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Hollywood has the OSCARS (snooze fest)


Cast your votes for the worst of COMIC BOOKS in 2010!

OUR STORY SO FAR: Due to scheduling issues — and my still being under the weather from #flumaggeddon — Jose and I were unable to record any new segments this past weekend. The good news is that we still have LAST RANTS from our last session in the can and waiting to be posted. Keep an eye on the channel and on the blog here for it to post. Hopefully we’ll have some news to report in the next week or so. In the meantime, don’t forget to hit us up with your noms for the GOLDEN LOEBS as Jose and I will be awarding them in the next series of videos! We look forward to hearing what you guys have to say. Elliott

We survived “SnowMageddon” here in the Chicago area, but I’m still sick with the flu. Not sure how I’m gonna feel come Sunday when Jose and I are supposed to record new segments. I’ll post here on the blog if we do or don’t record more segments. Last Rants will post on Monday! Let me know what going on with you folks here or on the channel. 🙂 Elliott