The CCW ‘Create-A-Contest’ Contest FINALISTS

Posted: January 8, 2010 in CCW Nation, CCW TV, DC Comics

Alright folks, Elliott here with the 3 FINALISTS for the CCW*TV “Create-A-Contest” Contest! In the CACC you had to create a comic-book related contest (that Jose and I could later use) to qualify to win a set of BLACKEST NIGHT TIE-IN BOOKS along with a COMPLETE SET of “Blackest Night” Lantern rings:

Keep your eyes on the prize...

Now, the 3 CCW*TV viewers who submitted the following contest ideas are in the running:

Start voting!  Jose and I will announce the winner in an upcoming episode of CCW*TV!

  1. StevenRocks says:

    I vote for create and Event. It will be for Marvel and will be called “Operation: Can’t we all just get along”. A throwback to Operation Zero Tolerance, the mutants will be rounded up to take mandatory anger management classes and be forced to use their powers for the greater good. Magneto will become a Plant Manager at a Steel Mill and Wolverine will coach JV Football.

  2. Smallmaniac says:

    I vote for “Write a ‘Green Lantern style oath’ for the CCW*TV Nation”. I smell t-shirt opportunity. Just sayin’. But really it would be cool to have our own code. We’re already the underground of the underground, so let’s have a saying that means something to us. That could even be a new intro. Ah man, so many possibilities.

  3. Dan Griffin says:

    I liked the Create an event.

  4. Bryan B says:

    I like the create an event because its more challenging and more creative, making your own story, choosing which comic characters will be the major players and the choice to resurrect a fallen character( Captain Marvel, Superman Kal-L of Earth 2) or kill one or a dozen in a blaze of glory. God someone can come up with Marvel Secret Invasion 2: Skrulls Strike Back or Secret Wars 3: Beyond The Beyonder. I don’t know their are alot of possibilities out their to choose from but this is the best idea for a contest.

  5. phil says:

    Have a mega x-over event where somehow the Joker gains posession of the NewGods’ mother box and Osbourne has posession of the cosmic cube. Have GeofJohns write it and CarlosPacheco illustrate it. Til,.finally the Blackest Crisis occurs and the two biggest houses in comics have to form a true Amalgam!

  6. Deemar says:

    A CCW Oath would be awesome so that’s my vote

  7. […] you haven’t voted already, please do cuz every vote’s gonna count in this one.  Click HERE to go to the original […]

  8. C.A.S. says:

    Creating your own “event” would be so kick-a$$; the event that’s in my mind involves DC, Marvel, AND Image, as this “being” would appear in each of their team books! That’s my vote…..

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