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Just a few quick notes here:

CCW Chew Contest:

If you have not entered our contest for a chance to win a copy of the breakout sensation comic known simply as Chew today is the last day to do so. What the hell are you waiting for!? Check out the details two posts down from here. These comics are signed and personalized to the CCW Nation by John Layman himself. We did you a favor by having him sign these comics so you wouldn’t have to go through the displeasure of actually meeting him in person. You’re welcome.

Our Doomwar #1 Review:

This review of ours made the rounds on the CBR Black Panther boards and for the most part the reception was quite positive. Thanks to those individuals who posted those links. The best part? Johnathan Maberry himself left us a great comment on the video’s board. You can check out that video review here.

Variant Girl:

VG’s comic blog is up and running again. Please do yourselves a favor and check out her new reviews. Wondering what a fangirl’s thoughts are on Marvel’s new Girl Comics #1? Click here to find out.

Gail Simone to Leave Wonder Woman:

And now for the worst comic news I have heard all week: It looks like Simone will be stepping down as writer of Wonder Woman after issue #600. Not very happy about this. I was quite looking forward to her and Nicola Scott having a lengthy Wonder Woman run together but I guess that’s just not going to happen. If DC made this choice in order to make room for Grant Morrison on the book I really don’t know if that will sit well with me. We shall have to wait and see. You can read Gail Simone breaking the news here.

No New CCW*TV Next Week:

Unfortunately we won’t be able to tape any new segments tomorrow. Elliott has a prior engagement to attend so he is the person to blame (doesn’t feel nice to thrown under the bus does it E.?). Because of this I (like I mentioned a couple of days ago) will try to post some more reviews for this week’s books on here. I hope that me posting more reviews will make up for the fact that Elliott clearly just doesn’t care about you guys.



Odds and Ends

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Blogging, CCW Nation, Odds and Ends, Opinion

-A couple of reminders:

Voting for the First Annual CCW Nation Awards are currently underway. Have you voted yet? Well you only have a few more days to do so before we start tallying up the totals. You can go vote here.

We also have a contest going on where one lucky winner will walk away with all the swag pictured above. You can enter the contest here.

-The CCW Blog has been up and running for a little over five months now. I have been doing most of the heavy lifting around here while Elliott pops his head in every so often but so far it has been a fun experience for the most part. Like our CCW TV counterpart, this blog is a place where we can discuss the comic industry (among other things) with brutal honesty and we have been very pleased with the response we get from all of you each and every week.

One thing that I have felt has been missing from this blog’s posts though is a sense of diversity in the opinions. I’ve recently been working on changing that a bit. You may have caught some reviews in the past couple of weeks by one of the new blogs contributors, Variant Girl. She has had experience running her own blog for a while and I am very glad that she has agreed to do reviews for us on occasion. In the next few days you will be seeing two more guest reviews/reviewers on this blog. You will recognize them as regular commenters on the CCW TV videos and right here on this blog.

To go along with my hopes of diversifying the thoughts and opinions you will read on this blog will also come a diversity of the content we cover. One of our guest reviews which I’ll be posting will be about the gay indie comic Wuvable Oaf. After hearing one of our commenters talk about it I asked him if he would do a review of it for us and I am very happy that he agreed to.

Along with Elliott, myself and Valiant Girl I believe that you will see that our new columnists share the same enthusiasm and passion for comics that we all do. And as always our readers are very much as important to this blog as the contributors. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated and make the CCW blog that much better because of your participation.


-Yesterday there was quite the snow storm in this part of the country which made driving quite hellish and tomorrow it is expected that we will have a high temperature of around 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Because I don’t have to work tomorrow and don’t plan on leaving my house in that weather I will probably have time to be posting a few things over the next couple of days. Sounds like fun, huh?

-Following this post I will being putting one up pertaining to the top comic sales of November. I know it’s a little late but you know. Look for it later tonight and we can talk about the good and the bad of it then.

-I’ve had a few people ask me what my opinions are concerning DC’s announced Earth One original graphic novels which will begin being released in 2010. It really does feel like it is DC’s attempt at doing an “Ultimate” universe and I don’t think I am the target demographic for these books. I am not interested in reading yet another origin story for Batman and Superman or investing time and money into yet another iteration of those characters. I do like that DC is releasing them as OGNs though. That way there won’t be even more Bats and Supes comics clogging up the racks.

