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Hollywood has the OSCARS (snooze fest)


Cast your votes for the worst of COMIC BOOKS in 2010!

Now get out there CCWNation and spread the word, E&J are back!

What else ya gonna do? Be productive?

-Deemar 🙂

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Hey folks, Elliott here. So the questions that keeps popping up in our inbox, on the blog and on Twitter is: Where are the new videos? Why haven’t there been any new posts? And most importantly…WHERE IS JOSE?

To answer your questions: First, Jose and I were unable to record any new segments this past week do to a commitment I had to attend a fundraiser.  For those who follow me on Twitter, you would have been able to see what was going on there. And here is Jose’s response to my not showing up at Dreamland on Sunday: “No new CCW videos for the second week in a row thanks to @GeekToMe. If he blows me off again next week he can go fuck himself. #FUdouchebag”

As for the blog, I can only assume that Jose was taking a break from the blog to recharge his batteries. I’ve been up to my ears in Army of Darkness and haven’t even been able to update my Geek To Me blog on my own.

As for where is the beloved Mr. Melendez, I have no idea. I sent him an e-mail that has still not been answered. My guess is he’s incapacitated due to family issues or something along the lines of this:

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That’s it for now folks.  Thanks for being so patient with us.  We’ll be back polluting the interwebs with our rants next week!  E.

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