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Hey folks, Elliott here.  Today’s poll was inspired by the discussion board on our Adventure Comics #4 Review.  Please vote and then tell us why you voted the way you did!

Double Boot to the Face

Who: Kate Kane a.k.a Batwoman

Where: Detective Comics #857

Why: In the first three parts of this storyline we have seen Kate Kane rely on her father for intel and support while battling Alice but when the time comes for her to step up, take charge and be the hero on her own Kate proves that she is more than fully capable of doing so. After saving all of Gotham and her father, Kate Kane has earned the title of Batwoman and a place along side the rest of the Bat family.

Add to that the surprise twist ending and Alice is now cemented as the perfect arch nemesis of the Batwoman character. Need more reasons? Be sure to check out my post from earlier this week where I discuss Batwoman a bit more.


CCW Question of the Week

THE Nick Fury

Who: Xander Harris

Where: Buffy The Vampire Slayer #28

Why: Sweet jeezus. Throughout this series there have been hints that maybe Xander and the Buffster would be hooking up. Half way through this issue it looks like it would finally happen when the two characters “share a moment.” Buffy is asking Xander whether or not she should tell Willow the she killed Ms. Rosenberg on her little trip into the future. Xander tells Buffy that no matter what she decides to do to come tell him of her decision. Soooo Buffy tells Willow “Hey, I killed you when I was in the future,” and Willow is all like, “No biggie. We’re still friends.”

After feeling completely relieved Buffy goes to find Xander right away to tell him the good news when she…..sees him making all kissy face with Buff’s younger sister Dawn. Yeeeeewwwwwwwwww. This is wrong on so many levels.

Now I could be entirely wrong and Xander may not be making out with Dawn in that panel but instead someone who closely resembles her. It doesn’t help that Georges Jeanty draws every god damn character the same.


Purple Pie Man

Who: Sinestro

Where: Green Lantern #45

Why: I stated in my Green Lantern review earlier in the week that I believe DC and Geoff Johns have big plans for Sinestro. This week’s issue of GL begins what I think will be the story of Sinestro’s redemption. There have been rumor’s for a while now that there will be at least more Lantern Corps created during Blackest Night. And as CCW reader Curtis has already pointed out, Sinestro may be the first to become a White Lantern. We shall see.

If you missed my review of Green Lantern #45 hit the link below.


Green Lantern #45 Review

Sing a Song for Me Ladybird

Who: Melissa Gold a.k.a Songbird

Where: Thunderbolts #134

Why: Songbird is about to become a huge thorn in Norman Osborn’s backside. Not only is she getting the old band back together but by the end of this issue has also gained some new and quite powerful allies who will be supporting her in her quest to bring an end to the Dark Reign. I have a feeling that big things are in r’ poppin’ and little things r’ stoppin’ for this character in the coming year.

Watch for our review of Thunderbolts #134 later this week on the CCW Video Channel.


Not Dead Yet

Who: Samantha Eve Wilkins a.k.a. Atom Eve

Where: Invincible #64

Why: Not only in the issue does Eve come back from being very much dead but she also gives Invincible the opening he needs to finally finish off Conquest for good. Atom Eve is one the the best female characters in comics today and writer Robert Kirkman shows us in this issue that she can dish out the pain as good as she’s takes it. The question now is “Can Eve be more powerful than Invincible? And if so, can she be the most powerful character in the Invincible Universe?”

It will be interesting to see how the relationship between Invincible and Eve plays out from here.


The Best Team Period

Who: Agents of Atlas

Where: Agents of Atlas #8

Why: There was no better comic book that I read this week and I read quite a few. Agents of Atlas are THE best superhero team in comics today period. For a lot more reasons why please read my AOA #8 review from earlier this week.


GL 43 Black Hand

Who: William Hand a.k.a The Black Hand

Where: Green Lantern #43

Why: After almost giving up on Geoff Johns and this title, the introduction of The Black Hand (as well as Doug Mahnke’s superb art) make this a very exciting issue indeed. Johns lays the groundwork for the character who looks to be “The Big Bad” in the Blackest Night crossover event. Having been on the fence about Blackest Night, I am now on board and looking forward to the mini-series’ first issue next week.

Look for our review of Green Lantern #43 next week on the CCW You Tube Channel.