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Ok, for the record I have not seen Indy 4 yet (I’ll be seeing that along with everyone else on opening day) but I just couldn’t let Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune slide on what he said in his review:

“Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” is not slovenly in terms of craft, but this script fails its interpreters utterly. Indiana Jones—let’s be honest—never was a memorable movie character.

Oy vey.

Ok…and here’s my good natured rebuttal sent to him via e-mail:


I have to take issue with your statement ‘ Indiana Jones – let’s face it – never was a memorable movie character.’

Are you serious, dude? Are you really talking about the character that put Harrison Ford on the map as a leading man? The one folks know him better for than Han Solo, that guy form that other successful movie franchise he starred in? The character that Spielberg says all you have to do is show his silhouette and you’d recognize him? The character that’s ranked #2 in the AFI’s Top Motion Picture Heroes, behind Atticus Finch? That character?

(That whole bit works best if you can imagine my voice going up an octave with each rhetorical question, kind of like Stewie Griffin.)

Puh-leeze. If you don’t think Indy’s all that memorable, stop smoking whatever it is you’re smoking because you’ve lost too many brain cells as it is.


Of course, that little wink at the end means that my jibe is meant in good fun, but the guy really should watch how he throws his pronouncements around. I practically did a spit take when I read that in the paper yesterday.

‘Never was a memorable character?’ You’ve gotta be kidding me!


Rutger Hauer as replicant Roy Batty

He’s an unfeeling killing machine, who has fought in interstellar wars and seen ships ablaze in the deep, dark vacuum of space. He’s a replicant that has been designated for ‘retirement’ because he’s perceived as a threat to ‘real’ humans. And yet Roy Batty shows kindness to a bird and saves Deckard’s life. The scene is as poignant today as when I saw it in the theaters almost 25 years ago. Harrison Ford wasn’t Han Solo or Indiana Jones in this one, he was just some shmoe who got in over his head.


And I say bullshit to Mr. Ridley Scott who says Deckard is also a replicant. Harrison Ford says poppycock to that idea, and I stick with the man on that. Just like many folks have their own opinions on the Star Wars Special Editions, and refuse to accept Lucas’ changes to the films, I refuse to accept that Deckard is a replicant.


On top of that, when you say ‘Final Cut‘, I’ll always think Roger Waters’ follow-up to The Wall. So sue me.