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With it being Wonder Con Weekend and all, I thought I’d create an ‘homage’ to the classic ‘convention sketch covers’ that have gotten so popular these days. Alas, I was unable to make it to Wonder Con. I hear that the stunning Jann Jones was in attendance. Sigh. Will our paths ever cross again?

Be sure to check out the interview I did with Steve Rude and his wife Jaynelle. Not only did they take time out of their busy schedules with Rude Dude Productions to talk to me, they were also generous enough to give us a few copies of the Nexus: The Animated Series Promo DVD to give to some lucky folks who join the CWR Google group!

Join up and you never know…

Coming Soon…

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In case you’re wondering what’s been keeping me off the blogosphere lately…

May not look like much…but it’s just the beginning.

So now that the Dan Slott feature has become reality (it got kinda tight there down the stretch) I can show you the other covers that were under consideration for the latest edition of the CWR e-zine…

This was a favorite of some of the CWR staff as it had an image of Spidey that wasn’t widely circulated (yet) and gave me room to play with copy…

This one, though, was my favorite, as it featured the Phil Jimenez artwork from the upcoming Spiderman: Swing Shift Director’s Cut (if you ask me, a TRUE ‘director’s cut’ for once)…

Heh, although I did have some issues with Spidey’s butt-crack, but hey, I think it still worked!

So, it’s Monday morning, the day before the latest CWR issue is supposed to go up and neither Marc nor I have gotten our feature interviews done yet. Marc’s person is somewhere in Europe and my guy needs to run his stuff by his bosses before he can let me run with it so….

I’ve gotta create a cover for the possibility that neither of our features are gonna happen…

This cover with the stunning Frank Cho drawing would draw attention to Marc’s article on fetishism in comics…

This cover highlights Marc’s comparison of the Simpsons and Futurama movies. (Did you catch my shout out to Star Wars? What, do I have to paint Moe’s Eisley on the tavern sign for ya’?)

But since my guy got back to me in the nick of time, we’re running with yet another cover. What’s the feature? Who did I interview? If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you’ll know who it is.

Otherwise, check back tomorrow where you’ll not only get the answer but also see even more of the covers we didn’t use.

ComicsWaitingRoom.Com V 3.0 that is…
Mad Scientist Marc Mason has collected an asylum’s worth of insane inmates, added a couple cuties and has let us loose on the ‘internets’ (which we all know is a series of tubes).
To put my snarkiest foot forward, the year’s first Comic Culture Warrior column puts a new spin on the term ‘Marvel Zombie.’ (Mind you, I’m taking the old school approach, where if you know what it meant to be a ‘True Believer’ or a member of F.O.O.M., you’ll get the joke.)
This is going to be an interesting year…

Since comments aren’t readily visible on this blog, in the interest of fairness I wanted to post Dan Slott‘s (Amazing Spiderman, The Initiative) rebuttal to my last post:

“I am happy to tell you that your friend is wrong, sir.

This was a SPECIAL LARGER SIZED issue of ASM– featuring an extra 3 pages of lead story, three back up tales, a special fact sheet by Romita Jr. (in the style of those old Ditko fact sheets: How Spidey’s Mask Works, Who are Spidey’s Friends?, etc.), and a return of the letters page!
A total of 14 extra pages of art and story (plus one editorial page) for just one buck!

And… With THIS week’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #547, the price goes back down to the AVERAGE price of $2.99! And that’s where it’s staying, sir! $2.99 an issue! Three times a month!

So… Both THIS Weds. and NEXT Weds… EXPECT to GET 22 pages a pop of ALL-NEW STEVE McNIVEN ART!

With covers… That’s 46 gorgeous Steve McN pages!!!”

I stand corrected. I will say again, for the record, that I really would like to see Mr. Slott’s career take off from this venture. I have no personal vendetta or ax to grind over the whole OMD scenario (outside of paying for reprinted material), and I can even play the advocate for the ‘hows and whys’ certain creative decisions were made. But I do feel like sometimes we get played as fans and it just comes out pretty snarky.

And in his defense, it must suck for Slott to be constantly on the lookout for the kind of snark that can affect a person’s career. (Not that I expect this lil’ blog to be all that influential, but hey, he took the time to write.) Bad press, misinformed opinions, all can sink even the most well-meaning endeavors.

I’ll try to be mindful of that in the future.

So it appears that I have been accepted into the Red Eye Chicago’s 5 on 5 forum. For those who don’t know, the ‘5 on 5’ consists of 5 folks giving quips and opinions on 5 different topics. Most of the time it’s sports related, but due to my background as a ‘comic-book culture columnist’ (say that ten times fast) they threw in a ‘superhero’ question. Check it out and see the shout out I gave to the One More Day storyline. (The print edition includes the homage I made to Stan Lee.)

For those who are visiting this blog for the first time because of the great plug Phil gave it, please check out where you can read the Comic Culture Warrior column written by yours truly, along with some other great (I’d say even better) columns that deal with the world of comics and pop culture.

The site will be coming off its winter hiatus this coming Tuesday, but you can read the archive and see what crazy notions we obsessive fanboy/girl types can come up with.