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Last Pic by me had fun I’m out.

Invincible Vol 11

This week’s question:

Who are 5 of your favorite current comic book artists?

For this question I want to limit the answers to artists who are currently working on a monthly book. Five of my favorites in no particular order:

J.H. Williams III (Detective Comics)
Ryan Ottley (Invincible)
Patrick Gleason (Green Lantern Corps)
Frank Quitely (Batman and Robin)
Stefano Caselli (Secret Warriors)

The above pic is from Ryan Ottleys’ Deviant Art page. Check it out if you haven’t.



DC Comics’ Batman and Robin #1 took the much deserved top spot on the Top 300 sales chart in June. Captain America #600, coming in second, really has to be seen as a huge disappointment. After all of the “mainstream press” Marvel got, as well as giving Cap #600 it’s own Monday release date, it still wasn’t enough to beat out good ol’ fashion comic book fun. It should also be noted that the #5 through #8 spots were filled with some of the worst books I have ever read. Take that for whatever it’s worth.

Here’s how the Top 10 went down:

1. Batman and Robin #1
2. Captain America #600
3. Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia
4. Batman #687
5. Dark Avengers #5
6. Dark Avengers #6
7. New Avengers #54
8. Ultimatum #4
9. Green Lantern #42
10. Flash Rebirth #3

Want to see the rest of the Top 300 courtesy of ICv2?