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Nah...he doesn't look like Darth Maul at all...

Ultimate Red Skull by Lenil Francis Yu

UPDATE: Jose pointed out to me that I read the commenter names all wrong.  In fact, ‘Kung fu Master’ according to the MillarWorld boards was, in fact, Mark Millar himself.  Well then, that puts a whole new spin on everything, doesn’t it?

Hey folks, Elliott here.  After Jose’s brilliant capsule review of Ultimate Comics Avengers #5, someone posted it on the boards.  I always get a chuckle out of hearing what folks on other boards have to say about our reviews, and for the most part, the responses are generally positive.  The response to Jose’s comment about the violence, especially the implied gang rape in the beginning of the book had me shaking my head, though:

“They’re right. It should have been way more boring. There’s enough dull comics around bucko. They need a few shocks.

PS Wasp wasn’t raped. These guys were political torturers, but it wasn’t sexual. Sexual violence in Marvel books is a bit weird and I’ve avoided since I started (as far as I recall) as this stuff is all available to kids.”  Posted by ‘Kung Fu Master’ Mark Millar

WTF!?  So this commenter wants to us to believe that Millar has no problem showing the Red Skull killing a baby and a woman stabbing her husband to death with a pair of scissors, but ‘political torture’ has to be implied.

Get your head outta the sand, dude.  It’s pretty obvious that this particular fanboy is willing to deny some obvious implications in the his book’s content so that they he can reconcile it with his own set of personal values.  Then again, tell me how a book where a villain throws a baby out a window, leaving a red ‘splat’ mark on the sidewalk is okay to have ‘available for kids’?  Was there even a Parental Advisory/For Mature Readers warning on the book?

At least there was someone on the boards who wasn’t walking around in a fog.

“The henchmen attack on Red Wasp definitely came across as rape to me. It was uncomfortable, but didn’t go all Watchmen in the details. For a political torture, there should have been a black bag over the head or some other torture gear lying around.

I’m with Darren. This really said “rape” when I read it. No other thought entered my mind.” Posted by Victim of Circumstance SJ Murphy

See folks, this a classic example of the ‘cult of personality’ that surrounds certain creators in this business.  With it, they can do no wrong  and will have followers who will defend them even when it’s contrary to their own personal beliefs.

Am I wrong?

If this is, indeed, Mark Millar denying that the scene in the beginning of Ultimate Avengers #5 was an implied rape scene, then fine.  I’m not going to call him a liar, but just point out that it was a poor storytelling choice.

But really, Mark, you think kids should be able to read books where a woman kills a man with a pair of scissors and a villain throws a baby out of a window? Really?

Oh, and it looks like Mr. Melendez has gotten the attention of one of Marvel’s top writers.  Who’s next?  Woot!

It’s been too long since I last wrote a review for this blog. I have actually been working more lately as well as being busier than usual and that’s why things on the blog have been a bit sparse. I am going to try my damnedest to remedy that fact in the next couple of days. I will be doing more of these capsule reviews in the future and until I can come up with a definite CCW style rating system this will have to do for now:

Rating System:
**** : Excellent
*** : Good
** : Fair
* : Poor
Zero : Horseshit

Title: Invincible Iron Man #24
By: Matt Fraction and Salvador Larroca

Though this was yet another solid issue of IIM, I do have to say that this issue kinda felt like the story was just going through the motions and that’s because we all know pretty much know how the story ends already. We learned of Ghost’s fate in last week’s Thunderbolts and we also know that Tony Stark will indeed become Iron Man again so he can join the Avengers for a new #1 issue in May. None the less Fraction’s story still managed to hold my interest up until the final “twist” reveal at the end.

The first 24 issue of Matt Fraction’s Invincible Iron have been all about “fixing” Tony Stark after Brian Bendis and Mark Millar did a great job a breaking the character. The story of Stark’s redemption, while still not entirely finished, has taken over 2 years to tell (If that is not a sign of the amount of damage the other writer’s inflicted on him I don’t know what is). Fraction took his time to tell the story he wanted without taking any shortcuts all the while raising the profiles and fleshing out the characters of Maria Hill and Pepper Potts making them, in my opinion, two of the best female heroes that Marvel has to offer.

As for that “twist” ending: It seems that when Stark rebooted himself with the information on the flash drive he was missing some memories. Turns out that Tony had last backed up his brain just before the time of the Marvel Civil War. You know, write about the same time that those aforementioned writers began to ruin him. Very well played Mr. Fraction. Well played indeed.

Rating: ***½

Title: New Ultimates #1
By: Jeph Loeb and Frank Cho

Blerg…I would like to start off by saying that most people may find this book “entertaining”. As you all know, I am not most people. The one question you are all wanting to know the answer to is “After the critically acclaimed Ultimate X #1 can lighting strike twice in as many months for Jeph Loeb?” Well, I am here to tell you that the answer is a resounding “No“. For the record I thought (with the exception of Art Adams’ art) that Mutant X #1 was a tired, clichéd, boring ass comic. I actually liked it better when it was known as “Superman’s Origin Story”…but I digress.

Though not as painful to read as Ultimates 3 this issue seems to be every bit as useless. My first of two major complaints is that there is an inner monologue (which belongs to Tony Stark) that runs through the WHOLE issue. Loeb did this same thing for a few issues in Hulk recently. The monologue is painfully boring (it’s all about how Stark feels sorry for himself) and at times interrupts what little flow this issue has. The Ultimates version of Tony Stark has always been a self centered prick. Why would I start feeling sorry for him now?

