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Today Elliott uploaded the third and final part to our discussion about Nick Simmons’ Incarnate. For those of you who don’t get over to our you tube channel as frequently as you would like I have decided to post them all here in a nice little package. Also, I thought I should post them all here while the news is still somewhat relevant.

Having my friend Avi join us on this topic worked out very well. I believe having an artist’s perspective on this story was important to add to the legitimacy of the conversation. Hopefully we can get him back on the show sooner rather than later.

In the next few days Elliott will be uploading the final two videos to our last series of segments which were interrupted in order to bring you these more timely ones.


This Won’t End Well

Posted: February 3, 2010 in DC Comics, Rumor
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Looks like those of you who have been wanting us to rant about DC shenanigans on CCW*TV may just get what you want next week. Ya, I think there is a pretty good chance of that happening.

Get Ready for Watchmen 2/Bleeding Cool


Please Don't End

“I’m busting ass on this book and sales still haven’t gone up. What did you think was going to happen?”-Peter David

Over at Bleeding Cool, Rich Johnston has put together an interesting post about the future of X-Factor. Since there has been no official word yet from Marvel on the matter I will be holding off on my opinions until then. Still, it is some troubling news.

Hit this link to read the post.

What do you guys think?


Word around town is that a the demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum will be ready for download on Friday for both the PS3 and Xbox 360. Hope it’s true.


Throg Rulez

Rich Johnston is reporting over at his Bleeding Cool blog that Matt Fraction will be writing the Thor: Dark Siege event later this year. We were all wonder who was going to replace J. Michael Straczynski as Thor’s writer and we may now have the answer.

Fraction has had some experience writing Thor during the characters Secret Invasion mini and a few one-shots. Let’s hope the quality of writing resembles his work on Invincible Iron Man more so than Uncanny X-men.