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Ok, after being gently admonished by Dan Slott, I bit…I returned to my local shop and bought Amazing Spiderman #546 & #547. (Yeah, #547 was $2.99 as promised.) So, what did I think about it?

Well, at least it was fun. There’s a devil-may-care (pun unintended) attitude about it right now that takes it light-years away from the One More Day storyline, just as Mr. Quesada indicated it would. Dan Slott’s script is pretty breezy and harkens back a bit to the days where Spidey was pretty much a Charlie Brown in superhero tights. And I always rate how a writer handles Spidey with how clever Webhead’s quips are in a brouhaha. (The exchange he had with all the goombahs in ASM # 547 made me chuckle.)
Hmmm…guess we have our ‘pre-9/11’ Spiderman back. Although, I still don’t get how he appears to be younger than he was before OMD, or are they saying that marriage in the Marvel U ages you prematurely? (Doesn’t it do the same in real life? Rimshot.)
On a related note, I think I like this idea of running ASM like a television show with rotating writers, but let’s see how it turns out in the execution.

Since comments aren’t readily visible on this blog, in the interest of fairness I wanted to post Dan Slott‘s (Amazing Spiderman, The Initiative) rebuttal to my last post:

“I am happy to tell you that your friend is wrong, sir.

This was a SPECIAL LARGER SIZED issue of ASM– featuring an extra 3 pages of lead story, three back up tales, a special fact sheet by Romita Jr. (in the style of those old Ditko fact sheets: How Spidey’s Mask Works, Who are Spidey’s Friends?, etc.), and a return of the letters page!
A total of 14 extra pages of art and story (plus one editorial page) for just one buck!

And… With THIS week’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #547, the price goes back down to the AVERAGE price of $2.99! And that’s where it’s staying, sir! $2.99 an issue! Three times a month!

So… Both THIS Weds. and NEXT Weds… EXPECT to GET 22 pages a pop of ALL-NEW STEVE McNIVEN ART!

With covers… That’s 46 gorgeous Steve McN pages!!!”

I stand corrected. I will say again, for the record, that I really would like to see Mr. Slott’s career take off from this venture. I have no personal vendetta or ax to grind over the whole OMD scenario (outside of paying for reprinted material), and I can even play the advocate for the ‘hows and whys’ certain creative decisions were made. But I do feel like sometimes we get played as fans and it just comes out pretty snarky.

And in his defense, it must suck for Slott to be constantly on the lookout for the kind of snark that can affect a person’s career. (Not that I expect this lil’ blog to be all that influential, but hey, he took the time to write.) Bad press, misinformed opinions, all can sink even the most well-meaning endeavors.

I’ll try to be mindful of that in the future.

So…Stephen Colbert has this bit that he does on The Colbert Report, where for the longest time he didn’t believe in global warming until An Inconvenient Truth came out. No, he wasn’t convinced by Al Gore’s powerpoint, but by the film’s box office revenues. The movie made money, so it must be true. The Market had Spoken.

Now, by a similar rationale, the Spiderman: One More Day storyline, the arc that ‘erased’ the marriage of Peter Parker to Mary Jane Watson, was a great story!

Why? For all the bitching and moaning about ‘wiping out 20 years of continuity’ and Joe Quesada‘s disdain for Peter Parker’s status as one of the ‘ball and chained‘, the book sold like gangbusters! Sales figures so far have each of the Spidey books that were included on the OMD ‘mini-series’ ranked in Marvel’s top ten selling books, outselling even some of the X-titles.

So my question to all those fanboys (and girls) who’ve been fuming and flaming on the message boards: If you hated the story so much, why did you buy it?

So it appears that I have been accepted into the Red Eye Chicago’s 5 on 5 forum. For those who don’t know, the ‘5 on 5’ consists of 5 folks giving quips and opinions on 5 different topics. Most of the time it’s sports related, but due to my background as a ‘comic-book culture columnist’ (say that ten times fast) they threw in a ‘superhero’ question. Check it out and see the shout out I gave to the One More Day storyline. (The print edition includes the homage I made to Stan Lee.)

For those who are visiting this blog for the first time because of the great plug Phil gave it, please check out where you can read the Comic Culture Warrior column written by yours truly, along with some other great (I’d say even better) columns that deal with the world of comics and pop culture.

The site will be coming off its winter hiatus this coming Tuesday, but you can read the archive and see what crazy notions we obsessive fanboy/girl types can come up with.

So…the controversial One More Day storyline has come to its conclusion and has left its mark on the Spiderman mythos. Some like it, most hate it, if only for the ham-fisted manner in which the ‘problem’ of Peter Parkers marriage was ‘solved.’ I have thoughts of my own about the whole thing, but so as not to parrot what’s being said on the message boards across geek-dom, I’ll just summarize a point or two:

A) The story was what an old art teacher of mine called a ‘well-rendered mistake.’ The art was decent and some of the dramatic moments well-scripted, but overall it was just plain…bad. And while the story was poorly-written, I can’t blame JMS too much for it as the whole thing reeks of the ‘too many cooks’ syndrome. Mr. Staczynski even wanted his name taken off the final 2 issues from what I understand. Not surprising as the end result of OMD pretty much erases much of his ‘historic’ run on ASM.

B) This ad below was a promo for the whole OMD ‘event’ which teased that one of the characters contained would have a pivotal role in the storyline. Considering that NONE of the characters made much of an impact, let alone appeared (save for Iron Man who shows up to get webbed up by Peter and that’s pretty much it), methinks that some real re-writing and re-jiggering of the storyline had taken place. In the end, it reeks of poor planning and storytelling.

I’m left scratching my head over this one. The larger issue of the world knowing Peter Parker’s true identity is ‘resolved’ in a line of throw-away dialogue. So much for Civil War‘s ‘long-term effects.’ And the Parker/MJ marriage goes where Joey Q. wanted it to go for so long…away.
More thoughts to come.