CCW Weekend Open Thread

Posted: June 26, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW Open Thread

  1. Insideman says:

    Sid the Cussing Bunny (from Craig Ferguson) on the World Cup Horns:

  2. Deemar says:

    How about some Poe via the creepiest actor in all of Hollywood

    Christopher Walken!

  3. TheGateJester says:

    So I managed to read a few of this weeks comics and I must say that I am through with Zatanna. Man that series is just really suffering. On a higher note I thought this weeks PG was actually pretty decent. It was pretty much a set up issue for the new creative team and I thought it was pretty good. It read very similar to Generation Lost. And I don’t know what you guys thought of the art, but I thought it was actually pretty good as well. Don’t get me wrong I am going to miss Conner, but this artist (cause I’m not sure if its a guy or a girl) is actually pretty good. Let me know what you guys though of these issues if you happened to read them.

  4. Deemar says:

    Just because

  5. Deemar says:

    Brick House!

  6. IronMuskrat says:

    Another problem caused my global climate change.. an unnaturally horny Al Gore!

  7. phil says:

    Because I couldn’t let the good Genral get all the story glory, but seriously, any comments / critiques ( constructive ) “I bruise like a peach” are welcome. Anyway…if any of y’all get a chance, give this a looksee.

  8. Edward2962 says:

    I know some ppl stopped liking these guys when they went from being Stones/Small faces to Humble Pie,but I still like this song.

  9. Edward2962 says:

    Also I hope this works.If not check out the Black Cat review at Comics Alliance site.

    Saving kids the Marvel way:Divorce and cigarettes are bad.Deals w/Satan and BOOTY CALLS are A-OK!
    Remember this is a character they licence to Sat morning cartoons!

  10. Kaoki Shiki says:

  11. Jeremy says:

    Anyone hear about Mark Millar’s Superman “homage”. I think it’s called Supreme <__>

  12. Insideman says:

    Quick question! The Agents Of Atlas: Marvel Boy HC that was just printed (featuring Marvel Boy: The Uranian #1-3)…

    …Can I read that without screwing up any “spoilers” in what’s left of future Marvel continuity… Even if I have NOT finished reading all of the “Dark Reign” bullshit yet?

    In other words, can I read the book out of sequence without some character commenting that they caught Steve Rogers– now the head of the S.H.I.E.L.D.– quietly rocking a two piece bikini in his personal quarters– while dancing to Ke$ha’s new CD?

    Ya know… I don’t want to be spoiled on stuff like that!

  13. generaldark says:

    I just read dynamo 5 sins of the father part 1 and it was pretty cool, i geuss invincible is suppose to be in the second issue so i’ll pick that up. Just one of my first steps of getting away from marvel and dc.

    • tomstewdevine says:

      Good work General, I have never read any of the Dynamo 5 books, but I hear they are pretty good too.

      • generaldark says:

        i would say pick this up but this only the first issue but if i still like it i will continue to try to give it exposure here.

    • phil says:

      I’ve got the 1st five or six issues of D5, it’s a pretty solid read. I may pick it up again in trades.

      • generaldark says:

        it would seem worthy of it.

        • Insideman says:

          D5 is a solid Trade read. I’ve read them all so far.

          IMO, the story will actually make a lot more sense if you can attempt to read the trades together. (I don’t know about you guys– but I find myself losing track of story points… As new D5 trades only show about once a year.)

          I still think Noble Causes is a superior read… Though I am not certain how the “new direction” that’s currently being undertaken taken with the book will affect my opinion.

  14. DeadChef says:

    it’s worth a laugh.

  15. proof that bendis dosen’t read anyone else’s comics just wait till the end of the video the last minute.

  16. Listed in the new Previews is “Bryan Hitch’s Ultimate Comics Studio” art instruction book. Is a “instruction book” that teaches people how to properly use a lightbox really worth $25?


    • rush says:

      Damn Hitch beat me to it. I was going to put out a book which instructs people how to use the tracing feature in Illustrator.

  17. Insideman says:

    Does anybody have a critique — or even a vague impression– about the NEGIMA Manga series? I’d lobe to know before I invest! Thanks!

    • Insideman says:

      “love” not “lobe”. I understand that some forms of the word “lobe” are considered sacrilege around here. πŸ˜‰

    • I never got into that series. Looked a bit too “cutesy” for me. Plus I am not a fan of wizards. But it has lots of fanservice if you like that sort of thing.

      I know that didn’t help you at all but that is my feeling of the series. It does sell well though.


      • Mike F says:

        Its a really stupid series. It relies on Fan-service to sell. I mean GANTZ has fan-service… but there’s a more intense plot to it. But don’t always go by others’ opinions, check it just in case you like it…

        • Locusmortis says:

          I thought Love Hina was pretty good but that was basically Maison Ikkoku with lots of fan service. Like Jose, I thought Negima looked a bit too kiddie for my liking.

          • Mike F says:

            I think the person who made Love Hina made another comic that was kinda decent.. I THINK. Don’t quote me please, but yeah, in the last decade anime/manga has become very kirky/comedy/high schoolish for my tastes. Not all of course, but a lot of it was.

