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Being a big fan of both the Supernatural television show and anime in general I was somewhat excited to hear the news a few months ago that a Supernatural anime was being produced. Well, I should say I was somewhat excited and baffled. Why Supernatural? And of all things why make it into an anime? Never once had it occurred to me to marry the horror genre television show with the artistic medium of anime. I am sure it never occurred to many of the show’s fans as well. I would like to know the person responsible for saying. “You know what would make an awesome anime? The TV show Supernatural. And no I am not fucking around. I mean, ya, I realize that I said the same thing about Gilmore Girls a while back but this time I am serious,” because I would seriously love to buy that person a beer or three.

Seeing Dean and Sam Winchester’s anime alter-ego’s in the trailer above at first was a bit of a laugh but as the trailer progressed the more it seemed to work for me. By making the live action show into an animated one it lifts the budget restraint concerns of live action and seems to allow the creator’s imaginations to not be caged. Add in the already strong narrative of the existing show to that and it looks like the anime could only be seen a positive improvement.

From what I have read about Supernatural: The Animation it’s 22 episodes will consist of retold stories from the original show as well as creating all new ones. It is rumored that the actors who portray the Winchester brothers, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, will lend their voices to a few episodes of the anime when it is brought over stateside.

I am looking forward to Supernatural a hell of a lot more than the Iron Man anime. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that seeing Jeph Loeb and Dan Buckley’s names in the opening credits made me throw up a little in my mouth. And just in case you are wondering, that is a common reaction for me. If you have no idea what I am talking about, or have yet to see it, I will post the vid down below.


Sigh…fucking hell. Here’s my list:

Beasts of Burden #3
Blackest Night #5 (Green Lantern Ring)
Chew #6
Criminal: Sinners #2
Detective Comics #859
Fantastic Four #573
Green Lantern #48
Incredible Hercules #138 (Agents of Atlas Back-Up)
Invincible Iron Man #20
Justice League of America #39 (Red Lantern Ring)
Secret Warriors #10
Superman: Secret Origin #3
Wonder Woman #38

This is ridiculous. I really should stop collecting comics. Who else is breaking the bank this week?


It is only a matter of time before these videos are removed from You Tube so watch the horror while you can. And yes, those are avatars of Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash indeed mocking the deceased. Holy fuck do I loathe Activision.


Your Brain on Millar

This should end well. From ICv2:

Mark Millar has announced that he will try “something totally new” by writing and directing a feature film. Millar, who “learned a lot” from Matthew Vaughan who directed an adaptation of Millar’s Kick-Ass, has lined up private financing for the project, which remains hush-hush. Since the film is privately financed, Millar doesn’t need to wait for a studio to green light the production, which Millar plans to begin directing in March. Following Vaughan’s lead, Millar plans to make the film and sell it to the studios once it is completed.

The above pic is an exact representation of what happened to me after I read this article. If you are wondering how then am I able to write this post and share this news with you, well…I got better.

Guess Millar isn’t happy enough just polluting the comic industry with his brain farts writing because now he feels the need share his mental diarrhea vision with the world. I bet you anything his movie will be on track to open in the year 2012. And that is why I now believe that the soon-to-be released movie 2012 is really a documentary sent back in time to warn us all of what will happen to the planet if Millar’s movie is released.


Fright Night Friday

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