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This here post is for talking about the Iron Man 2 movie. If you do not want to be exposed to spoilers I suggest you go elsewhere…like the Weekend Open Thread where there is always a party going on. You’ll find me there throughout the weekend.

PLEASE DO NOT comment about Ion Man 2 in the Weekend Open Thread. I’d like to keep that spoiler free for anyone who hasn’t seen the movie. Thanks.


Hey folks, just a heads up: I saw Iron Man last night at a special sneak preview and stayed up late to write this review that I posted on my Geek To Me blog. Since I don’t usually write reviews, I’m wondering how this one came out. If you all could check it out and give me your feedback, I’d appreciate it!

See you on the flip side!


P.S. Yes, there are MORE VIDEOS TO COME!

WonderCon 2010

Thanks go out to Saar for bringing this new trailer to my attention.


Hey folks, Elliott here again with another poll inspired by a tweet from Brian Bendis:

“BRIANMBENDIS Btw saw iron man 2 last night. 🙂 don’t ask me a god damn thing. I am sworn to secrecy! Just like to tell u I saw it. Enjoy 2012 :)”

What a wit. Really. And now the poll:

So…MTV Splash Page got the scoop from Iron Man 1 & 2 director Jon Favreau that he wouldn’t direct the eventual ‘ultimate superhero team-up’ from Marvel Films:

So the question remains: who’s gonna direct the flick? My vote? Peter Berg who has shown himself to be very adept at drama (The Kingdom) and great at doing action (The Rundown).

Who do YOU think should direct The Avengers?