            • Locusmortis says:

              Ken Akamatsu did both Love Hina and Negima which is why I brought him up. LH is a pretty decent comedy but not for those who don’t like wacky hi-jinks and the like.

            • Mike F says:

              Dang, guess I was thinking of someone else… But then again Love Hina wasn’t awful I think. I saw a few episodes and it wasn’t as bad but I can’t remember it all too clearly…

    • Insideman says:

      Thanks for all the feedback. Can’t really imagine that I would like it… Based on what you have all told me.

      I like some cute butt “cutesy”… Uh, no.

    • Mike F says:

      Movies are such an old medium. One might argue that they’re a “dying” one considering more remakes are coming out as of lately than original projects. Same with music I guess. But I truly feel comics remain in tact and original. But not all movies/music are dying. Bradbury is a great writer and IF they stay faithful it will be a good movie. But that’s the problem. Movies never seem to stay faithful…

  18. I’m flipping through the May/June 2010 issue of HorrorHound and have to say that it is an impressive horror film magazine. It has some great articles on early 80’s horror video distribution, why certain horror films (when they were released in theaters) had more than one title and the such. Much more enjoyable than Fangoria as of late.


    • Mike F says:

      Dreamland has Horror magazines? damn I wish my LCS had that. I’ve always preferred the Horror films of old than this current generation of “shock” writing and taking amazing movies and trying to remake them…

      • Luiz de Mello says:

        The actual remakes imo are usually okay. Those ‘modernizations’ though are a pain in the ass. By that I mean those ‘remakes’ that pick the old movie only for its name/popularity, then insert as many cash grabing elements as possible, meaning that ocassionally original stuff is removed/replaced cause it is doesn’t match.

        And coincidentally the butcher, mean, director/script writer will more often pick elements to remove that were simply essential to make the original movie the work it was, making something that looks like, but toally misses the real point.

  19. vegedge says:

    just watched the doctor who finale.
    holy shit.

    we need a thread!

  20. kurumais says:

    just started watching this weeks doctor who got to the opening credits 2 holy S’s and 3 WTFs so far

  21. megamanx4ever says:

    Jose I was wondering what was the first issue of Invincible you have read?

  22. hey i am picking up the first trade in my local shop on monday what would be a good jumping on point which are so rare these days or good trade stories i should get

  23. Insideman says:

    You guys should get a big kick out of this.

    Up above, I asked about the Negima series and Jose, Locusmortis and Mike F were all kind enough to reply. They also started discussing their general dislike of “fan service”.

    Well, I’m a “newbie” to Manga, remember? So I had NO IDEA what fucking “fan service” meant.

    I am now suddenly transformed into Moe the Bartender and Bart Simpson has just called the bar and asked to speak to “I.P. Freely”… I’m running around like a 2 year old, going “Fan service! Fan service! What the FUCK is fan service?” Then Jose writes something about the series being too “cutesy” for his taste and I immediately think “Oh, fan service must mean cutesy. Okaaaay. Got it.”

    So later, I go to my local Barnes & Noble and I ask the really cute girl that covers the Manga section if I could see some Manga books that focus on “fan service”. I tell her “I really want to see the books with a LOT of fan service. The MORE, the BETTER!”

    She takes two steps back and points at a few titles and slinks away. I’m thinking, “Did I not shower properly? What the fuck?”

    Longer story shorter: Leaving the store thoroughly confused, I decided to go home and look up the term on the internet. [Blush!]

    Needless to say, I printed out the definition and brought Manga girl a coffee and a muffin today, handed her the explanation and apologized for my naivete. She laughed uncontrollably… But at least she doesn’t think I’m a total PERV any longer.

    (Even though I’m not exactly certain I DISLIKE “fan service”… I still don’t like “cutesy” books.)

    • That is a fucking awesome story!!! Classic.

      You could have just asked us, ya know?


    • TheMSpot says:

      He he. I think the lesson of the story is never assume.

    • Mike F says:

      Fanservice won’t mean your a perv tho. It just means you like women… a lot…

      If your actually curious about GOOD fan-service manga, I’d say check out AIR GEAR and TENJO TENJE. Both by the great writer “OH! GREAT”.

      They feature an excessive amount of fan-service BUT the over plot of each volume is great so its clear the writer isn’t using the fan-service as a way of getting sales, he just clearly likes his women…

    • vegedge says:

      did you ask her out? because that makes for a great story

      • Locusmortis says:

        fan service is mostly just lots of panty shots, even the intro to Battle of the Planets had fan service πŸ˜€

        • Mike F says:

          @Luiz de Mello, RUSH, cballsack, Locusmortis, Edward, and Deemar regarding the converstation about Realism, superheroes, and the fabulous Warren Ellis πŸ™‚

          I truly think that we all know why we read superhero comics. We like the idea of seeing resolution in a twisted world. (let’s admit, mankind really isn’t moving forward)

