Posted: October 16, 2010 in CCW TV, Geek Culture, Last Rants, Opinion

  1. DidioForever says:

    Great video guys

    And I really hope Bendis sees this

    Personally, I’m in the “don’t want to know” camp when it comes to ‘investigative journalism’ in comics

    I’m remembering all that crap about Didio/JG/Jan Jones a couple of xmases ago and how much it made me feel sick. I just don’t want to know that crap. I just want to read a comic and enjoy it for it’s artistic merits…Comics have already become a sort of spectator sport as it is with the way we talk about creative teams and editorial “regimes” but when people start snooping around for dirt it becomes a fucking circus that can only distract from the thing we really love.

  2. IronMuskrat says:

    A very interesting topic Elliot and Jose, and I might add a topic that sort of transcends just comics books and extends to how information is controlled in the internet age.

    When I hear those quotes from Bendis, one thing comes to mind intermediately, Bendis doesn’t really want to hear what comic book fans think about his comics, it irritates him that people out there who are not ‘professional’ writers or reviewers are being allowed a place to criticize his work.

    When I read a statement about ‘knee-jerk, cut and paste reviews’ Bendis is really talking about the fans out there trying to voice their option on the internet. People who are not trying to do professional journalism or creating a hard hitting, investigative reports, just fans of comics who have the audacity throw their opinion of something up on the internet for everyone to see. The Horror! Sure people cut and paste statements in their blogs, because for most people out there who are writing blogs about comics, it’s an informal conversation with the internet at large, not for a publication or media outlet. The great unwashed masses running around on the internet like kids, with their shoes off, touching everything, upsetting the adults.

    In fairness to Bendis, he is not the only one out there expressing concern about he lack of ‘professionalism’ out there on the internet. Politicians, Hollywood, and large corporations all complain about anonymous bloggers out there running their mouths with no way to keep them in check. Personally I think it’s great that everyone gets to voice their opinion on the internet without interference from the people they are talking about.

    If Bendis wants to see more hard hitting, investigative articles on comics, don’t look to the the 16 years old kid who is writing a ‘cut and paste’ knee jerk review on his blog about his favorite Avengers book, go to CBR or Newsarama and demand they start doing more hard hitting reviews of his work. Go on Bendis, tell em, “ It’s cool CBR, I want you to be completely impartial the next time you review one of my comics, really, I won’t get pissed and cut you out of the loop if you shit all over one of my books.” Somehow I doubt CBR would be dumb enough to cut their own throat by going after any of the big names in either DC or Marvel.

    With the larger internet comic sites playing it safe and doing what they can not to rock the boat, I guess that leaves it up those dirty bloggers to give their opinion on the comic book industry. Sure they are not professionals, but at least they are being honest about how they feel, and they are doing it for free, not expecting to make a dime for what they write, that fact alone should make Bendis a little happy.


    Note: I would just like to say for the record I am not in anyway implying that Jose or Elliott are stinky, dirty, or that they run around with their shoes off, touching everything because they are bloggers. That would require a hard hitting investigation that I am not qualified to make!


    • DeemarCCW says:

      He’s back with the wordy words!

      I’ll sum it up.

      Don’t be hating on fanboy reviewers, Bendo wants professional criticism (Don’t we all?)

      Bendo don’t expect a snotty teen to be Christopher Hitchens or Hunter S. Thompson Foo!

      If Bendo wanna point fingers be a man! and point them at CBR, Newsarama for sucking his hairy teet.

      Jose and elliot are stinky, dirty bloggers (Muskrat’s words)


  3. Locusmortis says:

    Bendis as usual is full of shit.

    Why shouldn’t we want to know about what goes on behind the scenes? Like the fact that the Marvel age of comics only started because Jack Schiff ripped off Jack Kirby over the Sky Masters comic strip. Or how the Image age started because a bunch of (mostly) shitty artists wanted to write comic books instead of proper writers like Peter David or JM DeMatteis and we got excellent comics like Spawn, Wildcats, Youngblood and Cyberforce. I can’t understand why people wouldn’t want to place what they read into a fuller and wider context.

  4. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:


    A NEW CCW youtube last rants pt 1 on Bendis & comics writers/journalism.

    I gave Bendis Avengers #1 a shot but it was the same ol’ same ol’ w/ JRJR blocky artwork on faces that do nothing for me. I got burned out on Powers because on the delays between issues. I read Ult. Spider-Man in HC (12 or 13 issue chunks).

    I do like the snarky reviews that you put on Bendis & Loeb but I do enjoy the serious reviews of manga, indie & hidden gems from DC & Marvel. I have no interest right now to try Scarlet because I feel it will be a “flash in the pan” 5 or 6 issues & move on to something different like same bleeping Moon Knight. Really Bendis MOON KNIGHT!!! UGH!

