The Doctor Who: Series 5 Finale “The Big Bang” Thread

Posted: June 26, 2010 in CCW Open Thread, Geek Culture, Television
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Photo from The Doctor Who Official Website

  1. I am in the midst of rewatching the episode but I thought I’d post this thread now for you all. I’ll check back later.

    You may also be interested/disinterested in knowing that Alex from CBC pops up in this week’s Doctor Who Confidential.


  2. Stamps says:

    I’m watching it as we speak, 11 minutes in to be exact and there have been SOOOOO many WTF moments…God I’m loving this.

  3. Found this over at Bleeding Cool.


  4. Insideman says:

    Fantastic episode. There was some really charming stuff at the end… Which we can discuss later.

  5. Stamps says:

    “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” MOTHER FUCK! this episode…just…wow

    When does the next season start 😛
    I’m going to have to watch it a second time like Jose. The last 10 minutes gave me an ear to ear grin the whole time. I love the parts with River and the Doctor at the end. That ominous line from River about everything changing soon…as she would say “spoilers” 🙂

    • Insideman says:

      Alex Kingston is hot.

    • No new season till next year but we will get the annual Doctor Who Christmas special before then.

      This episode was nothing less than fan-fucking-tastic. So MANY great moments. It tied up Series 5 very nicely while still leaving a few (Big) questions unanswered.

      This episode also had a little bit of everything. Comedy, heartbreaking drama, truly romantic moments, great action, sci-fi technobable, geek out moments, Daleks and fezes…well, only one fez really…but what a great fez it was. It will be missed. T_T

      Can’t wait to hear what everyone thought about it.


  6. rush says:

    Now that the season is over and I have all of the episodes the Doctor Who marathon will begin later today.

  7. amazing episode the only thing i wonder is what could make dalek say mercy. that’s my biggest question and a fez ha a fez amazing top class episode.

    • Stamps says:

      Somewhere in the world as we speak there are cos-players busily stitching together Fezzes to update their Doctor Who costumes lol

  8. vegedge says:

    i was hoping river would be his new companion. join him now and then they could meet a younger version of her later when they fall in love and junk.

    she got alot more interesting in this episode.

    i wonder if rory is still a plastic robot.

  9. kurumais says:

    they actually used time travel in this episode!!!! usually, as you know, the tardis and crew arrive in the beginning of an episode and leave at the end. for a show about a time traveler from a race of time travelers they really dont do much with the time travel thing it was fun to see them use a few new tricks.

  10. Insideman says:

    Other than the fez… and I also loved the fez…

    My favorite part– bar none– was when the Doctor was running up the museum’s stairs realizing all the things he has to do to make his plan work– so we actually see him, step by step, go back in time and tell Rory what to do with Amy, then tell Rory where to put the screwdriver, etc.

    It was BRILLIANT.

    I seriously don’t think I have EVER seen a sequence like that in a time travel movie or TV show– where we are treated so extensively to a series of events that explains how time travel needs to “work” to work “properly”. It was fun, funny and I think, essential.

    What a great show. Moffat has already reached near genius with one story arc. If I had one thought, I would like the show to SLOW DOWN a bit next year– at least for one episode… Get REALLY personal and add some gravitas to this “new” Doctor.

    Otherwise, I’m as happy as a fez-wearing pig in shit.

    • I thought the show had a few “slow down” episodes this series. Well, for me anyway.

      In “Vampires of Venice” we got to see the first real interaction between Rory and Amy and why they are a couple. That was also the first episode that the “crack” didn’t appear so it did feel like a little break from the overall story.

      “Vincent and Doctor” and “The Lodger” were also strong character driven stories with great moments. I would count those as “slow down/personal” episodes too.


      • Insideman says:

        I agree completely. They were slower moments in those episodes. And I want to make it clear that I’m not criticizing these eps like some others seem to elsewhere– acting like there is too much tech stuff and the like in the show.

        I don’t believe that.

        When I wrote “slow” I meant really slow. The new Doctor seems to be suffering from a a slight case of ADD. To counteract this (a trait which I think is a perfectly fine “character choice” by Smith and/or Moffat btw), I would like to see more moments like last night’s interchange between the Doctor and Amy in the spaceship’s forest… As his timeline was being erased.

        No music, no real thudding, ominous soundtrack, no running around… Just a personal close-up of the Doctor and Amy– with the Doctor being completely serious.

        The Doctor is definitely noisier under “new management”. All I mean is– I wouldn’t be against a few more “moments” like the one described above (or even the scene where the Doctor is talking to the young sleeping Amy about waking up to have parents).

        I just like those scenes.

        • Cool. I didn’t think you were critizing it at all but I now get where you are coming from.

          My favorite scene from last night was when the Doctor asked to speak to Amy before taking off in the Pandorica. It had so much emotional wieght to it as did the follow up scenes with past verions of Amy/Amelia.