          Deep down inside we wanna see the good guys beat the odds and win. But, as years go by, I noticed its harder to relate to these superhero comics. Its easier for me to relate with the more gritty darker stories of reality. I’ve always loved the escapeism, where I could see Batman take down the bad guys and make me feel some kind of inner pride knowing someone is trying to fight evil. But, they get old I guess. The story has been told. ESPECIALLY w/ marvel man. I am so sick of the shit they produce. I LOVE DD, and plan on reading SHADOWLAND but after that I think I’ll focus more on Indie comics. Warren seems like a great writer to follow. His work never disappoints for me. His surreal gritty hardcore fashion is definitely not for everyone. I read NO HERO and felt a little sad by what I read but more so enlightened that I was reading something real, and true and provoking. Above all, ORIGINAL. Jesus christ, it only took a few pages for me to realize Millar was stealing from NO HERO for his bullshit KICK-ASS.

          Any thoughts?

        • Mike F says:

          Put the post in the wrong spot -___-

  24. Mike F says:

    Finally read NO HERO by Warren Ellis. Dear god… All these years I’ve wasted my time/money/life with Marvel and ORIGINAL stuff was out there waiting to be read.

    Bravo, Warren.

    • Edward2962 says:

      If you’re interested, I would recommend Fell by Warren and artist Ben Templesmith.One and done crime stories.Too bad it didn’t do better.You might also want to check out Global Frequency by Warren. I don’t have them all but the hand full of random issues I do have are fun.

      • Mike F says:

        Yeah, I have read a few of FELL but I can’t find the rest of them. Everyone says the same thing, they keep waiting for the next issue but its been a while…

        Global Frequency I have read. Yeah, it was great. Miranda Zero is awesome πŸ™‚ I LOVE the covers by Brian Wood too. I’d buy that comic for the covers alone, Warren’s work is just the cherry on top.

        • SmokeyClocks says:

          the first 8 fell are collected in tpb. It was suppose to release more issues but Warren’s computer died and he lost the scripts. He tried to recreate them but decided he couldn’t and is working on new scripts now.

    • rush says:

      All I’m going to say is yes you have, most of what Marvel and for that matter DC(the popular titles) is sophomoric.

      • Mike F says:

        Your right. I like superheroes, I like the idea of a the good guys going for the fight but right now it doesn’t feel the same. Of course there’s exceptions, (JMS is doing great with Brave and the Bold, and Fraction knows Ironman every well) but the majority of Cape comics aren’t doing it for me anymore.

        I LOVE the Flash but the current Flash comics are beyond boring and pretentious.

        I grew up with Manga rather than USA titles, and I am not giving up on USA titles, I’m just cutting back for more Indie titles like Forgetless, a book Jose recommended and more Ellis πŸ™‚

        • rush says:

          I do like superheroes but I want superheroes for thinking adults. This is going to sound ridiculous but I think about characters like Tony Stark and Reed Richards. Both geniuses with near limitless resources and they haven’t solved some of their world’s problems like disease, food shortage or use of oil. See ridiculous. Sometimes a simplistic tale of clearly defined good versus evil can be great if done well however in comics the stories and characters are made to straddle the between good innocent fun and the grim realities of our real world. This I think ultimately makes for bland if not bad stories.

          • Deemar says:

            Never thought about that scenario (At least lately)

            I’d like to see a story showing the actual “why” of Reed Richard not ending world hunger.

            Me thinks lawyers and corporate CEOs would be the villains within the story.

          • Luiz de Mello says:

            Honestly, I hate current marvel’s ‘sci-fi’ heroes and books, even though Fraction’s IM plots are readable per se. It is just pulp pretending to be science, and is almost like JQ’s apparent take on magic (it just works, it doesn’t need to be explained or make sense for the matter).

            Early Marvel had genious, yes, but even Reed was not a master of all, they all had their fields of expertise. Even Doom and Reed were not the best on everything, even though they had a more ample array of areas and higher average level of knowledge on the others. Reed would still defer to Banner in regards to gamma stuff, for example. None of them were poping up discoveries out of their butts everyday, nor did they invent Doomsday devices while pooping and created it from their neighbor’s garbage overnight cause they couldn’t sleep like now.

            Somehow now high intelligence = knowledge on all areas known or not = availability of resources = speed of learning = certainty that you will find a solution to any problem presented = viability of your solutions = whatever-else-writer-feel-like-today. In Marvel seems like magic is indeed science (and so science is also magic), but JQ’s version of magic. That one that does not need to be explained or make sense for the matter.

            • rush says:

              Exactly, these characters had limits in the past. They seem over the top these days.

              How about the fact that the planet is visited by alien species on a regular basis but this little fact doesn’t seem to affect the various cultures of Earth, really? How dull are the imaginations at the “house of ideas”?

            • cballsack says:

              Well said. I agree 100%. I’ve had the same feeling about the so-called super intelligence of several characters.

        • Mike F says:

          I completely get you RUSH. One thing I love about NO HERO. Its showing the reality of becoming a super hero in a pretty fucked up world. I know people wanna think that villains are glamorous but they’re not all the time. BUT I do like my escapeisms. Seeing things different from the twisted world. Things that make me forget it. But sometimes its cool to see the reality of this genre. I do normally prefer the escapeism but in this case, the reality is interesting, ESPECIALLY thru the mind of Ellis.

