Ultimate Comics Studio “Learn how PAD your stories with several UNNEEDED Splash Pages NOT requested by your writer!”

    I have some cool links to the a lot of the lesser known GNs and HCs… Plus a couple of beautiful pics of this weeks Christopher Reeve/Superman Bust and the Sinestro Bust: http://wp.me/pZr1Y-1oe

    • Blanchard says:

      I’m probably going to pick up Sickness in the Family. The Vertigo Crime imprint is one of the better things coming out of DC these days. Plus Denise Mina is a pretty solid writer (anyone remember her short run on Hellblazer?).

    • sai011 says:

      My backlist is something like this too.

  11. Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #5 (I call bullshit on this one)
    Amazing Spider-Man #645 (And Here we go again)
    Invaders Now #2 (Issue 1 dealt with a zombie virus in the Netherlands..that was cool)
    Invincible Iron Man #31 (Issue 500 here I come I say with mild enthousiasm)
    New Avengers #5 (Sadly..Just for the art)
    Strange Tales II #1 (Funny stuff)
    Superior #1 (Just too curious to pass on this one)
    Thanos Imperative #5 (Overall the Marvel space saga is pretty decent)
    Hack Slash Annual 2010 (Ofcourse)
    DE: Tales HC (If its almost as good as Daytipeer then I’m in for a treat).

  12. Zorba_of_the_Morningstar says:

    looking forward too Sook’s pulp Batman.
    Amazing #645 Waid/Azteca
    Turok Dinosaur Hunter (a VERY strong maybe)

  13. sai011 says:

    For me probaly just getting return of bruce wayne #5.

  14. generaldark says:

    return of bruce wayne
    JLGL eleven

  15. justice league generation lost 11 (good enough winick’s making fun every other week)
    invincible iron man 31 (in the new year they’re renumbering it to 500)
    knight and squire (don’t let me down cornell i have so much faith in you)

    might get superior if it’s any good next week and i’ll give it one chance millar!! if this is more bullshit so help me god!

    chances are he’ll get a film deal with it though

  16. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    SUPERMAN #703
    X-MEN FOREVER 2 #9
    SWEETS #3 (OF 5) (MR)


  17. Stamps says:

    I’m sure everyone is going to be shocked by my books this week ๐Ÿ˜› The Road Home Outsiders I’m not getting because I’ve never liked outsiders.

    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #5
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Batgirl #1
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Batman & Robin #1
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Red Robin #1
    Knight & Squire #1
    Unwritten #18
    Invincible Iron Man #31

  18. Bello says:

    Hey what’s up guys? This week I’ll be getting:
    Knight and Squire 1
    Thor 616

    Small week but I have high hopes for both these books. Last month’s Thor was fantastic I hope it continues this month. Also Paul Cornell’s writing Knight and Squire could this book have a small taste of Captain Britain and MI:13? Let’s hope so or at least it’s on par with his run on Action Comics. I’m willing to check out issue 1 since it is only $2.99

  19. SmokeyClocks says:

    small week for me
    asm 645
    return of bruce wayne 5
    shadowland 4

    might pick up a trade, up for suggestions if anyone has one

    • sai011 says:

      Even though I stop buying marvel comics years ago, The only thing I want from marvel Is the the Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe one-shot. Maybe some dark horse or image trades.

  20. TheMSpot says:

    I’ll bite the bullet and pick up Superior #1.
    Invaders Now #2 for Cage.

  21. Morlock50 says:

    DC Comics Presents Batman/Catwoman
    Green Lantern #58
    Superman #703

    Am I the only one here who likes the Grounded storyline in Supes? It seem like I am.

  22. vegedge says:

    bprd hell on earth 3

    amazing spiderman

    GLC emerald knights 3

    superman 703(fuck you jms. this is your last chance )

    return of bruce wayne.5
    roadhome batman and robin

    tiny titans(this comic is so good)

  23. Pobra says:

    Amazing Spider-Man #645
    Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #5
    Invincible Iron Man #31
    Shadowland #4
    Thor #616

    maybe: Strange Tales 2 #1 (isn’t this comic like $4.99?? ouch, might wait for it to hit the dollar bin)

  24. Mr.Wrestling says:

    Wow, So Bruce Wayne is still not back but were getting the aftermath of the miniseries already. Way to drop the ball DC. After all the delays I can;t say that I even care anymore about the Return of Bruce Wayne, and I definitely dont care about these lousy one shots.

    anyway, heres what I’ll be getting:

    Return of Bruce Wayne #5
    Knight & Squire #1
    Justice League: Generation Lost #11
    Thor #616
    Strange Tales #1

    and I may try to catch up on Irredeemable, I read the first trade awhile back and really enjoyed it but have never gotten around to checking out more of the series.

  25. Mike F says:

    IDK what’s wrong with me. I really wanna check out SUPERIOR… IDK it just seems like it might be decent. I LOVE Leinil Yu and the plot isn’t the worst to come from Mark. He was once a decent writer but IDK… after the wave of seeing BENDIS get good, is it possible?


  26. Insideman says:

    For anyone who may still not know– I saw Didio and Lee on vid from NYCC confirming what we discuseed all along:

    All the DC BACK UP features would be finished as mini-series, one-shots… Whatever. And the most popular ones will get their own series.

  27. Insideman says:

    I’ve got 11 BRAND NEW Hardcover and Graphic Novels reviews up on the Blog… Plus I call out the WORST Graphic Novel I have read in 50 to 10 YEARS!

    Love, Dislike or Indifference โ€“ Rating 11 Recent Hardcovers & Graphic Novels:


  28. The best thing about Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #5 is that Ryan Sook could only be bothered to draw half of the book. No wonder it’s late. Fucking hell…


  29. If you guys like Sean Murphy’s art on Joe the Barbarian you may want to pick up his new book Hellblazer: City of Demons #1 tomorrow.


  30. TheMSpot says:

    Shameless self promotion time, here’s me bitching about so many titles for some of my favorite characters: http://themspot1313.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/random-comic-book-thought-37/

  31. comicbookdude says:

    Here’s what I’ll be buying:

    -Knight & Squire#1 (Paul Cornell mini can’t go wrong)
    -Invincible Iron Man#31
    -Superior#1 (I must admit I’m curious about this the preview was decent and the art is GORGEOUS)

    • Mike F says:

      I KNOW RIGHT??? I’m so curious about SUPERIOR too, but his previous work proved he has no brain. So I can’t buy it. But I am definitely gonna flip thru it at the store.

  32. Mike F says:

    Anyone know if Green Lantern has picked up? I stopped after BN so I’m curious, Johns was definitely a decent writer in the past…

    • constantanius says:

      I like the current story arc involving Larfleeze and Hammond, it’s actually pretty funny, yet also kind of creepy.

  33. constantanius says:

    Adventure Comics #519
    Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #5
    Booster Gold #37
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Batgirl #1
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Batman & Robin #1
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Outsiders #1
    Bruce Wayne the Road Home Red Robin #1
    Green Lantern #58
    Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #3
    Justice League Generation Lost #11
    Justice Society Of America 80 Page Giant 2010
    Superman #703

    Invincible Iron Man #31
    Superior #1
    Thanos Imperative #5
    X-Men #4

    Hack Slash Annual 2010
    Gantz Vol 13

  34. 30daysofdarkness says:


    Green Lantern #58
    Emerald Warriors #3
    Knight & Squire #1
    Superman #703 (JMS sucks at writing Superman so far, if this book does not improve I will drop it)
    Mighty Crusaders #4

    Nothing else interest me this week.

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