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Title: Rulk Hulk #15
Writer: The Second Coming of Alan Moore Jeph Loeb
Art: Ian Churchill and Mark Farmer
Publisher: Disney Marvel
Price: $3.99 (and worth every penny)

Listen up my lil’ Comic Culture Warriors. The wait is finally over. It’s the last Wednesday of the month and with it comes the release of what I call “The Best F’n Comic Book of the Month” ( or TBFCBotM for short…XD) but you may know it better as Hulk #15. I was almost worried the this comic wouldn’t make it out this month but thanks to Jeph Loeb’s strong work ethic and his love for his fans I, today, hold the book in my hands. I knew Loeb wouldn’t let all us fanboys down. Thanks Jeph!!!! lolololol.

Last ish Domino accidentally found out Rulk’s identity and got away while Rulk chased after her. So, natch, he hires a group of mercenaries (some of Marvel’s most bad ass heroes imho) and they go to hunt Domino down. When they finally track her down she’s not alone, no sirree. Man, when I read that last page and saw that all of X-Force was standing face 2 face against Rulk’s team I thought 2 myself “Dood, this is going to be a wicked fight!” And do you think Loeb let my down with this titanic throw down? Read on, fanboys, read on.

B4 I get in2 the happenings of this ish I got to state something 4 the record. I’ve read reviews on other websites that weren’t very favorable 2 the last issue. People complained that the story really didn’t make any sense and that Mr. Loeb just puts a lot of characters in2 his stories to hide that fact that he can’t write. All I got 2 say is WTF? REALLY!?

1st off, the story makes complete sense. How does Rulk find all of these guys 2 help him out? He’s got connections u dbags. Jeph Loeb has been laying down the foundation for who Rulk is and how he is so connected since ish #1. He’s got to hunt down Domino. She knows who he really is. Can you imagine if someone found out YOUR secret identity? You’d probably want to kill that person 2 help protect yourself. Am I right? Loeb knows this. He understands how real people think. That’s what makes him a beyond great writer. Have you watched the new episodes of Heroes this season? Well, I haven’t because as soon as Loeb got fired from the show I boycotted it and haven’t watched it since. I have heard from friends of mine that the show has gotten like so much worse. It’s like a ship without a rudder doods. Jeph Loeb was Heroes rudder and without him that show has lost it’s direction. I know that might b 2 deep 4 some of u to understand but Loeb fanz know what I mean. They get it.

And B) you know why Loeb puts so many awesome characters in2 every story? It’s not to hide the fact he can’t write, it’s 2 show how much of a great writer he is. 2 me, the more characters you have in a comic the better writer u r. Need proof? 3 words: Brian F’n Bendis. Look how many characters are in Dark Avengers and New Avengers. Bendis is THE only guy I know (besides Loeb) who can write those books that awesomely. Did you read those Matt Fraction issues of Dark Avengers. Ya, that guy should just stick with his Iron Man book with the two characters that r in it cause he can’t write 4 lots of characters. Hey Marvel! Don’t you ever take Bendis off of Dark Avengers or New Avengers again! That was one of the only things you have done wrong this year but it was still wrong. If you ever do it again I am going to start buying some DC (Dildo Comix) instead. lololololol. Ha, right. I wouldn’t do that but still keep Bendis on Avengers 4ever (and no I don‘t mean like that crappy Avengers 4ever story by Curt Buick of Dildo Comics). IF not, only replace him with Loeb or maybe even Mark Millar. Doods, could you imagine Loeb and Millar teaming up to do like a Civil War 2? Wow, has anyone else thought about this? I have some ideas 4 it. I’ll post them later on. And if you like what you see Marvel you can use my ideas. lololol.

Oh shit, what time is it? Man, sorry, doods. I lost track of the time. I promised my bud DP I would jump on Halo ODST 2nite for a few hours and help him tbag some noobz. I’ll post this on my blog rite now so you guys can read it. I know I really didn’t get 2 far into the story of this issue so if you want me to do a second part to this review give me a holla holla in the comments section.

Stay crescent fresh fanboys.

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