The second major problem I have is that no less than 3 female characters in this comic are treated as sexual objects. And when you want to drive home the point that these women are to ONLY be seen as sexual objects you get Frank Cho to draw them, right? I know Jeph Loeb likes to play to his artists strength’s but this is a bit much. The three female characters I am referring to are:

1. Hela, who will let Thor leave Vahalla only if he impregnates her. There is even a sweet panel where they show her getting almost completely undressed for the fanboys Thor.

2. Zarda, whose only dialogue in this issue consists of her telling Stave Rogers that she wants to fuck him.

3. Carol Danvers, who is the head of S.H.I.E.L.D and is portrayed at the beginning of the book as the only person who will stand up to Tony Stark’s bullshit…which is all apparently all a ruse since we see her half naked in Stark’s bed at the end of the issue.

Ya, I know, this shit is getting really fucking old but you know what? I’ll stop talking about it when Marvel stops pulling this shit. But I’m sure we should just overlook this kinda stuff now that they have a book coming out called Girls Comics. Hypocrites.


Title: Ultimate Avengers #5
By: Mark Millar and Carlos Pacheco

Marvel: Mark, I don’t think your version of the Red Skull is evil enough.
M.M.: Really? Him not being a complete psychopath and killing everyone he sees isn’t enough?
Marvel: Nah, seems a bit bland. Can you, you know, take it up a notch?
M.M.: Well, I guess I could throw in a story from his past where he makes a woman choose between her having to kill her husband with a pair of scissors or the Red Skull shooting her infant child.
Marvel: Ummm..that sounds alright. Could you include a panel where you SHOW the Red Skull pressing the gun against the baby’s head?
M.M.: Errr…sure. I’ll go one even better. I’ll have the woman kill her husband with the scissors and then I’ll just have the Skull throw her baby out of an open window to add insult to injury. Hell, I’ll even add a panel of an exterior shot of the building that shows a small red splotch on the ground where the baby landed.
Marvel: I like where this is going. I mean…I REALLY, REALLY like it…but it’s still not enough. Does he have any henchmen with him?
M.M.: I guess he could. Why?
Marvel: Well, we need to drive home the point that he is a nasty fuck.
M.M.: Even more so? Huh…well, I guess I could allude to him and his henchmen gang raping the woman all night.
Marvel: Brilliant. That’s why we pay you the big bucks.
M.M.: Ah, stop. You’re making me blush.

Rating: *

Title: Prelude to Deadpool Corps #1
By: Victor Gishler and Rob Liefeld

Holy shit. The awful writing combined with the Rob Liefeld art make this issue comparable to Onslaught Reborn. I am dead serious, it‘s that sad. You would think with Deadpool being in this comic you may get a laugh of two, right? Nope. Not even close. I will say though that people should read this comic because it is a textbook example of how not to do a comic.

Trees died in order for this comic to see print and that is the fucking saddest thing of all.

Rating: Zero


Weak Sauce

Ultimatum, one of the worst comic book mini-series mankind has ever created, has been over now for a couple of weeks. What was it’s ultimate purpose (see what I did there) in the end? Besides making Marvel some money off of fan boys who will read any piece of shit thrown at them, I believe it was to set the stage for a relaunch of the Ultimate line and that’s exactly what we have here this week in two new Ultimate Comics #1 issues. The first I’ll be reviewing is:

Title: Ultimate Comics Avengers #1
Writer: Mark Millar
Art: Carlos Pacheco and Danny Miki
Publisher: Marvel
Price: $3.99

After letting Jeph Loeb molest and fondle the team quite inappropriately in the last series Marvel has decided to hand The Ultimates back over to series creator Mark Millar. What’s different? The book is no longer called The Ultimates for starters. In what can only be seen as a step in the right direction to end some unnecessary confusion for comic noobs (which I believe are what a lot of Marvel’s customers are) the title on the cover has been changed to Ultimate Avengers. I have no idea why this hasn’t always been the case but it may have something to do with the fact that Marvel has it’s head up it’s own arse most of the time. Another change is that Millar’s usual artist of choice, Bryan Hitch, has been replaced by former DC exclusive artist Carlos Pacheco. I personally prefer Carlos over Hitch but Pacheco is fast becoming a shadow of his former self artistically. I’m not saying he isn’t still better than most comic artists out there but to me his art has really lost a lot of the excitement and energy it once had.

Well, was it a worthy #1 issue for the $3.99 price tag? Hardly. While the comic came in at 24 pages, 7 of those pages were splash pages and, at most, pages only had 3 to 4 panels each. I understand that Millar has always written The Ultimates to feel like a Hollywood movie and that’s why there are so few “panoramic” panels per page but this isn’t a fucking movie. It’s a god damn comic book. Why put a constraint on the visual storytelling? It’s completely maddening at points because comics CAN DO so much more visually than film can. I have always thought Millar’s and Hitch’s Ultimates comics looked like nothing more than stale film storyboards and unfortunately this new series continues that trend.

As for the story itself it really is nothing special at all. It starts off by letting us know that Nick Fury has been relieved of his duties at SHIELD but no sooner does that happen than SHIELD needs Fury back to run a Black Ops team to bring in a rogue Captain America. The rest of the issue than proceeds to show us (a little anyway) why Cap went rogue in an overlong and drawn out action sequence which ends with a scene completely ripped off from the Star Trek film which was released two months ago. For Fuck’s sake, Millar. Give it some time before you blatantly rip something off.

I really hope that Pacheco got paid more than Millar did for his work on this issue but I seriously doubt that. If it weren’t for the art this book would have been piss poor. The script is average at best and the reveal at the end (kinda lame and cliched) is completely for shock value which I really shouldn’t have been surprised at since that seems to be Millar’s m.o. as of late.

There were much better and CHEAPER books that came out this week that you should have invested in instead of this one.