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Now get out there CCWNation and spread the word, E&J are back!

What else ya gonna do? Be productive?

-Deemar 🙂

The Comedian, courtesy of Zack Snyder and the Watchmen Movie web site.
Or in this case, in the University of Minnesota’s library.

Comic Collector John Borger left the U of M his collection of 40,000 comics, including entire runs of Sandman and Watchmen. It gets a nice, touching write-up in the MinnPost where Mr. Borger’s wife reminisces about how she met her husband and how his obsession with comics practically took over their living spaces.

There’s something about a major university accepting such a bequest that really gives the perception of what’s ‘valuable’ a real paradigm shift.

I mean…we’re talking about comic books, right?

Those things our moms threw out or gave away when we went off to college? That she’d wonder aloud why we spent our entire allowances on and pile up in our closets?


(Ok…I think I’ve got some issues I need to work out here…)

So…Mark Millar‘s & John Romita Jr.‘s new title from Icon was released this past Wednesday. The book was sold out at my local shop, but I did get to read a preview copy.

My one word review: Meh.

Now, I know this is going to sound elitist, but I wasn’t impressed. And considering the hype surrounding the book, and the fact that it’s already been optioned for a film (ala Wanted), it would have been hard pressed to really live up to the hype. Do I hear Phantom Menace anyone? But Millar himself has played into the hype, so the credit – and the blame- lays squarely on his shoulders.

More on this to come.

Because I know today’s ‘Marvelite’ can be completely oblivious to the heritage they’ve bought into…

Man, this stuff is cheesy but GREAT! I was totally born in the wrong decade…

(Kudos to the chap who put this sucker together.)

I’m totally making me some MMMS letterhead and membership cards!

This coming Tuesday, my interview with Steve Rude (of Nexus fame) and his wife Jaynelle will be one of the many wonderful features you’ll be able to read over at the CWR site.

Courtesy of Dial B for Blog and You Tube

The above video is taken from the Nexus: The Animated Series promo DVD that Steve & Jaynelle put together to promote an animated feature to network execs. The DVD contains 2 minutes of fully rendered animated footage as well as a 5-minute feature on creating the Nexus comic book, starring The Dude himself.
If you’re looking to get a copy of the DVD, you can try to win a FREE COPY of it by signing up for the CWR Google Group, or head on over to SteveRude.Com to purchase one.
Hope to see you Tuesday!

No…I have not read Blankets. There…I said it.

But I will read it…soon…I swear. But first I need to finish…

Real interesting concept, simple effective packaging, and I like the compact digest size. I will admit that I’m having a bit of an issue with some of the dialogue, as the writer seems to enjoy letting his characters gab a bit without any real point to it, but I’m confident I won’t regret my purchase.

Any other indy books someone would like to recommend?