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Hollywood has the OSCARS (snooze fest)


Cast your votes for the worst of COMIC BOOKS in 2010!

  1. philbyday says:

    Brightest Day
    Incredible Hulks
    In truth, Nemisis was the only one I started out reading, the other two…conceptually seem like they would just fit.

    I dig the ne digs, btw 🙂

    • NoEmoDaredevil says:

      WORST STORYLINE – Shadowland (…and this is from a Daredevil fan)
      WORST COMPANY – Marvel
      WORST EIC – Should be obvious

  2. Amos says:

    Shadowland (Worst Mini-series)

    Daredevil (Worst Ongoing)

    Andy Diggle (Biggest Fall)

    Shadowland: Bullseye (Worst one-shot)

    Batman: The Return (Best Money-hungry trick from DC [$4.99/29 pages])

    Okay, so I don’t have the means to collect all the new comics I want, but Marvel truly screwed me over by making me love Daredevil (through Bendis & Brubaker), and then ripping that love to pieces through the sad downfall of Andy Diggle. This was the only instance where I bought a book for a character instead of the writing/story (I mean, how could I give up my favorite superhero?), but I wised-up before the end fiasco and stopped buying. But honestly, I WANT MY $60 BACK I SPENT ON THAT CRAP!!! To think, I could have been buying new comics that actually wouldn’t anger me….

  3. Venom829 says:

    Worst Marvel Series- Avengers
    Worst DC Series- Brightest Day
    Worst Mini-Series-Shadowland
    Worst Indie Series- Nemisis
    Worst Writer- Brian Michael Bendis
    Worst Artist- Tony Daniel
    Worst Indie Publisher- Top Cow
    Worst Mainstream Publisher- Marvel Comics
    Worst Event- Brightest Day
    Worst PR Representtive in Comics- Tom Breevoort

  4. Stamps says:

    worst book

    -Brightest Day

    Worst art in a book

    -Mcniven’s work in Nemesis

    worst overall person in comics


  5. (mguy1977) Matthew Guy says:

    Worst Marvel Series- Amazing Spider-Man (by Joey Q. Jr.)
    Worst DC Series- Brightest Day
    Worst Mini-Series-Shadowland
    Worst Indie Series- Nemesis
    Worst Writer- JMS (Superman & WW)
    Worst Artist- Tony Daniel
    Worst Indie Publisher- Boom Studios — Uncle Scrooge doesnt have classic Uncle Scrooge comics anymore just Ducktakes crap!
    Worst Mainstream Publisher- Marvel Comics
    Worst Event- Superman War of the Supermen because it undid all the progress w/ Zod’s son to Pre Last Son the F*ckers (& I love Superman comics)

    Worst PR Representtive in Comics- Tom Breevoort aka the asshat of comics


  6. mattcd42 (Wednesday's Serial) says:

    My only nomination is Marineman.

  7. generaldark says:

    worst book
    -brightest day
    worst event
    -heroic age (what the fuck even happened to it???)
    worst person
    worst writer
    -bendis with johns being a close second

  8. OneGestalt says:

    Most Disappointing Comic Writer: Jeph Loeb

    Most Disappointing Comic Mini-Series: Shadowland

  9. Ironmuskrat says:

    Worst Writer- J. Michael Straczynski

    As much as I hate to do it, I’m still going to have to nominate J. Michael Straczynski for his work on Superman, Wonder Woman last year. I really had high hopes for his run on both books and seeing both titles flop under his watch was by far my biggest disappointment this year. When Bendis, Millar or Loeb puts out something terrible here I am not surprised at all, to see JMS stumble so badly on not one, but two books, was stunning.

    Worst Book- Nemesis

    Don’t think I have say much about this mini from Millar, over the top and excessive in every way possible.

    Worst Event- The Heroic Age

    Marvel’s promised palette cleanser after Civil War, Dark Reign and The Siege turned out to be nothing more than a big check that Marvel couldn’t cash. Like the old saying goes, You can’t teach an old dog new tricks..

    Worst Comic Company – Marvel

    Why? Because right now I am only buying two books(Thunderbolts & SHIELD) from the biggest comic publisher in country right now, there has to be something wrong with that.