All that aside, I do like that Earth One will be easily accessible to new readers who do want to get into Batman and Superman but feel overwhelmed by the continuity of the regular monthlies. We’ll see how it goes but these books don’t really interest me as a fan. What I am actually more interested in is knowing whether the Adam Hughes’ All Star Wonder Woman story will instead be released as part of the Earth One books now that the All Star line is pretty much dead.

-Looks like (the real) Bruce Wayne will be returning to the DCU in the quite cleverly titled six issue miniseries Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne which begins shipping in April. I don’t know about you guys but I’m thinking too soon.

-And speaking of too soon, Steve Rogers popped up in the last page of the Dark Avengers Annual last week and guess what? He also pops up in the New Avengers Annual AND Invincible Iron Man this week. Unbelievable. Rogers is back in the normal Marvel U and Reborn still has 3 issues to ship. Nice cockup Marvel. Just for the hell of it I am going to go ahead and blame this on Bendis.

-You guys are aware we have a contest going on, right? You know, this one.


Odds and Ends

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Odds and Ends, Opinion

Thumbs Up

-I didn’t end up buying Punishermax #1 or Strange #1 today. Can’t afford to add two more $3.99 titles to my monthly pull. Marvel is just killing themselves (and me) with their prices. I’ll just wait for the trade on Strange.

-I did however end up getting Amazing Spider-Man #611. I had forgotten about this issue back when I was ranting about not buying Spidey again till January. It’s Joe Kelly’s chance to write Deadpool again, Eric Canete on the art and it’s pretty much a one and done story. Being that I am a fan of Kelly’s Deadpool run and Canete’s art I felt compelled to purchase it.

-Getting back to the subject of overpriced comics: Batman/Doc Savage Special was $4.99. I have yet to read it but that thing better be fucking golden…or bronzed as the case may be.

-There was a surprise(?) return of one of my favorite (mutant) characters today in Dark X-Men #1. Now if only Marvel could get Steve Skroce to come back and do another monthly with him. It’s really too bad Marvel somewhat ruined this surprise return with their shitty The Siege teasers last week.

Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield one-shot has now officially changed to Captain America REBORN: Who Will Wield the Shield making it seem very likely that fans will indeed have to buy it before Cap: Reborn #6 to know what the hell is going on.

-Finished reading REBELS #10. Awesome ending to an awesome issue. Hope everyone who is checking the book out for the first time enjoys it as much as I did. May have to review this one.

-Just saw the sales estimates for October and DC really handed Marvel their asses. I’m working on a post right now for it. Should be up in a bit.


What Do You Think of My Teeth Spidey

-One book that wasn’t on my list this week that I picked up was Assault on New Olympus. It has the first part of the Agents of Atlas back-up that will be running in Incredible Herc. So here’s my question: Why the fuck would Marvel put the first part to the AoA storyline in a one-shot? I know that this one-shot is essentially an Incredible Herc issue but still. Could fuck AoA fans up by them waiting for the story to start in the Incredible Herc monthly. They will buy the next issue of Herc only to see that the AoA story is indeed part 2 and not part 1. Wondering where the hell the first part of the story is that reader will become frustrated, go all Wrath of Khan and yell “MARRRRVELLLLLL” into the night sky.

-A new Psylocke 4 issue miniseries started today and is $3.99 an issue. It does have a 6 page backup story to warrant the extra dollar but don’t get to used to it. Get this shit: It’s the first part (of four) to a Cable story written by Duane Swierczynshi and drawn by Steve Dillon but the second part of the story WILL NOT be in Psylocke #2. It will instead be a backup story in the upcoming Dark X-Men #1 with the third part being in X-Men Legacy #230 and the fourth in X-Force #22. Hope you buy all of those books already if you want the whole Cable story. If you don’t really care about the Cable story though and collect those monthly books just know that those issues will go up to $3.99 whether you want the story or not. Nice huh?

So, what’s the back up story in Psylocke #2 then? There isn’t one. The rest of the miniseries will be standard 32 page comics but still be priced at $3.99. Marvel are the fucking kings of bait and switch.

-Didn’t end up buying the Haunt #2 today. I don’t think I have ever been more conflicted about buying a book or not. I do want to support Kirkman and Ottley but at the end of the day I just can’t bring myself to pay $2.99 for something I won’t really enjoy.

-Started getting some goodies together this week to give away in a future CCW contest for our readers/viewers. Don’t know yet what the contest will be exactly but I do know it will most likely take place in December and that you’ll think the prizes are somewhat cool…I hope