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Hollywood has the OSCARS (snooze fest)


Cast your votes for the worst of COMIC BOOKS in 2010!

Does Dane Cook thoughts on playing “Good Luck Chuck” intrigue you?

Is 50 Cent’s method acting in “Get Rich or Die Trying” some of the best work since Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot!?

Can Nicolas Cage DO NO Wrong in your eyes?

If so well you’ve come too the right place mine friends!

It’s Award Season and Elliot Serrano & Jose Melendez are gearing up for the GOLDEN LOEBS so get your picks ready and prepare for the Spoon full of awful this past year in Comics!

Stay Tuned details forth coming Hence forth CCWNATION!


Do it! 🙂

Marvel’s DARK REIGN EVENT! It wasn’t even close folks…

Jose and I will be discussing the results of the poll in the next series of vids.  THANKS FOR VOTING!

The dream made real...

The most prestigious award in comics!

Alright folks, the time has come!  Time to cast YOUR VOTE for the “Golden Loeb Award”!  Remember, the Loeb goes to what the CCW Nation thinks was the WORST THING of 2009!

Jose and I went through all the nominees, and had a tough time weeding it down, but here are the FINAL THREE:



Jeph Loeb - photo courtesy 9th Wonder Blog

Hey folks, Elliott here with 2 things:

  • Nominations for the CCW Nation Awards will be wrapping up this weekend, so if you haven’t had a chance to get yours in, do it quick!  Jose and I will be tallying the noms at this weekend’s recording of the final episodes of 2009.  Also, because I LOVED THE IDEA SO MUCH (thanks locusmortis) we will also be awarding the FIRST EVER GOLDEN LOEB AWARD!  This award goes to the WORST THING IN COMICS THIS YEAR!  Since I’m throwing this up kind of at the last minute, you only have UNTIL SUNDAY MORNING to give us your nominations.  It can be the worst writer, artist, comic, event, publisher, whatever.  Nominate the ONE person/title/event/etc. that you felt was the WORST in comics, and we’ll include it in the tally.
The dream made real...

The most prestigious award in comics! Thanks MANACONDA!

  • I will be on WGN Radio (AM 720) in Chicago this evening at 2:30 AM CST as a guest on WGN RADIO OVERNIGHT with Brian Noonan.  If you don’t get WGN where you live, you can listen to a live podcast on their website.  I know it’ll be kinda late for some folks, but it would ROCK if some CCW*TV viewers would call in to the show to say ‘hey’ and ask questions.  I’ll be on the show to talk comics, geek gifts, etc., so hearing some friendly voices would be nice.  Visit the WGN Radio web site for the number to call.

Okay, that’s it for now.  I look forward to reading your Golden Loeb Nominations and hearing from you on the radio tonight!