CCW Weekend Open Thread

Posted: October 16, 2010 in CCW Nation

  1. MicahSkin says:

    RIP Barbars Billingsley

  2. Morlock50 says:

    Since I’m not an anime fan, I was wondering about a clip of a movie I saw a while back. It was clearly in an anime style. There was a girl being restrained by a demon with snakes coming out of it’s body. The snakes thrust themselves in all the girl’s orifices. It was the craziest fucking cartoon I’d ever seen. Has anyone seen the movie this scene took place in?

  3. DeemarCCW says:

    I’m sensing a muppet theme

  4. MicahSkin says:

    I so need a job. Getting way too good at extremely dorky videogames…

  5. Stamps says:

    Hey guys. Guess who’s up with the CCW night Owls. I’m waiting up until midnight. T minus 38 minutes until the big 2-1 šŸ™‚

  6. generaldark says:

    hey guys, i might have lost my one and only friend so…im by myself :/….whats up??

  7. Heck says:

    I wanted to see if anybody saw Greenberg. I heard a lot of costumers and people say that it sucked and was unwatchable, so naturally I watched it (since if they say it’s bad, I’ll like it)…and I loved it.

  8. What happens when you stumble upon heavily discounted comic books?
    You end up spending too much money and owning books that otherwise wouldnt have made it into your collection. (still they are decent books imo).

    Here’s the damage($80 instead of $190 and with dollar I mean euros)

    Avengers Forever HC $35 for $15
    Avengers Invaders HC $40 for $15 (too much avengers already)
    Timelys 70th Anniversary HC $40 for $15 (Captain America Comics #1 and more classics..awesome)
    Black Panther Secret Invasion TP $13 for $6 (got a lot of secret invasion books so why not)
    Franklin Richards Not so Secret Invasion Digest $10 for $4.50 (for my little nephew)
    Gotham Central HC Vol 3 $30 for $20 (not the biggest discount but I have vol 1 $ 2 so)
    Mystic Arcana HC $25(I got this one for free but there is also a $8 shipping cost involved)

    (The place I got these books is located in the Netherlands, so there is point mentioning the shop here on the ccw)

    • I am on a ^&*^#$ buying spree now…I just bought the single issues from Akira: 11 up to 35. (I already have issues 1 to 10..and now I only need 36 to 38 to complete the series).
      + five mags of Love and Rockets plus a reprint of Action Comics 1..all in near mint condition for 60 euros! I am in comic heaven right now..and broke..and waiting for all the goodies to arrive šŸ™‚

    • Insideman says:


      Avengers Forever was fun
      Avengers/Invaders was tedious
      Timely Comics was a cool looking collection but much of it left me cold
      Black Panther Secret Invasion- cool
      I haven’t read the Franklin stuff but I just bought the trade that collects them all
      Gotham Central is killer good (bet you know that already since you have Vol 1)
      Mystic Arcana was OK…

      You may be more enthused by a few of the books that I didn’t particularly spark to. I would like to hear your thoughts once you’ve read them… And I am still working up that statue/bust list for you.

      • I think that pretty sums up my expectations for the books..lets hope they will all be met..

        I have high expectations of Timely Comics HC..
        Does it include all the reprints from the 40s?
        Or only remakes? cause that would suck!

        • Oh yeah I forgot, Many Thanks IM for helping me out on that statue/bust thing.
          Of the 6 comic shops in the Netherlands not one is selling statues..
          (I just dont know where to begin my search)

  9. Pobra says:

    for all you hipster loving/hating comic fans! (looking at you Deemar)

  10. Morlock50 says:

    HackSlash’s comment above got me thinking….Here’s a question for you all:

    What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a single purchase for comics/toys/etc? For me, it was $200. on graphic novels at my LCS (Don’t tell the missus).

    • Venom829 says:

      I honestly don’t think I have ever bought more than one comic at a time, so I will say $4. For toys, I will say, $45 for a Bat-Tumbler 3 years ago, and probably the most I ever spent on entertainment was $330 on a X-box 360

      • Morlock50 says:

        Only one comic at a time? I admire your restraint Venom. I wish I was able to do that. But what happens when you see 3-4 comics that you want at a time? Make multiple trips?

