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I really do hate conventions. Ok, maybe “hate” is too strong of a word. Hmmm…how about “don’t really care for”? Ya, that sounds a bit better. I don’t really care for conventions. There was a time where I used to count down the days but not so much anymore. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact the ever since Wizard bought the Chicago Comic-Con it has been shit. For almost a decade now that convention has indeed been shit and has gotten worse and worse every year. Last year was the first time in over 20 years that I didn’t go to the Chicago Comic-Con as a fan or a retailer. Wizard has killed any excitement that I once had for comic conventions. After attending the C2E2 con last weekend I can now change “has killed any excitement” to “had killed any excitement”. Why? Because C2E2 has brought back those feelings of excitement I once had for comic conventions.

I have to stress that this was a COMIC convention. Not one of those multimedia affairs that Wizard cons have turned into. Ya, there were some movie people there (from Carrie Fisher to the cast of Kick Ass) but the amount of industry professionals that were at the show was astounding. I couldn’t walk 10 feet in Artist Alley without seeing an artist whose work I have not enjoyed. Artists like Tony Harris, Michael Golden, Adam Hughes, Eric Canete, Jimmy Cheung, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Terry and Rachel Dodson, Ron Garney, Jonathan Hickman, Mike Mignola, Art Baltazar, Geof Darrow, Jill Thompson, Gail Simone, Doug Mahnke, Patrick Gleason, Stephane Roux and too many more too name. Serouisly, I don’t remember the last time I saw these many great artists at a Chicago convention.

The convention hall itself was quite nice. The entire floor was covered in nice, plush carpet. There were also windows going all the was a round the top of the room letting in sunlight as well as showing off the great Chicago city skyline. This is is stark contrast to where Wizard holds it’s conventions here. The exhibit hall at Wizorld World has no natural light coming in what so ever and it feels and smells like your in somebody’s basement. One other noticeable difference the C2E2 exhibit hall had was the the aisles were nice and wide. I can not tell you how fucking nice it was not to be literally bumping into people every 2 seconds like at Wizard World.

There were not as many dealers there as previous conventions I’ve been too but I rarely buy anything at cons anymore so that didn’t bother me. I do wish there had been some more import (Japanese toys mainly) dealers there but that’s just me. As for the comic company booths I took some pictures which you can find down below. Most of you who get out to conventions will find the pics a little boring but I did want to give our readers who don’t get to cons often a sense of what they can expect to find there.

On a personal note I would like to thank all the people who came up to me to tell me they enjoy CCW TV. I truly wasn’t expecting to get recognized but it really was nice talking to you guys. The highlight of the convention for me was when I went over to the Image booth to meet Ryan Ottley and found out that he watches our little show and he had some nice things to say about it. If you guys ever get a chance to pick up Ottley’s sketchbook at a con I recommend you do so. It is quite amazing.

So, ya, overall I would have to say that C2E2 was a very, very pleasant experience and really can’t wait for to come back next year.


Holy shit did this picture put a smile on my face (Thanks Ironmuskrat). Chances are if you like the Scott Pilgrim comic (published by Oni Press) you probably have a smile on your face as well. Talk about capturing the characters perfectly. This is THE comic book movie I am looking forward to the most this year. Ya, I’m kinda sorta looking forward to Iron Man 2 and I could really give two shits about Kick-Ass. But Scott Pilgrim vs. the World? Awesome cast, awesome director (Edgar Wright) and awesome source material. I couldn’t really ask for anything more. Well…except for maybe a trailer. Hope we don’t have to wait till San Diego to see one.

One more pic and the film’s info can be found at the link below.


First Official Photos: Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. The World/Slash

I'm Gonna Tickle Ya

I only asked Elliott to do one damn thing while he was at Comic-Con last week and that was to send back some cosplay pics. Not for me, of course, but for you guys and gals. Was he able to do that one simple thing? Nope. And do you know why? Because he doesn’t love you…at all. But you know who does? This guy. Umm…you can’t see it right now but I am pointing at myself with both thumbs.

So, I present for you courtesy of Maximum PC: 600 Amazing Costumes


That Firestorm was for the ladies. Here’s one for the dudes. Or if you prefer, the other way around. We don’t discriminate here:

Not Bayonetta But Close

I Guess Blair's Got It

Would you like to take a wild guess as to which of my posts from last week had the most views? C’mon, I even gave you a clue. Well the answer is the post about Blair Butler being on the cover of Booster Gold.

Not only was it the most viewed post from last week but it got more hits than the next four posts on the list combined. That’s kinda unbelievable. You guys would rather read a post about Blair Butler more than my awesome comic reviews? You bastards.

Though, I guess I can’t really blame you.


Don\'t TAZE ME BRO\'!
The DC Comics Convention Staff helps me leave WW.

Wizard World Chicago 2008 has come and gone, but I managed to capture some very special memories in digital format. My long-awaited meeting with Jann Jones of DC Comics finally happened and I got a chuckle when Jann had to explain to everyone that our whole segment was a pre-arranged bit.

I got to get reacquainted with some friends in the comic industry, make some new ones and I didn’t go broke drinking at the Hyatt like I used to. So, all in all, a nice (but exhausting) weekend.

Also, there’s new news on the RedEye front, but I’ll talk about that in a bit. Until then, check out MY DATE WITH JANN JONES.

The Comedian, courtesy of Zack Snyder and the Watchmen Movie web site.

Tina Fey lookin' H-O-T HOT baby!


Oh yeah, who say geek girls aren’t hot? Behold Ms. Tina Fey (yeah I know she’s a missus – but a guy can dream, ‘eh?) makin’ with the ‘come hither’ looks. Ay, chihuahua!


Wonder what comics she read as a young lass? Betty and Veronica? Richie Rich? Spidey? Supes? FF? Maybe she was into some horror titles? Howzabout some Eerie, Creepy or Zombies on the Loose?


I’d have to think, that given her profession that MAD magazine is a given. (Anyone with insight to Ms. Fey’s reading preferences is encouraged to comment.)