          Its really really REALLY Fucking obvious that Millar copied Ellis’ NO HERO with KICK-ASS. Its so clear to me now…

          • rush says:

            Ellis is brilliant. I have to agree with you about being able to escapist entertainment. I think that’s why I liked Tom Strong so much when that book came out and why I still enjoy watching cartoons. I have the entire run Tex Avery cartoons he did for MGM and I watch them often.

          • Luiz de Mello says:

            Well, escapism is still a form of realism, just not the obvious form (or you could say that there is a direct and strong link, if you will). Both are basically two sides of the same coin.

            It is a long subject, but to cut it short think of both as a SINGLE combination of imposed ‘truths’ + selected highlighted parts of reality, while everything else can be assumed to be as the real world or not exist since it is not important.

            Kick-Ass is an entirely different animal. It has two of those combos, one for Hit Girl and another for everyone else. It still stinks, though.

            • rush says:

              I think escapism is necessary part of our overall experience but this doesn’t mean the bar for creativity should be lowered.

  25. TheMSpot says:

    Ellis seems to always come up with new and interesting stories. Does the guy ever sleep, because he always seems to be working on one project after another. I don’t think there is a other writer that can compare to the amount of different work that this guy puts out.

    • rush says:

      I think it’s peyote.

    • Mike F says:

      It is strange how he can always put out so much work that’s so diverse so frequently. He runs his own site, a few message boards, and regularly checks his fan email account. I don’t know if he’s really popular among mainstream readers since he does have a bit of a hardcore default to his work, but its always original and creative… Hell, I love what I’ve seen so far πŸ™‚

  26. Deemar says:

    Unrelated sidenote

    Chris Brown on the BET music Awards, doing the Michael Jackson tribute performance.

    1. He still sucks

    2. During the “Man in the Mirror” segment he starts crying like a little bitch.

    3. Never have I wanted to jump through a tv and bash another humans head in more.

    BET truly has no class

  27. kurumais says:

    does the world need these titles?

    steve rodgers super soldier yeah it going to be by ed brubaker but cant secret avengers be the book we get our steve fix at least for the next 6 months to a year ( and I’m resident cap fan around here!)

    the invaders an alex ross thingie starring buckycap namor the torch toro and the golden age vision. did anyobe else read that snooze fest avengers/invaders? is anyone reading the torch? is anyone reading the marvels project? who green lit this sucker?

    btw i think golden age vision is pretty cool and could be a nice addition to the modern marvel u

    • Deemar says:

      Super soldier is just a mini right?

    • TheMSpot says:

      Yeah, for me if Reborn wasn’t good enough to put in the regular Cap title than it wasn’t good enough for me, and that is how I pretty much feel about this Super Soldier mini. I thought I was the only Cap fan around here. Actually, I was thinking of waiting for the trade on the Invaders mini, and the Marvels Project, but everything else I really didn’t bother with.

      That Invaders mini I’m really on the fence about. Because Alex Ross is not doing the art, and I’m not to crazy about any of the books that he’s co-written or plotted.

      • Deemar says:

        I always feel cheated by Alex Ross, he’ll do the covers and the interior art just doesn’t meet his level of skill.

        Plus to be honest I’m really tired of his fixation with the Golden Age and SuperFriends. It’s like the guy is always living in the past.

        Until Ross does something contemporary I’m passing on what he does

        • kurumais says:

          im with you on ross’s fixation with the past its starting to annoy me

          • Edward2962 says:

            At least Ross still respects the old characters.I don’t think he’ll do a story where Zan and Jayna lose their memories and Black Vulcan finds Jayna in Europe and shags her and then comes back to the States with a new identity and wants to kill ppl cuz now he’s edgy.

            • Deemar says:

              Yeah..sure I can respect his “respecting” the Old Timey days, but goddamn can’t the man look outside his window for once and realize nobody gives two fucks about the Invaders rehashing old glories?

              Dude simply needs to get with the now, he can “respect” what came before while not being chained to the past.

              And for fucks sake enuff with the SuperFriends homages and Flash Gordon school of costume design.

              I just want too see Alex Ross do something unique, completely unrelated to a property from 40yrs ago, Hire new freaking models intstead of the same guy for Batman,Cap’n America,Superman etc…stop drawing every hero as if their 40 going 50yrs old.

              Hell as much as I hate MTV, I’d force feed Ross My Sweet Sixteen, Jersey Shore, For the Love of Ray J, Adultswim, Boondocks, Daily show, Colbert Report, CNN, Glenn Beck…any thing “current” to wash that 1960s/70s nostalgia off him.



              Whew, ranting fills good

        • TheMSpot says:

          Yeah, I would agree with you on that he should do something more contemporary.

          I would like to see him do a Invincible cover, just because, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

          I kind of feel bad for saying this, but it almost feels like he is turning into a Frank Miller or a Chris Claremont in that he is turning into a parody of him self.