  11. Now seems as good a time as any to address the one nagging problem I had with this episode.

    How can the Doctor come from the future to get Rory to release him from the Pandorica if he is IN the Pandorica? If a future version of the Doctor is needed top help the present Doctor how did the future Doctor escape? Does that make any sense? The time loop has to begin at some point but that point was never explained…really.

    I know that is a real nerd nitpick but it didn’t take away from my loving the epidode. Just something I noticed.


    • Insideman says:

      I agree again Jose. I, like you, thought of that but didn’t let it bother me either.

      This episode was one of those times when I just let the brilliant people do their work.

      I often see HUGE plot holes in stories that I just choose to ignore because I am enjoying everything else that I am watching or reading. If I am NOT enjoying myself, then my distaste for these problematic moments are only amplified by my boredom or dislike.

      It is a great testament to someone’s talent when I am not checking my watch while I ma watching a movie or TV show– or thinking about how a story I am reading is about to end. If I am NOT doing either one of things– then I am thoroughly entertained and the creators have done their “jobs”… At least for me.

      People who let minor things bother them to a fault are just being silly– especially when they should be enjoying the brilliance of a creator like Moffat who weaved everything from the first scene of the first episode of this arc into the final scenes of the final episode of this arc… 13 episodes later.

      Makes the fuckers who “conceived” that shitberg called “LOST” seem irrelevant and idiotic in comparison (especially since they all but admitted after the first season they had no clue what was happening on their little island).

    • kurumais says:

      i had quite few nitpicks with this episode including the dreaded return of the deus ex machina but like inside im going to let it go and just enjoy the season

      but im with on the pandorica apparently once you lock someone inside the most powerful and complex prison every created in the universe you can open it up whenever you want
      sonic screwdrivers little girls hands whatever anything can open it oh also it doubles as make everything all better machine

  12. this is beacause the future doctor was freed from the pandorica by rory and the doctor before him and the doctor before him if that doctor didn’t go back in time to rory then he would cease to exist because then he would be still trapped in the pandorica. if that makes any sense?

    • Heh, no it doesn’t. 🙂

      The original Doctor was trapped. How did that Doctor get out? A future version CAN’T help him because he is still trapped and he has the Sonic with him. There needed to be a third party involved somehow.


      • yeah but my point is that an infinite amount of rorys were given a sonic by an infinite amount of doctors from the future so the infinite amount of rorys could free the infinite amount of doctors in the pandorica as there are infinite copies of everyone in the universe. trillions of these copies exist in a millisecond time travel allows you to use these copies. if that makes sense

        • kurumais says:

          well if the elelphant is holding up the world and its standing on the turtle whats turtle standing on?”
          “cant fool me its all turtles from then on”

  13. kurumais says:

    i have lots of nitpicks but im just going to focus on what i liked

    the doctor doing that crazy monkey dance with the kids!!!!
    the fez
    the manic pace moffat sets and how matt smith plays it perfectly
    the opening of the pandorica in 2010 !!!!!!!
    “come on ponds!”
    the doctor shutting down poor amy ” you can definitely kiss the bride..” moment

    the boy who waited the girl who waited so harry potter so british works great here

    more amy doctor and rory next season YATTA!!!

  14. IronMuskrat says:

    I finally get some decent cable at my house than included BBC America and I am too late to catch this season of Dr. Who.. I guess there is always next season =)


    • Can you watch them on On Demand?


      • IronMuskrat says:

        I might, still checking out all of the features on U-Verse.. I am like a kid in candy store right now.


        • Insideman says:

          IM– Doctor Who is still on BBC America in Uverse (I’ve got it) every Saturday night at 8pm. (Check your local listings.) The episodes that have been discussed here are from the UK showings– which are about three weeks AHEAD of the US shows.

          I think BBC America is about 3 episodes until the end of the season now.

          BEWARE OF ALL THE COMMERCIALS during the BBC America shows.

          They are really far too many and extremely obnoxious.

          And U-VERSE is the BEST SERVICE, bar-none, that I have ever experienced in America.

          • IronMuskrat says:

            Thanks for the info Insiderman, yeah, U-Verse has been a pretty cool experience so far, but it has almost too many features =) It’s like digging for buried treasure sometimes.


  15. kurumais says:

    more eadom thoughts

    why didnt they hire scottish actors to play amy’s folks?

    “two parts of space and time that never should have touched”, that is pretty specific i wonder if they just like that phrase or does it actually mean something?

    how did prisoner zero know about the crack in time and the pandorica and silence falling? did the alliance use him/she/it or something else?

  16. RedEye Rogue says:

    By Your Command:
    Great to see so many others who saw into the brilliance of this season finale. It truly was an astounding, visionary, work of art.
    Thanks to whomever it was who posted the link to my site’s review of the show, here in the thread. I don’t know who you are, but I love you to death.
    By Your Command…

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