        • Venom829 says:

          Well there aren’t a whole lot of comics in my town nor a comic shop, so there arem’t alot to choose from, but there was one instance were I did see mukltiple titles, and I did have to make muliple trips, but I had a cash flow problem so I ciould only buy one. And in my town, comics are not a hot commodity, so I didn’t really have to worry, about them not being there.

    • Insideman says:

      I honestly don’t think I should answer this question… If anything just to protect my sanity/dignity (or what little I have left of either).

  11. Ladies and gentlemen CCW NATION i present the symphoney of bullshit and lies

    Ok the trailer makes it look good but that’s what trailers do don’t make me get the trailer for vampires suck

  12. 30daysofdarkness says:

    One of the coolest looking Anime I can’t wait for it.

  13. SteveMcQ says:

    I’ll be going nuts in a couple of weeks. One of the comic shops in St Louis is having their annual back issue overstock sale halloween weekend. An insane amount of books brought in from their warehouse and sold for 25 cents each. Last time they did this I went two or three times over that weekend and still didn’t get through all the boxes. Picked up over three hundred books for around $80. Great opportunity to try books that I never got around to checking out. The big score last year was Brubaker/Pfeifer’s Catwoman. Found damn near the entire run. It’s a comic nerd’s dream. Can’t wait.

  14. Mike F says:

    I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS ARCH! I Know its gonna kick ass! šŸ™‚

  15. Mike F says:

    Here’s to awesome times ahead šŸ™‚

  16. Heck says:

    I’m real excited about reading this. I liked ‘Black Hole’ a whole lot (see what I did there šŸ˜‰ ).

    It totally has that Tin Tin feel, from the looks of it, and I love me some Tin Tin.

  17. constantanius says:

    “Stan Lee the guy that invented the super-hero in the 20th century” Huh?? What?!?!? I guess
    Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, Bob Kane etc didn’t exist in Mark Waid’s reality……

    again wtf and Babs just sits there and nods….sigh and I do like Mark Waid but WTF seriously

    • People who don’t like to ask the hard questions and buy into all the bullshit always just smile and nod. And seeing the website that this video is from I am not surprised in the least.


    • Mike F says:

      In my views, its true. I mean, I read the Bob Kane BATMAN stories and they aren’t anything spectacular and yet when I read Stan’s original work its amazingly better in both writing and creativity. There was some kind of twisted imaginative logic to his work that DC wasn’t putting out. But yeah from a reality prospective, he’s wrong, Stan didn’t invent the superhero, but I personally feel he brought more to the game than the previous guys.

      That’s just my view…

      And yes COMICVINE is awful. Trying watching the reviews with that guy who reviews comics from his fucking garage, its so embarrassing…

      • constantanius says:

        I love Tom Pinchuks videos on the site, but I always shake my head at the reviews the dude is a total Marvel fan boy.

  18. Mike F says:

    EDEN OF THE EAST out on Blu Ray this week!!

    An awesome new anime from the director of GiTS: STAND ALONE COMPLEX, featuring music from OASIS!

    Seriously, this show was great. Obviously its not the next Macross Plus but it was nice to see SOME good anime out these days (when really all of it is complete shit)

  19. constantanius says:

    Anyone playing Final Fantasy 14?

  20. Dre says:

    Since some, if not most, of you here like Bendis’ Scarlet, I thought you’d enjoy his lastest interview on the series:

    Since having given this series a chance, I can’t say the praise it’s been revieving all around the web has been misplaced, but I’d have to say it’s a bit excessive. This series is good, but even the reviews here on the CCW have tiptoed into hyperbole, IMO. A few problemns precluding me from wholey accepting this series as so many others have is the lack of answers and clarification to practicle questions I tend to accrue as I move through the story, namely how she managed to get her hands on a pistol in the last issue while others may be looked upon as niggles such how did she fully recover from being shot in the head to being up and around and in full health, how is she supporting herself, does she have any other family, a student, etc. Bothering me further is how she manages speaking to us about present situations through the fourth wall in her flashbacks, and if these flashbacks did happen in the past, before her mission to right the world began, how is she then speaking to us if she’s only just met us, the audience, in the present, after her tragedy’s happen?

    This a series I like, very much, but the questions I present above hinder this it from warranting the praise so many like to heap upon it. Anyone else here, anyone enjoying it that is, have these questions in mind bothering them, too? If not, what answers do you give yourselves to help this series enjoyablity?

  21. Heck says:

    On the subject of politics… This dude would get shit done.

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