      • kurumais says:

        hey M you should see my shelfporn all cap stuff plus i have a nice convention portfolio of cap and cap related sketches in addition to my cap collection from 100 up
        and almost all of tales of suspense im a cap fan in the truest sense FANATIC

        • TheMSpot says:

          Fanatic, at least you said it. So, anyway did you happen to pick up Cap #606, and if so what did you think?

          • kurumais says:

            very very mixed feelings
            loved the interaction between zemo and ghost
            and falc and cap when sam called bucky cap during the fight i got to say i got chocked up and psyched at the same time captain america and the falcon are back!!!
            loved the scene in bar with steve buck and sam
            butch guice pecils were amazing he was channelin kirby and steranko at points and beautifully i might add i love him on this book the style he is using currently fits perfectly with what luke ross and steve epting have done with the book

            now the bad
            zemo motivation?? are you %^&8ing kindding me brubaker? when was the last time bruaker read a comic with zemo in it? 1987? zemo has long since left that revenge crap behind. he has buried the hatchet with steve cap twice and his mini was all about him defining himself on his own terms not by his dad’s or family’s. of course his agenda got stolen by norman osbourn during dark reign ” ill save the world even if i have to rule it to do so”
            going after bucky for dear old dad is beyond silly its insulting especially to fabian nicieza a very good writer whose work deserves repect
            plus im sick of revenge being the ONLY villian motivation in comics

            iron hand hauptmann? really bru? what is this guy 90 years old? we are supposed to take this guy seriously? it reminds me of a patton oswalt bit on birthdays ” if you heard someone cry out for help help there is a 100year old strangling me to death would you run out help?”

            zemo’s plan looks a lot like red skull’s plan going after steve at the start of brubakers run going after those around him first maybe this is his way to bring the book full circle and give the sheild back to steve in like 25 issues

            i think brubaker has a nice grasp of the caps and falcon but he needs a better class of villain

            and of course the nomad back up annoyed the heck out of me

        • Deemar says:

          Oh yeah! A real Cap fan would abuse steriods and join the Army, befriend a underage boy, get him killed, sleep in a refrigerator for 40 yrs.

          Do it! Do it!


          • kurumais says:

            i wish you told me this last week D i could have been out cruising the jr highs with 25 lbs of leg weights on each ankle but schools let out for the summer which means ill have to hit a city pool up and thats never pretty

  28. So, ya, this week’s Last Rants is about Brian Bendis. Just thought I’d share that info.


  29. Mike F says:

    Is Planetary Good, anyone?

  30. Mike F says:

    Touchable holograms? is the future finally what we dreamed of?

  31. Deemar says:


  32. Anyone else been watching Boondocks this season?


  33. Deemar says:

    “You ain’t too fat and ugly to be raped, Mutha Fucka.”

    “I apologize for my rudeness.”


  34. Deemar says:

    “All in favor of Bitches?!”

    “What about white bitches?”

  35. Deemar says:

    “Alright the list is so far..”

    “Bitches…white bitches…asian bitches..blind bitches……eskimo bitches and Alaskan bitches…”

    Oh lordy

  36. I dedicate this vid to MSpot.


  37. TheMSpot says:

    Good night all.

    Who knows what evil lurks? TheMSpot KNOWS!!!

    Fucking Sarah Palin, writing notes on her hand, who fuck does she think she’s fooling? Not me that’s for damn sure.

  38. Deemar says:

    I’m not gone running silent while drawing.

  39. phil says:

    Wow! the last 30 to 50 posts you guys really ratcheted things up a bit, so let me try to catch up somewhat before I turn in for the night….uhmmm morning.

    On the new technology: If only it were free. God knows my left hand is exhausted πŸ™‚
    On Christina Hendricks: I wish!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    On Tyler Perry: I don’t begrudge him his succsess, but I’ve always felt he was one of the unfunniest ppl on the planet.
    on: House Of Payne: Case in point of the unfunniest comment, above
    on; Aaron McGruder and The Boondocks: I was pretty hype that this newspaper strip was going to be an ongoing animated show, then I saw the show and was immediately let down.. The cleverly written somewhat insightful strip, became a dumb downed, ethnic slur ladened shadow of what it had been..
    although it did have its moments; the MLK ep that Jose mentioned as well as a pimp named Slickback and the blind samurai ep.
    on Prez Palin: I feel what Jose is sayin’, but while I do think she will receive a ground swell of support, I don’t think she’ll take the presidency in 2012. That said, I believe that if President Obama doesn’t start amping things up a bit, he may very well be a one termer.
    On Bill Maher…sorta: Bill Maher once said that Obama could afford to take a page out of W’s book. Those of you familiar with Maher knows he’s far from a Bush supporter, but the one thing he gives Bush credit for is he’s usually not indecisive. No matter what excessive wrong thinking the former president had going on as it related to policy, if he felt he neede to push something through he did it. Sure it might be f’d up for many of us but Maher’s point had to with not copying W’s Strategies but copy his assertiveness. I tend to agree When all is said and done…history may prove that Obama was a good man, but a good man doesn’t automatically translate that you’re a good President, but hey… he still has afew years left, right?
    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna see if Jose’s posted any music for today…. later gators

    • cballsack says:

      Maher has made it very tough for me to continue liking him. His comments on religion and the pharmaceutical industry are spot-on, but his support for the state of Israel and his dismissal of all 9/11 conspiracy theories have irritated me to the point that I find it difficult to watch him at times.