    • philbyday says:

      I totally feel ya on your reluctant disdain 4 JMS, I.M.. Having picked up the B&B comics after they were so highly (& rightfully so) touted by team ccw, I also had high hopes 4 2/3rds of the trinity! Especially Supes….which I thought started out fine, but then b4 anything could take root……….well u know the rest. A potential renaissance has been once again allowed 2 retreat 2 the status quo.

      • worst writer: bendis, due to his avengers. love usm, though.
        worst book: avengers- really? bendis is still writing avengers?
        worst event: shadowland- this was highly dissapointing
        worst person: quesada, thanks to broken promises( events!!!!!!!)
        worst company: marvel- i only buy thunderbolts and young avengers
        worst artist: billy tan

  10. ed2962 says:

    Worst Comic- Nemesis! Mark Millar hates his fans and thinks we’re stupid! And thinks movie fans are stupid too, which is why he came up with this lame pitch! What? You thought he intended this as an actually story? Oh,You poor deluded fool…

  11. Pert says:

    For 2010, I am not sure what category you can fit it, but DC definitely needs to get one for apparently forgetting that Captain Marvel’s completed seven decades of existence in 2010. It is just unforgivable that the greatest hero of the golden age (in popularity and sales) didn’t get even a shitty elseworlds book to celebrate. He got nothing, nichts, nada, zero.

  12. a13506 says:

    Worst Marvel Series- Avengers
    Worst DC Series- Titans:Villains for hire
    Worst Mini-Series- Fall of Arsenal
    Worst Indie Series- Nemesis
    Worst Writer- J. M. Straczynski (Superman & Wonder Woman)
    Worst Artist- Gary Franks
    Worst Publisher- Marvel Comics
    Worst Event- War of Supermen

  13. DIllA says:

    Worst Indie series – Nemesis
    Worst Mini Series – Shadowland
    Worst Artist – Mike Deodato
    Worst Writer – J.M. Straczynski
    Worst Publisher – Marvel
    Worst Event – Shadowland

  14. worst dc series- superman, thanks to robinson and strazynski
    worst dc event: bruce wayne, the road home

  15. worst marvel series: avengers
    worst mini series:siege
    worst writer: bendis
    worst artist: paul azteca
    biggest fall: dan slott and andy diggle
    worst person: quesada
    worst publisher- marvel- i only buy the hawkeye, thunderbolts, and the YA books

  16. ComicBookDude says:

    Worst Marvel Series: Avengers
    Worst DC Series: Brightest Day
    Worst Series Altogether: Nemesis
    Biggest A-Hole: Tom Brevoort
    Worst Mini: Shadowland
    Worst Writer: Joe Quesada
    Worst Artist: Brett Booth
    Biggest Downfall of Quality Writing: Geoff Johns
    Lamest Event: Heroic Age (barely even existed in the first place)
    Worst One-Shot: Batman: The Return
    Worst Story: (V) O.M.I.T.

  17. Morlock50 says:

    Well, I don’t buy Marvel anymore, so it wouldn’t be fair to nominate them for anything when I didn’t read the books, would it?

    Worst Writer: Tie between Geoff Johns and JMS (way to run the “Lantern God” into the ground after an awesome Blackest Night event, Johns. The most cliched, boring superhero plotting you’re ever likely to see, on the company flagship title, no less. The JMS nod has been explained by others.)

    Worst Event: Brightest Day
    Worst Artist: Greg Land / Tony Daneil
    Worst Single Issue: Titans: Villians for Hire
    Worst Mini: Rise of Arsenal

    Not a good year for DC, certainly.

  18. Constantanius says:

    Worst Mini/Event Shadowland

    Worst Artist Greg Land/Dustin Nguyen

    Worst Writer Bendis

  19. bello1234 says:

    Worst Mini Series: Shadowland
    Worst ongoing: Titans
    Worst Wrtier: Andy Diggle (sorry Thunderbolts and Daredevil were awesome, but how could you write Shadowland)

  20. mattale says:

    worst series: Superior spider man (3 issues in and Dan already ruined it beyond repair)
    worst writer: Dan Slot (seriously an overrated hack)
    worst company: marvel (utterly and hopelessly greedy and stupid company)

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