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So, IronMuskrat just sent me this video and I feel the need to share it with all of you. It is definitely NSFW just so ya know.

The video works for me on many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many levels. I think I need another beer…or four.


Also, this may force me to end my “posting on the blog while drunk.” We’ll see how it goes.

Here are some excerpts from the dialogue between Bullseye and Lindy Reynolds (Sentry’s wife) that take place before the above page in Dark Avengers #15. Words in bold are also in bold in the comic.

BE: I always wondered what he (The Sentry) sees in you?
LR: I’m sorry?
BE: Your husband. He’s almost a God…and you–you’re kind of, well, frumpy is the best word I can think of.
LR: What?
BE: I mean, he can have anybody. I mean, I can have anybody. And all I do is kill people. Imagine the ass he is missing out on because he’s married to you. And look at you. Do you even own a brush? Or a mirror?
LR: Get back.
BE: I mean, we all know your husband is nuts. But marrying you when he could be dating supermodels from numerous planets…now that is nuts.

Lindy slaps Bullseye in the face.

BE: Thank you.

Bullseye grabs Lindy by the throat.


And then you see the page above.

It wasn’t enough that Lindy was verbally and psychologically abused by the Void in issue #13 but now she gets verbally abused by Bullseye…right before he chokes the life from her. And Brian Bendis, being the great writer he is, wants you, the reader, to slowly and silently watch her die right in front of your fanboy eyes. In order to, what, feel her pain? To make you feel guilty? Huh…now that I think about it, ya, Marvel fanboys should feel guilty about this.

Is it that far fetched of an idea that Marvel fanboys did in fact kill Lindy Reynolds themselves or at the very least aided in her death? Is that why Bendis used that P.O.V. shot? That P.O.V. shot could also be seen as the writer putting himself in the shoes of the villain though, can’t it? Maybe to fulfill some sort of pathetic, self empowering fantasy? Do you think I have gone too far by making those observations? Well, Brian Michael Bendis has had a long track record for having obscene amounts of misogyny in his comics…and his fans love it. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Click here for a refresher) And yet very few people call Bendis out on his disgusting treatment of female Marvel characters. And by not causing a stink and rewarding Bendis with high sale counts of his comics the fanboys are sending Marvel a message: Brian Michael Bendis can do no wrong. And so Bendis seems to be free from any editorial restraints so this kind of horseshit just continues to happen over and over and over again. It may have well HAD been the hands of the fanboys around Lindy’s throat.

So, why exactly did Lindy Reynolds die? Well, besides the fact that comics are just too damn boring? It was because Bob Reynolds (The Sentry) loved her…and that was it. Norman Osborn saw this as an obstacle he needed to overcome to fully be in control of the Sentry so Osborn had Bullseye kill her. Couple that with the fact that Lindy is not a superhero, is just an average woman in the Marvel universe and it makes her death that much more fucking…tragic, doesn’t it? To bad it really didn’t feel that way. Because Bendis has an affinity for killing or physically beating down his female characters (with the use of his male characters) this just feels like more his his sensationalistic bullshit.

Domestic violence is an all too real problem. At no point ever does Bendis show the repercussions of domestic violence, he just seems to revel in it while turning on the Marvel fanboys. It also seems to send the message to his (mostly) male fanbase that it is acceptable to behave in this manner especially when women are the ones who are constantly being assaulted by men. Isolated instances of violence toward men or women in comics is one thing but when a writer completely crosses the line time and time again (for what I think are personal reasons) it becomes a problem that this industry doesn’t need or should it tolerate.


Today Elliott uploaded the third and final part to our discussion about Nick Simmons’ Incarnate. For those of you who don’t get over to our you tube channel as frequently as you would like I have decided to post them all here in a nice little package. Also, I thought I should post them all here while the news is still somewhat relevant.

Having my friend Avi join us on this topic worked out very well. I believe having an artist’s perspective on this story was important to add to the legitimacy of the conversation. Hopefully we can get him back on the show sooner rather than later.

In the next few days Elliott will be uploading the final two videos to our last series of segments which were interrupted in order to bring you these more timely ones.


My brain had a very hard time trying to make sense of what I was watching as I viewed this video. It really is just too much to take in. Video is NSFW on the account of there being cartoonish bewbs in it.


So, this may or may not become a regular post on this blog because I am admittedly quite intoxicated right now. I haven’t seen The Fifth Element in years and I am currently watching it on cable. And wouldn’t cha know, I was reminded of one of my favorite lines from a movie ever.

That line is…wait for it…waaaaait for it…”Leeloo Dallas Multipass!” Writing does not get much better than that (though Milla Jovovich gets a lot of the credit for delivering the line absolutely perfect). Bendis should take some fucking notes.