      • Insideman says:

        Here’s how Bill Maher will live in INFAMY.

        Tom Fucking Arnold FIRED him from the writing staff of “Roseanne” because Bill couldn’t write ONE decent script for situation comedy. NOT ONE.

        And before anybody says, “Well maybe he DIDN’T WANT to write a script for ‘Roseanne’.” Let me assure you: the fucker was broke– at a career endpoint AND he took the job.

        A damn MONKEY could write a decent “Roseanne’ script. So the FIRING STICKS:

        Bill Maher could NOT write 22 minutes of LAME SHIT good enough to pass TOM ARNOLD’S smell test.

        P.S. Being fired from “Politically Correct” was the best thing that could have happened to his “legacy” as a “comedian”. (Term used loosely.)

        P.P.S. He’s a FUCKING PUSSY. Yeah, I said it. And I have PERSONAL stories to back it up.

        • AvS says:

          RE: P.P.S. – Insideman, please share your personal stories on Maher.

          • Insideman says:

            Okay, here’s ONE. (I could go on but I won’t.) I volunteered for years for a major Animal Sanctuary. One night we had a benefit in LA.

            Since I am in the entertainment business, they made it my job to get the “celebrities” from the front of the building over to an area where they could be interviewed quickly and talk about the charity.

            Of course it was raining (and anybody who lives in LA knows when it rains, it rains BUCKETS and for hours– sometimes DAYS– on end).

            So here I am greeting Bill (I’d met him several times before). I had a big golf umbrella over his head even though I was completely uncovered in pouring rain. As I am walking him about 100 feet to the interview area– still not covered by an umbrella myself and holding the umbrella for Bill– he starts complaining really abusively and very loudly about the FUCKING WATER PUDDLES on the ground. He whined that the water was going to ruin his shoes and ruin his pants… He had somewhere else to be later that night and didn’t want wet shoes. (Mind you, all he had to do was walk around the puddles. It was NOT necessary to walk through them.)

            He got so nasty about it that I finally stopped about halfway to the interview area and said, “Have you happened to notice I don’t have an umbrella on myself, you whiny midget? I’m dressed as nicely as you are, prick. Would your highness prefer I PICK HIM UP and carry him to the interview area like a LITTLE BABY?”

            Needless to say, that was the last bullshit I heard from Bill that night. I even delivered him to the booth and said, “His Highness Has Arrived”, bowed and walked away.

            Later that evening, I had the pleasure of walking Marina Sirtis to the interview area. She was beautiful, extremely charming and made a big production out of me being so kind. (I was just doing my “job”.) She sealed it by giving me a nice wet kiss on the lips. Later inside, she asked me to dance.

            Yeah. Fuck You, Bill Maher.

  40. rush says:

    Did anyone watch tonight’s episode of True Blood? WTF was with that last scene?

  41. Deemar says:

    Alright I’m out later folks

    Philly holla!

  42. Insideman says:

    All the good stuff happens after I log off to read some Trades!

    Read the Marvel Boy trade, Jose. It was everything you said it would be and more… Although, Marvel should be ashamed. The trade most MOSTLY reprints. I felt like Parker was rushed to get his excellent story finished in the 3 issues. If they were going to greenlight the mini, the “House of Ideas” should have allowed him 4 or 5 issues to tell HIS story– rather then they fill the trade with reprints.

    I would really like to see a story where Parker sends Marvel Boy through time to save his Mom from the Nazis. That would be sweet.

    I like killin’ Natzis!

  43. Insideman says:

    This is somewhat related to the discussion above.

    I find when I sit down for a marathon trade reading session, I like to read a couple of books from Marvel or DC– then jump to the independent trades to get away from the normal, telegraphed plots and hokum of the mainstream Big Two.

    But after several of the independents– I find myself drawn to the mainstream stuff again… and I believe it is because of familiarity.

    Almost every time I pick up a new independent trade, I have to start ALL OVER with a NEW UNIVERSE– with new characters, new locations, new lore… Everything new. (And that’s a LOT of NEW if you read as much as I do.) But picking up a Marvel & DC book is like walking in on a continuing soap opera. You know the people, the situations, the locations.

    That’s why Jose’s hatred of Marvel’s current lack of continuity is so important to note.

    I pick up a Bendis book– and just like Jose has pointed out several times– the characters are NOT acting like they do in their own titles… Hell, several of them don’t even seem to be displaying the same SET OF MORALS.

    Suddenly I feel like I am back reading independent books again… Confused at the doppelgangers and their curious actions I see on the printed page before me… Wondering where the “regular” Marvel characters I have come to love & respect have gone.

    Yeah, Bendis. You suck. Worse than a Black Hole, Dude.

