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MEET Papa Pepper! (For Jefe)

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s not too often that you meet someone who influences/inspires you to be the best version of yourself. It’s even rarier still if that person takes it upon his or herself to mentor and encourage you along the way.

Elliott Serrano is that someone for me, a few years ago I stumbled across a quirky, geeky, and obstensively honest duo of comic book reviewers on Youtube. Elliott or E as I call him communicated with me via the interwebs and I showed him some of my very rough & crude drawings. Instead of the “hey that’s cool pat on the head, now get outta here, routine.” He honestly critiqued my art, told me where I needed to improve and said if I got better he’d feature my art.

Amazing! This guy who I knew from Adam and didn’t know me saw potential and he actively encouraged me this less than spectacular artist. I’m forever grateful for that, before CCW I hadn’t drawn regularly in over 10yrs, from my time in the military to now a goverment employee. I make time in my very busy life to draw for E&J whether its the Sunday Funnies or requests by Elliot himself. He has my trust, respect and friendship. With that he has opened up about his life to me and many others, even the continued health problems of his father the Senior Serrano. Whom I haven’t met, but by knowing E I have no doubts he’s a good man and brought up a fellow geek Elliott our IMPERIOUS GEEK REX of CCW. So heres my tribute to his father, I wish him and the Serrano family nothing but the best and the DEBUT of the NEW CCW TOONIVERSE character…


You’ll be seeing more of Papa Pepper and his adventures along with the rest of the Sunday Funnies gang.


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