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Here’s a clip from Master of Inventions, a new comedy by Chicago film-maker Joe Avella:

I swear Avella is Jose’s cousin or something.


Hey all, Elliott here. Being a comic-book writer, sometimes I’ll get an e-mail from a CCW*TV viewer asking for tips on how to write a script or advice for coming up with ideas. Generally I’ll respond with the answers that I’ve been given in the past by more experienced writers. Those days are gone, since now all I have to do is refer all you budding scribes to this video:

I had NO IDEA that Sarah Palin was such a sage author! :::winks:::

See you on the flip side,


Hello everybody, Elliott here. Here’s a bit that the liberal media doesn’t want you to see:

In the words of Jar Jar Binks: How rude!

Oh yeah, and if you’re not buying Detective Comics because you think you’re getting a ‘lesbian hero shoved down (your) throats’ you’re an idiot.

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Last Friday Ryan Reynolds locked down the lead role as Hal Jordan in DC Comics’ Green Lantern film adaptation. He will also be appearing as Marvel Comics’ “Merc with a Mouth” Deadpool in that character’s own spin-off movie. And yet another comic character that Reynolds has been in negotiations to play, The Flash, looks to be happening as well. “Well, The Flash won’t have his own movie right off the bat,” explains Reynolds.

“After talking with Warner Brothers and DC Comics, we have all decided that after the Green Lantern film is completed that work on the long awaited Justice League film will begin.”

So will fans see Ryan team-up with actors Christian Bale as the Dark Knight and Brandon Routh as Superman? Well, not exactly. “This is all in the early stages mind you,” the actor says, “but plans are for me to write, produce and direct the film with myself playing the entire Justice League as well.”

“I mean, why not, right? Whenever I’m rumored to be playing a comic character in a film all I hear from the fan community is a resounding Fuck Ya! That would be great! Perfect Casting! So Warner’s and I thought let’s just give them what they want in the best way possible. In my early drafts of the script I’ve got Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and The Flash all in there”

When pressed as to whether or not Reynolds would actually be playing the character of Wonder Woman the actor responded, “How hard can it be? She’s just Superman with breasts right? I just gotta do a bit of cross dressing and BAM! I’m Wonder Woman. The feminist movement won’t have to worry their pretty little asses off. I’ll do them proud.”

We will have more details here on the CCW Blog when more information becomes available.