    So in closing thanks for your many reviews on comics because it opens my eyes to new stuff like Blankets, Scalped, DC Elseworlds from Alan Davis, & Monster manga.

    CCW is the awesome sauce!


    • ed2962 says:

      I’m split on the new Moon Knight. On one hand I’m interested because Scarlet has been good so far and there were some decent issues of DD by Brian and Alex. Also MK is a B-character not a franchise book, so BMB might be more likely to write actual stories as opposed to filler for events that set up spin-offs and cross-overs that set up the next event.

      One the other hand the same could’ve been said about SpiderWoman. I watched the motion comic and remember it mostly being Jessica sitting in the dark, getting chased, then standing in the dark some more. (smiley face)

    • DeemarCCW says:

      So what kind of sauce would E&J be?

  5. ed2962 says:

    Another good clip! Personally, I like the industry talk! I like hearing about business decisions and how that could effect me as a consumer. Also, contracts and creators rights are an important part of the business that people should least be aware exists if one considers working in the industry.
    And I like hearing about the give and take between editoral and creators that result in how the stories end up on the stands. Not the petty bickering, but series direction, story choices, etc.
    For instance, Ellis wanted to use Nick Fury for Next Wave but was told no so we got Dirk Anger who’s a funnier character. Or how Bill Mantlo wanted to have Northstar come out as gay in the 80’s and contract HIV, but Jim Shooter said no cuz allegedly Shooter said “There’s no gays in Marvel Comics.”
    These days so many of us have to make hard choices regarding our entertainment between the cash grab tatics and living in a recession, I think industry talk needed.

  6. Morlock50 says:

    Jose, you made a good point about how hypocritical it is for Bendis to chastize other writers who want to make a living in comics (whether on the creative side or the journalism side). It’s pretty easy to say, “I would do this for no money” at a time when you’re the King of the Marvel shitpile, and probably the top paid writer in the industry. And the fact that he put in ten years writing his noir fiction doesn’t really impress me much. There are creators in this business who have spent their whole lives trying to turn comics into an artform, and who never received the kind of money that Bendis or Millar get each month. (Will Eisner for example).

    And I’m sorry, but this comment also is an insult to all the creators who got ripped off by comic companies back in the day, and are fighting to receive royalties. (Jack Kirby, etc). These folks worked in the medium before comics were thought of as anything other than a child’s pasttime, got paid jack shit, and created Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Flash, Spiderman, and other characters that will still be around long after his Scarlet comics are sold in the 1$ bin. For all the fucking hype that this guy has received, what has he really done to move this medium forward? Has he created any character that is a fraction of the popularity of Batman? Or, hell, even Deadpool? Has he written the next Dark Knight Returns or Watchman? Something that will still be referenced in twenty years as an example of an excellent story? No, he writes a monthly team book with Spiderman and Wolverine on it, that sells 85,000 a month. Oohh!

    It’s this lack of respect for what came before him that makes me think this guy is nothing but an ass clown. Like comics only started to become cool on the day he wrote Ulitmate fucking Spiderman.

  7. DeemarCCW says:

    To speak on what Elliot said about his own comics work, I’ve debated this, but I decided to stay partial on Imperious Geek Rex’s AOD and any other comic he may write.

    That’s my homey I’m staying neutral, because I can’t be impartial.

  8. TheMSpot says:

    Great video guys. I agree, that there are two Bendis’ mainstream and indie. Mainstream seems to be writing for the paycheck and is very generic while indie is writing because he wants to write something creative. I don’t get it.

    Fucking Bendis, on Word Balloon he addressed this saying that he was misquoted, he was talking about the journalist side, and he wanted to see more reviews of long runs on ongoings like Brubaker’s Captain America. Here’s my response to that:(1)They are doing that at both CBR and IGN touting his series since the begining and reviewed very one of those issues. (2)Really, this is the part of the industry you decide to bitch about? (3)Also, on the Word Balloon interview he did poke fun at video podcasters saying they looked unkempt and needed a shave and shower. So, to reiterate, GO FUCK YOURSELF BENDIS!!!

    In regards to his revamp of Moon Knight, how much do you want to bet that he is going to write him like Batman or write the Batman stories he always wanted to write, but couldn’t because he writes for Marvel.

    As far as that all ages Icon book TAKIO goes hasn’t anyone told Bendis that comics aren’t for kids anymore. He he 🙂

    • Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

      I get little newsworthy info from the Word Balloon podcasts that he does. Because mostly it is him spoiling his own books & him bitching about something. Or Bendis hyping the next big thing or clarifying and earlier “misunderstanding” that he made while answering his fans questions.