    • rush says:

      Let me play devil’s advocate here. Though it is important to some degree to have consistency in character behavior it’s not always possible since too many creators use the character in question in very different stories. On the subject of continuity, not everyone reads every book put out by the publisher so to some extent the reader has to create their own continuity based on what books they do read. If readers try to place every single story into some time line they we will go mad.
      Make your own continuity from what you read, you will be much happier for it.

      • Insideman says:

        Well, rush… I do read almost every book. (I know NOT everyone does this… By a long shot. Both they and their wallets are most likely better for this too.)

        But I read every book Marvel reprints in a Hardcover or Trade format– except “Spider-Ham”. I don’t read “Spider-Ham”. Oh, and a couple of the “Marvel Adventures” titles– but they’re not supposed to be in continuity anyway.

        My counter to your playing devil’s advocate:

        THEY USED TO.

        Writers used to be able to write their own stories and still play nice and acknowledge other writer’s feelings on the characters as well.


        Like Jose said– they don’t do this NOW because the Editors have lost the ability to rein in the “Higher Selling” writers. Used to be, you did whatever the Editor wanted or you hit the road no matter how many books you sold… But as Jose and Elliott have pointed out, Joey Q has allowed the rise of “Superstars” at the Marvel Kingdom– and these boys can’t– or won’t– be contained.

        That’s why I laugh SO HARD when somebody like Millar cries something like, “I need to just do MY OWN BOOKS… So I can have ARTISTIC FREEDOM.”

        Sure Mark, Marvel’s not going to publish a scene where you write Cap making out with the Falcon after a long day of Sweaty Villain Rasslin’β„’… You’ll have to do that with different teammates in your OWN BOOKS. But apart from shredding the image of Marvel’s characters to fit your own musings and/or fantasies… You have gotten and received MORE FREE REIGN in a CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT than most people can even dream of.

        I believe I remember very distinctly that Peter David had said it would have been nice if somebody had at least given him a “heads up” that while he was writing She-Hulk to be ANTI-registration in her OWN book… That others were writing her as PRO-registration in the team books.

        So, my mini-rant wasn’t a “nerd” thing or a geek nitpick. It was I guess, just a PLEA FOR PROFESSIONAL COURTESY. I have written here before that I don’t think the BIG FISH writers even bother consulting with the LITTLE FISH writers anymore. In fact, I think the BIG FISH writers think they are the ones that need to be consulted– even when they may only use another writer’s character for SIX PANELS in a story and RUIN or CONTRADICT everything the other writer may have been attempting to achieve in the character’s solo book in those six panels.

        PROFESSIONAL COURTESY. That’s ALL I’m asking for.

        • Insideman says:

          P.S. This wasn’t aimed at you rush… I just took your post as an opportunity to explain my feelings on the matter further.

          • rush says:

            I take nothing personally man. πŸ™‚

            Those good old days you wrote about all long gone and they are not coming back. I was merely stating a way readers can deal with the situation in comics today. Not everyone reads everything published by any given company, you are a rare bird y friend. I see too many people not fully enjoying the books they read due to concerns about continuity among others.
            As far as professional courtesy, sadly that doesn’t always exist. Companies don’t always care either. They will always favor the employee that has the potential to generate more profit. This is the nature of business.
            So at the end of the day we are left with one question, what are we as consumer going to do about any of the issues we discuss here. I like this blog for the fact that posters here discuss issues with the comics industry intelligently but after bringing all of these issues to light what are we going to do? I for one am glad to see a lot of folks here have chosen to not buy the comics they have problems with anymore.

        • This is pretty much what my Bendis Rant is about this week. Avengers #2 was just too much bullshit for me to handle. Bendis writing his own continuity, Tony Stark not acting like Fraction’s Tony Stark AT ALL, how Bendis makes me hate my favorite Marvel character Spider-Man, how the issue from a story stand point was one of the worst train wrecks I have read this side of Nemesis and how if ANY other writer turned in the script that Bendis did for Avengers #2 they would be fucking LAUGHED out of this business. BUT the shit sells. It fucking sells and is the #1 book in the industry and that just angers me even more.

          I even got to the point where I turned all “old man fanboy” and said stuff like “These are not MY Marvel characters in this Avengers book. These characters are a fucking mockery of what Kirby, Ditko, Lee and everyone else involved at the time created.”

          There is NO MORE fucking respect for the work that has come before. That’s WHY there is no CONTINUITY anymore. Well, that and the fact that editor’s are too fucking scared to tell writers to “knock off the bullshit”. These big writers all think they can do better, they think they can fix shit that is not broken, they have egos that Zombies and zealots created, gift wrapped and presented to them like they are the second coming of Kirby. These writers NEVER earned the “respect” they think they have. Their “respect” is all manufactured by hype, by Newsarama, by CBR and by FUCKING Wizard. In this day and age companies can BUY respect FOR creators by using propaganda and everybody eats it it because NOBODY QUESTIONS anything anymore.

          Sorry, this comment kinda took on a mind of it’s own. In short, I agree with you 110% Insideman.


