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Does Dane Cook thoughts on playing “Good Luck Chuck” intrigue you?

Is 50 Cent’s method acting in “Get Rich or Die Trying” some of the best work since Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot!?

Can Nicolas Cage DO NO Wrong in your eyes?

If so well you’ve come too the right place mine friends!

It’s Award Season and Elliot Serrano & Jose Melendez are gearing up for the GOLDEN LOEBS so get your picks ready and prepare for the Spoon full of awful this past year in Comics!

Stay Tuned details forth coming Hence forth CCWNATION!


Do it! 🙂

Now get out there CCWNation and spread the word, E&J are back!

What else ya gonna do? Be productive?

-Deemar 🙂

Close to 500 views in just one day! So glad to see that you guys are still interested in what we have to say. 🙂 A new episode will be posting within a few days, or as soon as I can edit and publish it. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Elliott

Glad to be back!

The Sunday Funnies will now be in COLOR, cool huh? That means my pace will be slower, but a better product hopefully for the CCW NATION to enjoy.

The current crop of Funnies will be the older funnies redone in color until I’m able to produce new material at a quicker speed.

I’d like to thank Elliot and Jose for sticking with me and let’s Do it Do it!