      I will watch/listen to E & J before I trust Bendis BSing on other people in the industry or fans that don’t care for his work. Bendis needs to be taken down a few pegs in my opinion.


      • Deemar says:

        Have you seen a pic or video of that guy?

        His genes took him down a peg of two already, thats probaly why he’s a ass.

        Looks like a well fed Gollum

        • Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

          I have Deemar on video & yes he needs to STILL be taken down a few pegs til he gets that boulder of ALL ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! chip on himself off & put it in the trash can. I like some of his work but cant stand him personally from what see or hear from interviews/podcasts. A humble & kind mini-Bendis.


  9. tomstewdevine says:

    good video guys.

  10. agent42q says:

    A point to taste of the masses, as was your last point in Avengers vs. Scarlet sales.

    To most people (people who pick up one to maybe 4 comics a month) there’s an expectation of what a Comic should be, costumes, SFX in big bright letters, and crazy silly stories with colorful characters, everything larger than life. They will only pick up the top selling visible titles, to follow a branding.

    Like people who just go into a bar and order a Bud light. Clearly, that fucker has no clue about what he’s ordering, he just wanted to try something and went with an easy point of entry that he’s heard about. Sure there’s hundred different mico-brews (indies or more creator controlled titles) and any one of them would be better, and anyone could tell him that. But no matter how many reviews or talks, or clubs, or websites, that guy is going into the bar and ordering his bud light, because none of the talk has crossed his path, and doubtful that it would sway him from what he would pay.

    I know a lot of people have a much smaller comic budget than I, (i.e a sane amount of spending) but when you’re only paying about $20 a month on comics which is at Avenger prices 4 books, you don’t have room to branch out.. but, if they keep reading, maybe one week they’ll do that one book that the shop owner has been trying to sell them forever, and hopefully they’ll like it. Which is hope for books like Secret Six, or Black Panther, but never something like Scarlet.

    • Nice analogy but it is simply not true…for the most part. You are saying that a person who only has $20 to spend on comics is “playing it safe” by purchasing the top selling books and because of this they rarely will try something new ESPECIALLY like Scarlet, right?

      Are you also saying that these Avengers comics are “gateway” comics for a majority of people and that’s why Marvel sells so many issues every month? And because the Avengers are written for the lowest common denominator those readers will never enjoy something like Scarlet?

      I see AT LEAST one or two new customers a week at the store. I have people coming in who have never bought comics before. I have people coming in who don’t know what the “safest choice” for their money. What they do know is what they like and what they WANT to read about. I help these people find the book that is tailored to them and their interests and guess what? 9 times out of 10 the books they like and buy are not the “safest choice”.

      Week in and week out I give people recommendations if they ask for them and more often than not they will buy them. Books like Joe the Barbarian, Mystery Society, Scalped, Asterios Polyp, Hotwire, Last Days of American Crime, The Unwritten, Agents of Atlas, REBELS, Chew, Invincible, Empowered, SHIELD. etc. are NOT safe choices but that’s what new customers at the shop I work at (as well as old) are buying.

      As long as I am working when a new costumer (to the store and industry as a whole) walks in through the door I can guarantee you that person will NEVER see books like he Avengers as “the safest choice”. The current “safest choice” is what is going to kill this industry and I try to do what little I can to make sure that it doesn’t happen anytime soon.


      • Heck says:

        Well put, J.

        Books like Avengers and films like Avatar are the reason “art” and the mass perception of it, has dwindled so vastly in this society. They are made for lowest common denominator and hold no significant ‘value’.

        Anyone who has read ‘Torso’ or ‘Scarlett’ or even the early issues of Ultimate Spidey know that Bendis is capable (MORE than capable, even) to write a fucking fantastic comic. He gears his ‘Avengers’ towards the masses and therefore gives the cheapest form of entertainment. It isn’t something ANYONE can enjoy. I love Thor but the character Bendis writes in that book is a caricature of who Thor is. Therefore, I am not his target audience.

        I don’t find that books like these are readers only choices for entertainment. They are just the books that are hyped the most and in their eyesight more.

        Avatar, as a film, is utter shit. When it is put out like it’s a marvel of technology and the “future of film making” it garners popularity right there. It’s all about marketing. Don Draper would be damn proud.

        Most of my friends don’t read comics. They watch Smallville and see the movies and judge it from there. If I was to try and get them into comics, I wouldn’t give them the Avengers I would give them ‘The Unwritten’ or ‘Sweet Tooth’. Those are books that elevate the genre, not satirize it.

        Just my two cents.

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