CCW Nation’s Comic Picks of the Week

Posted: October 13, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Nation's Comic of the Week, Opinion

You all know what this post is about, right? Just talk about your favorite comic releases of the week in the comment section below. Please do not give out any spoilers though. That would just be rude.

It’s going to be pretty tough to top Gantz Vol. 13 in my opinion but I still do have a couple of books in my stack that need reading so anything is possible. I also have yet to play with my Solid Snake. It’s still in the box in came in and is bigger than I thought it would be. Can’t wait to show it off.


  1. IronMuskrat says:

    OK, I will say it.. I actually enjoyed Mark Millar’s Superior, great art, sympathetic characters, and cool story without all of the over the top bullshit. A solid, old school story that makes me mad that Millar has spent the past few years writing for the lowest common denominator.

    Superior, however was not my favorite comic of the week, just the most surprising.


  2. Bello says:

    It’s tough for me to decide on what books that came out this week was the best of the week.
    This week I picked up:
    Knight and Squire 1
    Thor 616

    Both books were good I really liked Knight and Squire but I think I would’ve liked it more if the title was an ongoing book and not a mini-series because not a lot happened and although it had a lot of great twists and creative thinking in just one issue it’s hard to determine the direction the series is going to take.

    Thor was good, but I wish it would of picked up more momentum from the previous issue. So far the book is building towards what seems to be a huge conflict for the Asgardians to handle and the possible return of a character (not giving any spoilers).

    I also picked up a bundle of books from my comic shop which had the first 9 issues of Ultimate Comics Spider-man(the current series). So far I’ve read issues 1-6 and it’s fucking fantastic I’m really digging it when Bendis writes good books (Scarlet and now this) he’s really on point. So my pick of the week goes to ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN

    • Bello says:

      It’s funny when the guys at my shop recommended the Bundle one of the guys said to “Plus you can’t go wrong with Bendis all his books are so good” when he said that in my I just saw a huge sigh from Jose lol

  3. Deckel2 says:

    It felt like a sadly weak week for me this week (too many eeks now).
    I liked Knight & Squire #1, but it didn’t really have any wow factor for me, I’ll still get next issue but I’m kinda hoping it’ll do more then just introduce the DC british hero factions and how they work.

    But the pick of this week goes to…..
    B.P.R.D: Hell on Earth #3, If only for the fact that it had a most awesome car/were-panther/giant holy fuck thing chase. Honestly most fun i’ve had in weeks reading this scene.

  4. Stamps says:

    Knight and Squire was quite good.

    Overall though out of all the Road Home one shots the best one was Batgirl with Red Robin coming in at a close second. I didn’t like the Batman and Robin one much and I didn’t buy Outsiders.

  5. TheRichestManinTown says:

    Bruce Wayne is almost back and all the simples are coming together. Grant Morrison is actually inviting us all to solve the mystery in his story. CCW needs to have a Hyper Crisis show.

  6. kurumais says:

    i am not going to be able to pick up my books till next week so i am going with hercules love&war which i picked up at nycc

  7. Pobra says:

    Thor #616
    Not a lot actually happens in this issue in terms of moving the story forward, but what we do get are some great character moments, some laugh out loud funny dialog and the tension and suspense of a new threat that prepares to take on Thor and the gang. Not to mention, the absolutely gorgeous art from Mr. Ferry. The only downside is that this is a 3.99 book.
    As i’ve said before, i am not a Thor fan, but Fraction and Ferry are quickly turning me around. I just wish marvel would follow suit with DC and lower ALL of their on-going titles to 2.99. 😦

  8. 30daysofdarkness says:

    For me it’s a tie between Superior and Emerald Warriors # 3

    Oh and I dropping JMS Superman that books is just really bad.

  9. megamanx4ever says:

    I know im probably gonna catch a lot of shit, for saying this but, Superior is my pick of the week.

    • Mike F says:

      Don’t feel bad. I read it at the shop and felt it wasn’t half bad actually. but I already predicate what’ll happen later and I know its gonna get bad…

  10. Mike F says:

    Superman FINALLY had some interest for me.

    Superior wasn’t Mark’s WORST comic (but that’s saying alot when you think about shit like WANTED)

    I already GANTZ will be my lead. The current chapter is just too good…

  11. Mike F says:

    Grant Morrison once again MINDFUCKS us with Batman, I’m getting sick of it, but I LOVED the 50’s styled noir in the start of the issue. That was pretty nice.

  12. 1. Invincible Iron Man 31
    2. Image Firsts: Madman Comics 1
    3. Hackslash Annual 2010
    4. Thanos Imperative 5
    5. Superior…

    Even better..

    Adam Strange by Andy Diggle (Deemar said it was good)
    Zero Killer GN
    Doctor Solar Man of the Atom Vol 1

  13. agent42q says:

    Booster Gold was the best this week. Come on Estrogina? Blue Beetle is a squirrel getting regurgitated by estrogina. Plus plot and words OMG words on every PANEL. Not the best book every but I had a blast reading it.

  14. Insideman says:

    Got a link to the Black Panther, Man Without Fear 5 Page Preview on my site. And I am happy to say that is seems every one of my FEARS have been addressed.

    Let’s hope they keep going this way:

  15. tomstewdevine says:

    I still have a couple of books to read but my pick of the week is Unwritten. If something is better I will come back and let you guys know, but I doubt it, because this series has me on my toes.

  16. Morlock50 says:

    Green Lantern #58. Awesome. The best DC monthly not written by Grant Morrison.

    Also, Superman #703 was very disappointing. Waste of my 2.99 after a couple of very good previous issues. I may have to drop this and Wonder Woman soon, especially since November looks like it’s going to be a big month. What happened to the JMS from Brave and the Bold? This is shit!

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