          • rush says:

            I get angry with the consumers more than the companies for the simple fact that it’s a company’s job to make the Cool Aid but we as consumers don’t have to fall all over ourselves to drink it.

            • Insideman says:

              I don’t think you can characterize what I am feeling as “anger’ toward anybody or any entity. Back in the day, I’ll admit it, I liked to watch “Beverly Hills 90210” every week. And no matter how bad it got, I kept watching it every week. (To be fair to myself, I think it was cause I was infatuated with a couple of the actresses on the show).

              My point is, people buy/read/watch stuff for a whole HOST of reasons.

              So, I am going to have to continue to blame the companies for the current state of comics– because if you like Spider-Man (which has ALWAYS been my favorite Marvel character too)– it is really not easy to stop reading Spider-Man… “Brand New Day” or not… Again, for a whole host of reasons.

              Basically, the companies can produce GREAT COMICS that still sell really well. They just don’t always choose or care to. So, yeah… I’m gonna have to continue to put the “blame” back on the companies to step up their game… As their audience– by virtue of being collector based– is somewhat “captive” by its’ very nature.

              Those readers that feel they can drop a title based on quality issues- SHOULD. If they don’t like what’s going on in Spider-Man and they can do without their Spidey fix… Then drop it for a few months. Like Elliott said in a one of the vids– you can always pick up the storyline in a trade later if you really miss reading it.

              But you’re right, rush… Those of us that can forgo some of this “shit”– should. I have already culled several Independent Hardcovers and Trades from my list (from genres I just didn’t like or creators/books I just thought were too sub-par to continue to support)… Now it’s time to cull some of the Big Two’s books as well. Since I am behind all weekly readers (being a HC and GN reader), I’ll do it when Dark Reign is over and the so-called Heroic Age begins.

              Meantime, I am extremely happy about the fact that MANY, MANY CCW Blog readers HAVE dropped titles that no longer entertain them… But, instead of using that money for a video game (or “Shrek 4” in 3-D)they’ve pledged to use their “left over” comic money to buy DIFFERENT books that they think they may like.

              This means that creators who normally would NOT get a chance, now may find their sales increasing. It also means that comic stores won’t suffer lost sales… And that’s a great thing too.

              One might think the numbers I’m discussing are too small to make a difference (CCW Blog Readers of CCW Video watchers) and I say respectfully, “No”. Some of Jose & Elliott’s vids are watched by over 1,000 people on YouTube alone. If half of those people stop buying a book that has monthly sales of 12,000 copies– that is a significant drop in sales. Plus, all movements have to start somewhere, right?

  44. Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

    Jeph Loeb is the new Marvel VP of television.


  45. Insideman says:

    THAT just made my cereal milk curdle.

    Can’t wait for THE RULK animated series.

    Pays to be best buds with Joey Q.

    P.S. I love the announcement’s mention that Jeph wrote the HIT FILMS “Commando” and “Teen Wolf”. Hell, they’re REMAKING “Teen Wolf”– that how LAST MILLENNIUM that is.

    (Thanks, Matthew!)

    • Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

      Just passing along the info to the CCW community & giving something for everyone to discuss.


      • Insideman says:

        I wasn’t knocking you Matthew… I appreciate the “heads up.” Guess I won’t be needing to watch any new Marvel animation… Since Jeph was FIRED deom BOTH his Heroes and Lost jobs.

        I bet he had to work hard to get fired from the writing staff of Heroes. Damn.

  46. oh god i will kill him if he messes up the avengers animated series coming up in september

  47. Friedmiester says:

    On a happier note, I just finished reading Marvels for the first time. God damn that book ruled. Now I’m off to go re read kingdom come. Heyyyyo

    • Stamps says:

      Damn! Donald Duck and Friends beat it. ouch. That sucks

    • Matthew Guy (mguy1977) says:

      Simple too much crap in the comics industry mainly from the big two. On the plus side, I preordered the American Vampire HC.


    • Insideman says:

      Don’t be, rush.

      That must have been a 2nd printing of #1… As American Vampire #3 came in at a VERY respectable #77 on the charts.

    • Hey Rush. I believe that those American Vampire #1 sales are either reorders or the second print. American Vampire #3 which did come out that month was #77. The fact that issue one is still on the Top 300 list 2 months AFTER it’s release is a great thing.


      • Mr.Wrestling says:

        So just to add to the American Vampire discussion, I just started posting videos of my own on youtube and my first comic review included the newest American Vampire. I logged in today and was shocked to see that none other that Scott Snyder commented on my video, thanking me for supporting the book.

        That was a pretty awesome thing that he did, its important for an upcoming creator to be connected with their fans.

        ANyway just thought it was a cool story

    • tomstewdevine says:

      How the Fuck is damn near 50,000 people reading the Hulk, what kind of world do I live in?

  48. mbell028 says:

    hey whats up guys? I found that is selling all the volumes of the Scott Pilgrim Series for 7.50 a piece. If your trying to read them before the movie comes out this might be the perfect opporunity they usually sell for $12 a piece. I just finished reading volume one it’s pretty good. Here’s the like if your interested also if your order is over $25 shipping is free

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